Greatest Kuwaiti Rapper.


With arab/kuwaiti rap on the rise(And not necessarily in a good way), I thought I would take the time to talk about the Greatest Kuwaiti Rapper (Moby and Nibaq also agree), the self proclaimed greatest rapper in Asia, Mazeo aka Big Mo aka Modus Operandi aka Panama Jack and the Big Game poachers and … you get the point.

Now don’t get me wrong; I support these other kids trying to make music in Kuwait .. I just don’t think its that good. Most of them are rapping about killing people in the hood, selling/taking crack, gang associations and girls girls girls; the majority of this done in a 2pac-esque flow with quite limited word substance. I don’t know what hoods/projects we have in Kuwait that can even compare to the ones in Detroit… One of my friends even mentioned to me that there was a rap group in Kuwait that called themselves “Wolfpack” and one of their members is called “Puff Smoke” .. er .. yeah! I still havent heard any music from them , so I can’t really judge their lyrical prowess.

Back to the Greatest Kuwaiti Rapper, I will let the music speak for itself.

Mazeo – Ever Rolling Wheel (remix)
Original track, made with Abdulhaleem Hafiz samples.

Mazeo – Heaven (must be like this)

Mazeo – Smack Fags

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  1. The last song, Smack Fags…I know the beat; I heard it somewhere else. He has a weird lisp. The second song’s lyrics are so dull.

  2. sorry actually this is a better link

    pretty funny stuff

  3. oh and here are the guys hanging out in the hood

  4. 5 k

    Smack Fags uses the beat from Clap Back by Ja Rule.
    As for the 2nd song, Listen a bit closer .. he isnt talking about a girl (or a guy for that matter).

    Some of those guys are actually quite good … but yeah .. the pictures are a bit too much.

  5. 6 Drunk_n_Gorgeous

    Thanks for the links. Heard the first song. Not that bad actually. It’s good that they’re at least trying, y’know? I think I went to school with two of them (two different schools) Phelony and err QB.

  6. 7 BigMooooooeeet

    Thank you K for busting some shit from the vaults….anyone hatin, yall can eat a zamboni with extra sludge….

  7. These are pretty funny…I didn’t know either that there were hoods in Kuwait :o)

    I know DJ Crow, but I don’t think he qualifies as a rapper :o)

    But yeah, I better stop ‘hatin’


  8. 9 rave

    hey saap yo am raven the call me rave will u must be mistaken coz there is real rappers in kuwait will an they rap for real an ya p.smoke is ma hommi and hes tight u batte listen to him we got a mixtape idintity if u wana know more holla…

  9. 10 k

    I have no idea what you just said.

  10. 11 Purgatory

    I hate rap

  11. 12 cashman da baron

    yo this big mo character is kinda tight if he wanna record some shit let em hit me back u got my email send me and ok and i’ll give my cell number anyway don’t judge what u havin heard cuz we aint all mofuckin nigga wannabes

  12. I know Dub-G & Nawaf from Alien Records

    and DJ Crow is an ancient friend

    I do admit I like the stuff Army of One do

    but yah…. its weird they act all gangsta and ghetto when they drive around in flashy cars and never been to a ghetto in their life

  13. yo,
    arabs rapping? rapping doesn’t suit arabs at all.
    ’tis a freaky world.

  14. refuse to break down n lose ma strength
    but im so fucked up that i might cuz ma own death
    it went too far i cant go to that depth
    but still… fuck keez he is just a son of a bitch.. n it goes..

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    psychietrist figured thats the reason turned keez to loner gay
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    “you me?”
    look at the mirror n check wut u c
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    u lived for nothin as u would die did nothin but lived a life practesin hustelin
    want me to write soem new?
    well heres soem bout u
    keez chickened out of ma man..that was afraid to talk to me
    n wuts cute..the fag couldnt say it he sent an M S G
    n then collects his strength just fronta his friends
    sayin:if ur a tough gir take off ur vail infronta ur parents!!
    u dump ass i do,u think i live with em in this covered appearance?
    i aint ashamed to spit out wut u smsed
    cuz ur the pussy who doesnt want me to get his life messed
    till now this is too much..but thats y im stronger
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    the evil inside u on ur face appears
    this aint a diss its bout one of 100s that i met
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    alot loved ma lyrix liked ma personality
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    u say i’d never step to ur level..
    ofcouurse i wouldn’t
    u cant be civil
    u aint just shit ur a fucked up lonitic
    nigga.. ur full of crap..
    u got shocked ba ma rhymes,, thats y u aksed me to quit Rap
    look at me this is the next day n i still breathe…nigga
    since i talked to u i knew i would get decieved ..nigga
    but i wanted to see how sick u r
    u sit there be as bitchy as u want while i become a star
    u’ll remain a fuckin faggot..ripped cloth with no cash
    livin your life on heroin n smokin up hash
    i aint in a hurry to show u wut im capable of
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    he`s like : i quit that shit but its in his blood he never stops
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    i will achived ma goals that will fuckin cut u up as swards
    wait n see..we aint in a hurry!!
    plus it’s worth it
    now thats ur shits n mine revieled lets show em u got no dick..
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    ur girl left to britin.. n thats one fuckin went to germen
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    n even if i wont rap i got ma homies who got ma back too
    n u will be stappped bleedin out guilt n regret that been fillin u
    im allizay u can say wut u like i dont walk with ma head down
    u can do ur best to break me down but i will always come around

