Ahmed is into poems.


Phone technology aids UAE dating

Ahmed is into poems.
Bluetooth user Ahmed says he is into poems

Ahmed Bin Desmal’s friends joke that he is a “Bluetooth king”. The 20-year-old says he has used the technology to send notes to girls he sees in public places.
“In our country it’s very rude to go up and talk to them,” he says. “I sent some notes, they liked them – they took my number and they called me. I say nice things – I’m into poems.”
While to many like Ahmed, Bluetooth is just a way to start a conversation, for some it can go much further.
Mohammed, 24, does not know how many girlfriends he has had. He prefers expat girls because he can take them to the beach or to parties, but finds Bluetooth useful when pursuing locals.
“In some areas you can’t talk to a girl except through Bluetooth.”
His flirtations by phone and other means sometimes end in sex. Even with national girls, it is possible to keep it secret: “Hotels, flats, houses, anything – there’s always a way,” he says.
But he wants to marry a virgin eventually: “The girls I have sex with are different from the girls I would marry – these girls want to play around,” he says.
But other young people are treading a cautious, secretive path towards love marriages, aided by technology.
Ahmed, 26, is in love with his girlfriend of five years, but neither of their families know.
They talk often by mobile phone, but their meetings are limited to the 10 minutes between her leaving work and arriving home.
“Yes, I think I will marry her. We’ve had a long relationship, for five years. She knows all my secrets, I know her secrets,” he says.
And Saud, 22, met the girl he describes as his girlfriend two years ago on the internet, through instant messaging software.
Although they talk on the phone, he has seen her only five or six times, by following her from a distance as she shops with her family in a mall. He says she’s beautiful.
But, while the couple are finding ways around their society’s cultural mores, for them, as for many young people, the consequences of being caught remain all too real.
“We are afraid someone from her family will see and there could be big problems which would mean we couldn’t ever marry,” says Saud.

1. Mohammed needs to grow up.
2. Ahmed needs to find a hobby.
3. Saud needs to get out more.

Other than that, I think the 5aleeji community needs to come to terms with the direction things are going in. The girl sitting in the middle of the coffee shop having a normal conversation with a guy (non-family member) is not the one you should be worried about. Its somewhat ironic… the people who start rumors about other (innocent?) people are usually the same people that are living a double lifestyle. The rumors are just a way to allow themselves to feel better about what they have been doing within the auspices of our society.

And BBC is about one year late on that article.

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