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I Beat Mark 2.


Muwahaha. The Russian Maze Walkthrough: right down down up up down right down left left left left up right down left down right right right right right Back to the Kitten Canon Game.

I decided to stay home today, rent sex and the city and make pasta. Well .. I didnt really decide to. I went to the supermarket and they had a packet of Buitoni: Portabello Mushroom & Cheese Tortelloni right next to the orange juice. I figured it was a sign from a higher being (Flying […]

Optical Kuwait.


There were rumors in the past that Kuwait was going to get Fiber connection to the homes. Then there were rumors that they decided not to do it and go with copper (Somebody important sells copper cables). Then there were rumors that Siemens was going to do it (I tend to be more trustworthy when […]

I Beat Mark.


Kitten Canon Update:I just realized that Patrick and Q have also beaten Mark .. and myself for that matter. I will now dedicate the rest of my night to beating the both of them. Update 2: I have come to the conclusion that Patrick and Q are either superhuman or are cheating. Three hours and […]

Kuwait Fund.


Apparently The Kuwait Fund (Since 1961: Committed to Helping People) is partners in developing the Dulles Airport in Washington DC. If you were expecting me to go on a rant about how they should develop stuff in Kuwait first .. your wrong. On the other hand .. their motto needs to go. Kuwait Fund update: […]

Ticket Scale.


You know those tickets you get when you win games. The ones you spend 100$ on games and collect 40000 tickets, then you walk out with an ashtray and think you got your moneys worth.. Anyway, they use scales to calculate how many tickets you have collected. And I think thats a damn good use […]

This was taken at Detroit Metro Airport, about 30 meters away from my car. Yup .. the wheels have been stolen and the car is balanced on a brick. My car on the other hand was untouched, wheels included.



Finished everything on my todo list .. except change my theme. I graduated, finished #3’s papers and went to DC. Anyway, posting from my cellphone is quite annoying.

Gas Redux.


I found some old pictures of the gas station, and I included a graph to make it seem like I have point. Gas prices have increased 243% .. I wish my salary was tied to the price of gas. My vodka offer still stands!



I am dedicating this song to that special someone in my life. هذا الحلو

To do.


Update: I need to do the following: 1. Change my theme(I don’t like it anymore.) 2. Sync my Ipod(I got it back today!) 3. Pick up my car(Service/Warranty?) 4. Finish school(This should be at the top of my list.) 5. Complete #3s documents (Freshman .. too much paperwork.) 6. Go to DC. (Why? .. Why […]

Damn Tigers.


Its 7.25am, and I am still awake. Anyway, I found this quite funny: Top Sri Lanka minister shot dead, Tigers blamed And the first thing to came to mind was .. How the hell did a tiger shoot the minister? I know its not a tiger .. but its damn close. AND! I know who […]

I realized that it would be cheaper to fuel my car with Russian vodka. It is dirt cheap at my local supermarket and rivals the price of water. I will be willing to ship a crate to anybody that wants to send me gas.

Ipod Update.


Apple got my dead Ipod .. and they replaced it! I am hoping they send it out today; should get here by monday at the earliest. 08/03/2005 Order Created 08/03/2005 Repair Requested 08/04/2005 Item Shipped 08/08/2005 Unit Received 08/09/2005 Replacement Ordered update: 08/10/2005 Order Created Send it already!

18 Kd to fill up my car .. It would cost ~6 Kd in Kuwait. I could fill up my car three times! Anyway… Going to Chicago @ 17mpg.

Pop Art.


I have been intrigued by pop art lately, mostly Warhol prints. I decided to get a set of the Daisy prints for my living room. My next step would be making some decent Sheikh Jaber prints and blowing them up. The ones I ordered: Kuwaiti pop art:

My ipod decided to die on me. I wouldnt usually get mad at electronics that decided to pass away; I put my things through hell. I just find it ironic that it decided to bite the dust a year after I purchased it. I have a week left on my warranty (talk about luck); so […]