    see.. i still in college so i got a back up
    but if u failed in this rap feild u will get pretty fucked up
    ma grades are high..just like u whn u blaze up

    ya`ll everybody if u stilll alive join ma battle
    this is an invitation to knock that nigga n win the games castle
    this man is a savage..i cant diffrentiate him from a garbage
    ur such a loser to be in college
    this teenage life isnt for long term dude
    whn ur 30 dependin on rap but it fucked u up.. u gunna become a prostitute?
    atleast i wanna do this as a hobby
    while i walk with ma white coat u will be cleanin down the lobby
    by then u’ll realize u aint shit n suice
    the tragic..would hit no body..cuz u and human dont socialize
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    pota-madre..kiss ma ass u retarted
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    cry lil baby its ok..ama tell nobody
    i’ll juz mention it here n makes ur fucked up life even more lousy
    thats its for now come back another time
    give me more hints about ur shits so i can spit em up im ma rhyme….Nigga


  15. correction: wail–> vail*

  16. 17 Despey

    WoooooOOOooooooW Great!!!

  17. 18 k

    I hope you are not talking about the lyrics that someone just commented .. that has to be some of the most un-original lyrics I have ever read. Well .. at least it rhymes, thats always a plus.

  18. 19 Fig

    wat the fuck!? u call him ”the greatest kuwaiti rapper”
    fuck it.. i knw way much betta ‘q8y’ ppl that spits better than that shit… calling him the best kuwaiti rapper..
    FUCK IT!!!

  19. i dun really give a fuck if its good or not :P..
    i just wanted to say wut i wanted n i did..

  20. n as they call it.. it was just a classes NOV!

  21. 22 k

    Yes, I am sure the kids that play basketball behind Marina Mall can carry a flow better than Jay-Z. Thats why they all sound like Tupac with a speech impediment.
    Listen to the lyrics and song again … your obvoiusly delusional.

    You should give a a ‘fuck’ if it was good or not, because if you keep putting crap out there (just because you wanted to say it) people are going to think your an idiot. And I have no idea what that last comment meant.

  22. Fig?? wtf ur talkin bout?
    i just made this cuz i got pissed at Keez!! i dun give a fuck who is good n who is not! i do wut i do. n if they r better than me so be it.. good for em! all i care

  23. o shako “u call him ‘’the greatest kuwaiti rapper’’??
    i am a girl!!
    yal ma9roo3 ana Allizay.. ur mama!
    n i knw i aint da greatest n shit,, but u knw me..i dont do disses i just do lyrical life inscriptions. n this is cuz i cant fight with ma fist

  24. 25 k

    He is talking about my original post, where I believe Mazeo is the greatest kuwaiti rapper.

  25. oo.. never heard of mazeo.. k.. r u kay?

  26. 27 Fig

    Shako.. kids behind the courts carry betta flows…
    u drunk..
    im sayin there is better people.. than ur lil frnd… who flows shit… ne’way…
    u sayin Mazeo’s the greatest?
    wanna bet… if i bought u or if i did u a track… smashin every q8y track ever made?

  27. 28 k

    Kids behind the courts carry better flows; you are drunk. I meant to say that there are better people that your friend; who flows like shit. I would like to place a wager on the rap qualities of Mazeo and myself. In which my track will smash every Kuwaiti song released.

    Get me a song that ‘smashes; every Kuwaiti track ever made and I will post it on my blog.
    K @

  28. 29 juba

    I’m going to jump into this fray out of necessity to rage out some thoughts and arguments about the whole subject of rap in kuwait, and linking it to the alleged placement of big m as being the greatest kuwaiti rapper.

    the growth of rap in kuwait to me personally is highly problematic. rap in its purest essence, blommed out of the trails and tribunials of the minorities in north america, influenced by their traditions of music and rhymming. Rap grew and adapted various styles into its fold, in order to develop an outlet for the unheard, marginallized groups of society.

    over the years, rap became quite popular, and in my opinion had slowly been eroded of its original aims to something more marketable, more pop…which like its cousin, rock music, has killed rap. but that is another story

    now the growth of rap in kuwait, and even the arab world, is not a nartual thing, but rather it is a grasp by the youth of something that is deemed “hip”, “cool”, and “trendy”, it lacks the real essence of what rap is…its a voice for the unheard, the weak, the wretched, a message to the rest…and i think that the attempt of gangsterazation nowdays in our lands is fucking silly, superfacial,and is a cheap way to express yourself. It shows the identity crisis that has developed in the generation and external cultural penetration of americana. again that is whole other road all onto itself.

    now with the case of big moe being the greatest rapper in kuwait…prehaps its a bold statement, although it could be true since the quailty of rappers and rap skills is pathetic here and now. Big moe, has flow, he has wonderful lyrical skills, hes creative and imaginative…he raps about life, friends, and his experiences…he utilizes rap, they way it should be utilized…as a form of TRUE experssion. Sure, mazeo sometimes falls into what i dub the “gansta illusionary trap” which i wished he wouldnt, but nonetheless he does rise above it msot of the time.

