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Boxes. If I have to put together one more box .. I will be at the brink of suicide. Clothes. If I have to fold, clean, dryclean, bleach, dry, wash one more shirt .. I will be at the brink of suicide. Furniture. If I have to move another 300 pound sofa, 50″ TV, 72″ […]

When I saw the advertisements for the nano .. I figure it was going to be tiny. When I saw the pictures online .. I knew it was going to be small. When I saw one in Nibaqs hand .. I knew it was going to be diminutive. I was chatting with mark today, and […]

With arab/kuwaiti rap on the rise(And not necessarily in a good way), I thought I would take the time to talk about the Greatest Kuwaiti Rapper (Moby and Nibaq also agree), the self proclaimed greatest rapper in Asia, Mazeo aka Big Mo aka Modus Operandi aka Panama Jack and the Big Game poachers and … […]



Those damn spam people are getting smarter, they are sending spam and using my email address as the sender. I know that my computer is not hacked; and I dont have trojans running around sending random bits of information about me. They have just gotten really good at spoofing (faking) email addresses. AND they have […]

I never did write about my camping rafting trip. Some highlights: 1. Met UzF on a paddle boat. 2. No electricity for 4 days (charged my camera/laptop/ipod/psp/phone/.. in the bathroom.) 3. No Cell Phone Service for 4 days 4. No Internet for 4 days. 5. Kuwaitis replace camp horror stories with stories about “jinn”. 6. […]



I am in the process of sending my stuff back to Kuwait. I thought that I didnt have that much stuff to send; a couple of books, my computer(s), recording equipment and some random things around my apartment. I completely forgot about my records… I moved into a smaller apartment a couple months back and […]

Phone technology aids UAE dating Bluetooth user Ahmed says he is into poems Ahmed Bin Desmal’s friends joke that he is a “Bluetooth king”. The 20-year-old says he has used the technology to send notes to girls he sees in public places. “In our country it’s very rude to go up and talk to them,” […]



Some random shots that I took on the way there: Beware of the cops. Coffee is my copilot .. and #3 and Ipod and .. Going nowhere .. fast! Open Road. Welcome to Ohio! I am going to post the other pictures with a summary of the trip soon.



1. I have changed the theme for now; I couldnt stand the old one. I hope to start a new one sometime next week. 2. I am going to start using Flickr and FlickRSS to add pictures. It would be much easier to add/resize pictures.



I just got back home… I havent used any form of modern communication in the past 5 days. Actually, I think I used a walkie Talkie. I am going to do a write-up with pictures after I get settled in; All my clothes smell like charcoal.

Road trip.


Going to West Virginia, Google Maps is estimating about 511 mi (about 10 hours 4 mins)… With gas hovering around the 3.50$(premuim) .. its going to be one expensive trip. Update: Just got to Toledo, OH .. 400 miles left to W. Virginia. Going to leave my car here and complete the trip in a […]

This was posted in the forum: Date Thursday, September 15, 2005 Time 9pm to 3am Entry Fees Regular – Dhs 150 when purchased in advance (Dhs 175 if purchased on the door), VIP – Dhs 250 DJ Name Tiesto DJ Name Sander Kleinenberg For more info & tickets If only I was in Kuwait.

No sleep.


Electronics have ruined my life, I cant get a decent nights sleep anymore. Note to self:Put phone on silent and turn off alarm.