    This places him directly on a higher plane than the rest of the bunch who talk about their shit, but are considered great due to their hot beats and tough guy lyrics.

    its not about the “heroin”, the “gunz blazen'”, the “bitches”, “benjamins”, or even “the chronic”
    its not about being gansta, because to be gansta is something a person here would never understand, and thankfully would not need to have such a way of life. The romanticaization of such a life is one of the sad realities of our times… prehaps if we take these kids to the ghettos of america, jamica, and other cities, lets see how long they can last with their ganstaisms.

    heres a definition that maybe can wipe the fog:

    Our Living Language The culture of hip-hop has been the source of dozens of words and expressions in American English, of which rap is one of the most familiar. The word is probably a development ultimately of rap meaning “to hit.” It shows up in the early 1900s in the extended meaning “to express orally,” as used by so notable a figure as Winston Churchill in 1933. Over the next few decades it came to mean “to discuss or debate informally,” a meaning that was well established in the African-American community by the late 1960s. A decade later the word was applied to an evolving style of music characterized by, among other things, beat-driven rhymes of an often improvisatory nature.

  29. 30 Keez

    sick verbals i spit that engrave your chest bitch
    they like razor blade, they slit, deep, ma names lit!
    lyrical attacks, a fact, you flow wack , im back
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    i sick when i spit it, im sicka fags yall gotta wake
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    3 more lines im bettin your calls peace,
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    ill get you fadded, guess who made it to the top of your head, some more fleas,
    when i say i quit blazin, thats a said and a do,
    when you say you quit shit, your like fake, so i doom
    aiiyo people peep this, she calls her self so hard
    why u aint wearin the scarf when your moms thinks you are,
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    u maybe keez..but u’ve lost the key to ur mind
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    but keep these words in ur mind
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    “but even male-bitches exists”
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    its ma life i put it or take it off..
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    cuz aint no girl will stand n say fuck keez
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    u can diss me again.
    n ama try to have time for u ma pussy friend

  31. big moe is a great rapper.. i heard his songs on another blog.. he’s really great 🙂 much *props*

  32. 33 Keez

    2nd time i blast, your dickwhip, im fast,
    when i write, and when i ryhme, ma time i class
    your skills are beyond wack , you just wanna show off
    dont make me diss you so bad, that youll hang your self with your own scarf,
    i dont respect you, cuz u aint a women
    id beat you up physically and lyrically, now tell me what more mind blowin
    im like a torch, dont get it twisted, cuz ur ass dont understand
    i aint balltlin a woman im battlelin a fan!
    i hard when i kick it, i throw punches like tyson
    lift you 5 ft off the air, bitch just call you the tryflin!
    often im nice with the beat, but the level has just risin
    so whatch the only keez, swing with his heat
    i bring you to your feet, thats defeat!
    people i just murkin with this kid, so call me the child abuser
    she couldnt come out with one hot track even if dre was the producer
    i puttin work on the mic, ma plans just workin this dyke
    alizay, you just syke, and swifty i handle this fight!
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    stop lynchin, i aint livin it like the get a track on your
    ma rymes is the best, and ma lyrics are the truest
    im so cruel when im with it, your rhymin it , i fuckin live it!
    so give it!, just wait ill get a track on your ass
    ill call this your last warning, and call the track the murder act!

  33. i aint done witcho nigga..
    ya’ll c me with tears on your face
    ma man would use a trigga
    but i’ll let u live with disgrace
    ya da one dat showin off actin like ya can handle this game
    go suck ur mama boobs nigga.. grow up, then join the men’s lane
    u can make a diss over me in a whole album
    while ma rhymins will be the fuckin public anthom
    hijo de puta..ama keep fuckin witcho ova n ova..

    cuz for me ur like da black elvis
    i wonder how u’d sell this!!
    com’on confiss..ya know dat your just filled wid shits
    if ya aint scared f swifty..u wouldnt panic n aks him fo Mercy
    do u think ama shamed of da bollshits ya sayin?
    ima gir wid two hearts one to live n the otha specialized in hatin
    so do your best use all the cursed in a dictionary
    ama sit here n rest waitin u to cuz a real injury
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    now its ma man’s job
    2 smash ya down the streets n do him a blow job
    like u used to do fo ma X..
    so here’s a plan 4 wuts next
    go find a desent job to get a jeans on ur size
    we dont need to see ur boxer with a big whole on da side
    for me im doin this cuz i got shits tht i hold against u
    ya doin this to get attention like ya always do
    ya think i would give a fuck i got one more enemy?
    i wouldnt give a fuck u killed da best of me..
    clean his right hand, talk to me when your a man
    i’ll leave u with this promise n this final scam
    you’ll get physically ripped even thou i aint no soldeir
    but after all these are just words
    ima show u the real torture

  34. 35 Keez

    ive gone easy at first, but fuck it i raise the level
    to me your like generic version of the rebels!
    your rap suck so much it fuckin wet, mines is dry
    so if u talkin bout killin, your the one to die
    takin bout jobs, boxers, and fuckin jeans
    ma rymes will hit you so hear itll make you fuckin lean
    you aint some real comptition yours just ma ginnuie pig
    im the professer in this lab, i do the testin ,u dig
    your fake, you say you got 2 hearts, for gods sake
    i bet one is for me to rip out the other 1 for u to hate
    ill make your life a misery lyrically and physically
    you coksucker can rap, tonight your ass is history
    ill put you down on the books as another fuckin mystery
    i retort with flames, i know your ass cant do shit to me
    i know i get attention, and fuckit im lovin it
    youll be sittin next to swifty, he got a pusy, you suckkin it
    your head ill be rubbin it, schemes act toughen bitch!
    lean back , suck ma dick, in your dreams you peica shit
    callin me the black elvis, yo that a compliment
    ill kick you on you pelvis, im that confident!
    your breath and verse stink, i say you go cop a mint,
    ma rymes real fuckin ill , 100%
    you gotta work on your grammer, and do a double spell check,
    your fuckin words and so wrong, is this the primary sec,
    you cant work with ma skills, ill fuckin break you like big bills, sit still, i got a flue with my rymes, thats why i spit ill,
    suckin dick aint my type, its more like swifty bitch,
    bitin real rappers names, get offa d12 dick!
    ill fuckin shut down your system, take you lines and twist them
    shove em up your ass, you aint no real compotion.
    im out , kapish! you and your fake spanish rap
    i just murdered you with this, may you not reast in peace,

  35. i may suck if i do u wouldnt fuck wid me
    then why tha hell u intrested to do this diss agaist me?
    if everybody knows ur the best freestyler in kuwait city..
    n ma fist diss started with the best
    then im better than u even if i dont get ma spellin checked
    this isnt over..
    the real battle soon will start
    ama c u MR wanna be a casanova.. with your head toren apart
    ma words are so simple.. but lets see who’s gonna laugh hard!!

  36. thanx fo da apology :p

  37. 38 Keez

    ofcourse you started with the best no test,
    ma lyrics stress, fuckin penetraite your ass and your breasts,
    who the fuck said this is over, ma games still comin,
    by the time, im finnished with this, ill see your ass runnin,
    cant wait for the real battle, matter of fact, this is over,
    cuz i dunno what the fuck is up with you and cosanova,
    stay off his dick, and stay off mine trick!
    talkin bout ma head torn, yea im fukin growin horns
    im the bull and your the cowboy, ma legs is steppin on!
    your words is simple like simon, i flex when im rymein
    you hit the ex, fuckin dead like a bitch sublimin
    aint no apology said, your ass pled for the gimcrack
    now your times up, im crusin your bones with this feedback
    ill put ma hands through your chest and hold your cardiac muscle,
    the blood flow in your vessels explodes, your fuckin fossils,
    dont test ma skills kid, ma vocals fill grids,
    your voice sounds like a fuckin whore coppin pills quick!
    ill push your body so hard dike, ill make your heart land on the right side,
    aiiyo im better, your bitter, ma rhymes just fuckin glitter
    ill splater your ribcage, change your name to whore quiter!
    ive had it, ill split your fuckin wig, then ill spit, freakin slit your arm and rip your tendons out bitch,
    you hypocrit, talkin about shit you dont do but u did!
    ill emit a waveform, that’ll shakaraze your outfit,
    so dull when you rap, and so null you dont rip,
    you just trip, talkin bout your life so messed, get a gip
    ill fuckin whip, all your write, take it back through your lips, zip it up , throw u out, you got an expired membership!

  38. 39 Keez

    i aint writin nothin back no more cuz your shit is wack and u aint worth my time!
    and guess what from what people said who read that shit said that i murdered u!
    so get over it
    u wanna freestyle battle then get it on,, theres a freestyle compotion either this week or next week,,,, if u up to ur fake ass words then show up!
    ill let u know details of place and time of the compotion when i know for sure!
    and there people will see who gets served with a cherry on top!

  39. wassup wit this fuckin dwarf in a scarf tryna diss and shit
    what u been snortin shit keez will fuckin eat u up in fuckin 4 bars
    u diss him u diss me this what i gotta say

    this nasty hoe can’t diss for nuthin
    i’ll hit you so hard it’ll hurt your distant cuzzin
    and dont think im bluffin
    im serious i’ll burn this tranvestite muffin
    keez ate u up like you dessert
    you the type of bitch niggaz pay to keep on her shirt
    this queer queen latifah is gettin murked
    if i say fuck u i would crush ya
    but i stick shit in u like it was chinese acupunture
    now u got it bad and all fucked up
    how u smell like shit even tho rhymes are all washed up
    u winnin come out of it
    i’ll take a shit and make u swallow it
    usually i wouldnt have this patience
    but i neava beefed with someone who sucked dick on a regular basis
    and they only a couple inches
    the only time u be talkin to me is when ur washin my dishes
    u c its a damn shame
    pple still dont know ur name
    no one taught this trick how to behave
    she listened to some tupac songs now she actin all brave
    lookin like she just came outta a cave
    i drop lines not that im merciless
    but this bitch aint even worth ma niggas piss
    she comin up wit rhymes so moronic
    not knowin she gettin smoked like chronic
    in rap u wont get no where like a rat in the wheel
    cuz keez will give u a scarr like that nigga seal
    u say u live lavish like an actress
    when in reality u cant even afford a mattress
    i make u dumb and dumber like jim carrey
    u aint him but u sure smell like a dirty harry

  40. walla if i knew ur just a kid i wouldnt start this..hehe
    first i should reply on ur last then say”i aint writin ne thing back”..

  41. 42 2D the Don

    i aint dissin and i aint blessin
    but u dissin ma gurl while im livin
    if allizays name is fake
    look at urs keez for god sake
    so ur the salaiva man
    the one who unleashed the aids and ran
    ok ya leme introduce ma self
    im hard like tony montana in scarface
    so for u its a hard race
    wait leme tight ma shoe lace
    1,2,3,Go,i win
    as ma hommie md says i dont care if ur 2 or 10
    pac is one of the best rappers ever been
    so u think wat u spit is rap
    man dont fool ur self its just a bunch of crap
    so lets take a look at this map
    it shows how u got born
    your mom heard ma lyrics and gave u birth
    but i didnt know that she didnt teach not to curse
    specially a female,if u call ur self a male
    its an old tale
    first i wreck ya home
    then i burn ya hood
    im sorry for bein rude
    but ur the one who changed ma mood
    and for doin that
    ima get u runnin nude
    after i bring some fellas and let em take ur manhoood

  42. heheh keez n his bitch, ya just talk the talk ha??

    this is just some words as u said… but there is more to do than just spit..

    if there were a show..keys wouldnt open up
    cuz his typical style gettin more fucked up
    c these shoes?? ya under
    ya’ll never be steavy wonder
    n kids fyi..i wont surrender
    ppl when it come to fists these bitches become to tender
    im writin outa fun..ya doin this outa rage
    ya a fuckin poponkolo..ya will never change
    till u become one would care if ya hit da stage
    if ma spanish rap is fake..then so is ur english
    start rappin in arabic n become the kuwaiti curtis
    ma style is as a poet..rap is a revolution against poety
    guess ya never knew dat kid..o pardon me
    i meant ya piece of shit
    wut u do is crap but with a silent c
    i put down real stories,,ya talk bout bitches n money
    but i wouldnt blame ya
    ya were raised in the gutter
    where u eat ma leftovers..n drink ma piss as water
    you’d never get your glory
    cuz u will always remain tha faggot who live up in a collapsed storey
    ya hit punches like tyson??
    nigga you fuckin freaked out whn ya knew ma man is vicon!
    the reason ya like to drag attention cuz nigga ya sick
    it means ya lack self-esteem,even aks a psychitric
    i took your diagnose
    now let me annylize this
    ya fuckin suck in lyrics all ya do is disses
    your a kid his parents couldnt grant your wishes thats why u grew up so visiose
    even though i admit im wack but you couldnt handle em
    cuz thats why ya brought up a friend
    ur fuckin 16?
    n i wonder why when he talks his mouth dripples
    his whole body shivles
    i can acually see the crack in this kid’s vessels
    n those r the results of a child who is paranoi’d
    the truth is even ur best friends fuckin hate ya. yout talented in gettin em annoyed!
    faggot?? ya just panic even though your life already a tragic,, i wouldnt make worse..even if i could
    but i’ll keep remindin ya how fucked up it is n how ur happiness got chewd
    it wont be a beef..just a brief look at who u r
    who grew up with a mom who’d fuck a man in his buick car
    now i c why ya told me (i dont give a fuck bout em)
    talkin bout ur parents whn ya wanted me to sneak in
    ima lyrical kinda person..aint much into dissin
    but ya stuck to a level that contains just cursin
    cuz ya aint civilized..hope soon ya’ll realize this is 2006
    get outa ur cave..act brave ur so fuckin pothatic
    your anger would blow u up..try some hemetic
    n next time ya ready for this..try to do it with out ur bitches

  43. n before i leave…

    dear lord crucify ma pain n release me from ma chain
    get me some hash n a GUN, with 2 bullets on
    i shot keez first n u better not run
    ma enimies got me a heart disease
    all i have is 1 bullet left, can’t u see
    am a shoot all u mutha fuckaz in a straight line!
    u better holla at ma signs!
    say wat u say!! but imma make u pay!
    you gay

  44. he ate me up in 4 verses..
    but i ate him up in 4 bars you faggot

  45. 46 2D the Don

    I aint dissin and i aint blessin
    but u dissin ma gurl while im livin
    if Allizay’s name is fake
    look at urs,Keez,for god seek
    so ur the salaiva man
    who unleashed the Aids and ran
    yah leme introduce ma self
    im hard like Tony Montana in scarface
    so for u its a hard race
    wait leme tight ma shoe lace
    1,2,3,GO,I WIN
    as ma hommie MD says
    i dont care if u r 2 or 10
    Pac is one of the best rappers eva been
    so u think wat u spit is rap
    man dont fool ur self its a bunch of crap
    so lets take a look at this map
    it shows how u got born
    your mom heard ma lyrics and gave u birth
    but i didnt know that she didnt teach u not to curse
    specially a female,if u call ur self a male
    its an old tale
    first i wreck ya home
    then i burn ya hood
    im sorry for bein rude
    but ur the one who missed with ma mood
    so for doin that ima get u runnin nude
    after i bring some fellas and let em take ya manhood

  46. 47 M.D

    the wanted rises
    nomatter the crisses
    we still gonna rise
    do not jeopordise
    we slay u in here n send u up to paradise
    it’s the WR thats who we r
    we still got it going on…on n on
    its MD, allizay, n 2d da don
    we’ll calm down allizay
    to leave u today
    my fists hit like stingray.. missiles
    with only 1 hit “bam” ur back 1 mile
    u against she…man keep it real
    we’l turn u numb u wont even feel
    the damage we’ll cause nobody can heel
    we will stand tall while we see u kneel
    u won’t agree but for us its a deal
    we wipe out fake gees
    all u do is point n tease
    u call ur self keez…bitch please
    danm ur wack
    it aint an opinion its a fact
    when i attack its a double impact
    dont mess around or ya ass we’ll hijack
    we’ll take ur man hood
    make u a bitch for good
    i can damage ya brain
    with ma lyrical context
    i can turn u insane
    with a one eye contact
    il prove we’r way betta
    before starting to react
    we’r keepin it real
    we do not act
    u will lack
    hatred n hostility
    its for sure it aint a probability
    so bitch it’ll be what we wanted it to be

  47. 48 2D the Don

    put the pieces of the puzzle
    u aint qualified to start against alliazay a battle
    so when u gon settle
    and get the fact
    that ur still a nomad with a camel
    maybe a lil betta
    couse ur talkin scientific
    so leme try
    im like the enzyme which breaks u down
    or u can say im like the dog who barks and ya tha dog that frowns
    im like the virus which hits ur mind tell u get down
    so no need to wonder why people say ur a clown
    and lil crazy like james brown
    i dont care u represnt which town
    i can take u down in 1 round
    so listen to tha gospel sound
    couse ur time is now
    so dont waste ur time in writin rhymes
    go try to find out wat u did in ur life
    so u be ready 4 the end of time

  48. 49 cashman da baron

    if u call james brown crazy then u dont know me
    nigga cant u come up wit somethin more than fuckin m.d
    i’ll Shove cock in your hoe
    put ma dick in your face u bout to blow
    put m.d on a crucifix
    everybody know u da bitch
    even in this heat u wont be the hottest
    know when heard of u like the all white Globetrotters
    i dunno what u been snortin’
    keez mother paid for his birth while ur brokeass mother couldnt pay for abortion
    how u rap it aint irellevant
    cuz ur rhymes as wack as that show called arrested devolpment
    i’ll burn all ur asses u wont some
    come on allizay u knew the outcome
    wigga i know u run alot u aint gotta mention it
    u retarded but u cant afford a therapist
    i neva heard no one diss himself before
    i guess thats what happens when a bitch is way down in your core
    or u get a virus passed on by allizay shakur
    if u got a gun shoot me take it out your holster
    u cant hide that shit come on take out those backstreet boys posters
    get serious u cant win
    ur as bitch as allizay which makes u her identical twin
    my heart to cold
    my rhymes will make u fall off the stage like ur bob dole
    u aint a writer u aint neva seen a notepad
    when i’ll c u i fuck u up but till then its all bad

  49. 50 keez

    yo i didnt even wats me fuckin time to read your shit,
    i can tell your raps wack, cuz i just skimmed that shit,
    talkin bout pac, being tha greatest there ever is,
    doo the fuckin niggaz dead, get of his dick!
    call your self 2d da don, you c your wrong, i bet your fuckin 17 , ma styles heron!
    talkin about scarface, and how hard u is,
    the only thing goin hard is your dick readin this!
    cuz ma style hot, your styles, dont fuckin breathe
    ill leave alone in the circle, scremin out for greve!
    fool is what i hunt for, i like murikin your styles
    its so bitten , i can even see it says a wanna b child!
    never come with that shit that u posted twice!
    ill fuckin diss your ass out the game , im not nice
    im just hard when i kick it, ill take you and allizay at the same time,
    ill murder you with ryhmes, tear you apart with punchlines
    as i c it your wack, alizay cant fade ma style, thats why she got 3 more wack ass rapper to even try
    doo’s you dont know what u into, this is a lyrical battle
    ill take 3 of u at one time , ill make you rattle,
    shiver, i differ ma lyrics cuttin your liver,
    ill eat yyall up with a fork and a knife, get the picture?
    blister, yall fuckin mad cuz i dissed her, im a twister, munch your fukcin lines, i c u pissed hA!
    hard with ma Heat, i burn you like mosquite,
    im like LL in kuwait, all i do is eat eat eat,
    MCs with no juice, you got no heat, you gt it sweet
    i got so fuckin sour, cuz all i do is rock the street,
    you can never , never take a nigga like me!
    if you wanna bring it on, just call ma phone, ill free for free!
    im sick of yall fakes aktin hard, callin your self G
    the only this i see in you is GAY, that starts with a g
    so rhyme all you want, cunt, ill drink your juice,
    i fuckin take the mic off u , like papoose
    callin me a bitch, fuckin trick im older than you
    my rymes fuckin shine, unlike your they dull and older than you,
    you talk shit, admit that your styles is wack hoe
    ill make you, md and that other fuck lean back like fat joe
    i swear to god you cant take me you just retort cuz you stupid,
    you dont wanna feel embaressed , so u just write more wack rymes thats boo kid!
    ill make yall kiss ma ass, cuz youll feel sorrow , fuckin knobs
    cuz all ill do is serve you with a cherr on top!
    lets get it on, you wanna get it on with the best
    you get jiglled and wrecked, fukcin bitches your wet!
    never try me , cuz if u do, you wont be able to walk by me
    when i rap i eveole to the great hulk, your fuckin TINY!!
    ma merderous massacrre made midgets mummble more,
    maniacs must morph, ma mass merks manoloes!
    you yappin yes yep yo, mother fuck you hoes,
    cant do damge , danger dooms from me like a savage,
    motherfuckers you dead to me thats how i hav it!

  50. 51 keez

    ill challenge all you clowns whenever , wherever u want, just post it bsck shit\, it can even be tomorrow, up to ur fake scared asses
    . i bet u wont show up just like the bitches u r!

  51. 52 keez

    alizay ill rip your tendons out your muscles, so cut the tenison,
    lytically im beyond you level sinentifically
    ill eat u fuckers up tripally! you rap is so typical, i call u tipically,.
    after i die fuck my music youll feel me spiritually
    ill crack your skulls and smash your faces into the mic, now u know what im like,
    ill feel like the spirit of grand master flex got into me, you fuckin dykes,
    ma verbal glitses will damage you offence, all you writin is nonsence!!
    i spit nastier than the nastiest u ever heard,
    fuckin broke mother fucker, you aint hardcore, ill smak the shit outta your mother,
    you think you gutter, ill leave u dead on the curb, like what happened on the movie american history X, your soft like butter,
    ill hunt you down like your ma preys, cuz the judgement day for u is an empty place! ill send you there with a fuckin hole in your face!!!

  52. 53 M.D

    u call ur self keez
    bitch please
    u tryna act all gangsta while they fuck ya ass
    bitch its aids u gone pass
    il blow ma lyrics n shatter u like glass
    with ma lyrical words il fuck ur brain mentally
    u talk like u gone do sth physically?
    bitch u cant see me
    watcha gone do?
    call ur friends n start to tease me
    ur nothin but a bitch
    u had a problem with a lady n now u snitch
    u can talk u can blabir all day long
    wat ur really doin is makin every dick go on u di dong dong dong
    u call wat u wrote a diss
    bitch wat is this?
    when i hit i dont really miss
    wat did u expect?
    someone comin to u sayin sorry n gives u a kiss
    bitch every dick goes on u erect
    com on now keep it real
    u think actin gangsta n smokin trees gone make u feel?
    u aint got a dick u aint got nothin at all
    watch behind cuz ur ass might fall
    its like an open door
    every dick pumps in it n hits its core
    its u who i hate but its ya ass that i adore
    diss me curse me i dont really care
    cuz in ya ass i stuffed sth rare
    do wat u can cuz i dare
    u see ima midget im four feet tall
    and unlike u im a full man with 2 big balls
    let me settle this now
    il play with ya mind just like dice
    il do it mentally ul get an emotional breakdown
    ur whole spirit will how into the ground
    u wont hear anythin but the silence’s sound
    u’ll try seeking for help but nobody will be around
    i will keep huntin ur soul just like a hound

    dont read the rhyme
    read between da line
    il finish fuckin u n ur soul will be mine
    u and cashbitch going straight down
    n we gone shine
    i broke all ya verses with only 1 line
    im a saint i neva did a sin
    o ma bad
    i didnt count the time i fucked ya dad
    a cute muffin ass is all he had
    i still cant difrintiat is it a deed or sth bad
    wipe that tear from ur eye dont be sad
    i didn’t realize that ma lyrics gone make u mad
    i know u gonne diss back
    cuz its hatred n hostility u gone lack
    u cash bitch
    didn’t ya mama tell u not to interfere
    cuz i’ll bring ya end so fuckin danm near
    i entered grooving
    in the next hours u wont be moving
    u talk as in ur all hot
    it is from ya whether, n from ya style fuck not
    u crossed every line n u still didnt hit the spot
    u deal with drugs in the parking lot
    don’t stay confidint cuz the next time u might be shot
    with a bullet in ya forehead there gone be a hole
    it aint just a dot
    in its certainly aint a mole
    u say ur heart is so cold
    it doesnt mean ur ruthless
    it means ur old
    ur heart is filled with sorrow n grief
    ur head is like stone
    it aint cuz ur smart
    its cuz its only bone
    u turned lunitic after ur all alone
    stop bitchin n dont moan
    look at dat pussy its hairy cuz ur all grown
    go stick in it anything hard such as a phone
    n i repeat
    its a new copy for the streets
    u will diss back
    cuz its hatred n hostility u gone lack
    i can predict the future
    i predicted the diss back
    n i predicted ya end
    ma words are perfect i aint going to mend
    i won’t lend
    cuz i intend
    to give ya ass to ma friend
    its ya asses im goin to send
    its ma lyrics n ma rhymes im going to blend
    i always give
    to bitches like u sth stiff

  53. 54 2D the Don

    callin us wana be’s
    ur kiddin right
    ur tha one callin him self a nigga so get it right
    ok if im broke thats cool with me
    but at least i can release an LP for me
    while u cant
    couse u know u aint got no flow mr.KEy
    so lets see
    thats why u started to diss me
    to get the fame and the publicity
    oooooo ya u slept with ya mom lately
    toooooooo bad all that couse ur scared from me
    talkin about ma dick??
    dont u remember how u got it reall quick
    man u sick
    with da dissin thang
    wait ma phone rang!!!!!!!!1
    so back to wat i was sayin
    i bet u and cashman da baron r playin
    with ya lil wet pussies
    which got full of ma cum that it started raynin
    and i aint payin
    for ur rehab
    so u can stop lying
    couse u aint ma son but my fuckin slut
    so stop cryin
    i dont wana hit u on ur fuckin butt
    and i aint buyin
    the cheap fuckin rhymes u cut
    it aint about the age but about the mind,
    like me a lyrical majician and u a nut
    how u know u r older then me
    do u work at the c.i.a or the foregin ministry
    so lets check the P
    punk ass bitch
    lets check the C
    come suck ma dick
    i throw verses like bullets
    so u can say im like slick rick
    just without the eye patch
    cashman da baron is that a name
    i feel like im livin in the stone age and tryin to find me a pray to catch
    and yo get back to tha ranch
    to be ready 4 the kids fair
    maybe u can hook with somebody to do an affair
    but i dont think so
    u aint the prince of bellair
    and even if u were
    i dont care
    and i dont need to sware
    that wat u spit is aint rare
    u say i aint seen a notepad
    how could that happen ur the nomad
    oh ma bad
    i forgot ur sad
    couse a gurl burned ya face
    and took ur cute grace
    u remeber wat i said about tha race,i won it
    so why u still stickin ya face
    wat?? u wana know wats tha underground in ma place
    its releasin some tight lyrical trackz
    and ya peep this(its always factz)
    talkin about how u struggle and how u live
    not how strong u are between ur sheisty catz
    and if ur that strong go for jehad
    at least ul help the islam
    better then sittin at home
    air conditioned,eatin butter and jam
    so u wana play some slam jam
    im a miracle like allen iverson
    so i dont think u have a chance mam
    I WANT U!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thnx for the quote uncle sam
    the virus i unleased broke down ur ram
    dont say it didnt,couse i saw it at ur cam
    i think its enough so ima leave u know
    check u self and build up ur plan
    and 1 more thang i still dont get it
    how u diss a gurl if u call ur self a man
    u think ya the best u aint even the shoe of the watung-clan

  54. 55 M.D

    u call ur self keez
    bitch please
    u tryna act all gangsta while they fuck ya ass
    bitch its aids u gone pass
    il blow ma lyrics n shatter u like glass
    with ma lyrical words il fuck ur brain mentally
    u talk like u gone do sth physically?
    bitch u cant see me
    watcha gone do?
    call ur friends n start to tease me
    ur nothin but a bitch
    u had a problem with a lady n now u snitch
    u can talk u can blabir all day long
    wat ur really doin is makin every dick go on u di dong dong dong
    u call wat u wrote a diss
    bitch wat is this?
    when i hit i dont really miss
    wat did u expect?
    someone comin to u sayin sorry n gives u a kiss
    bitch every dick goes on u erect
    com on now keep it real
    u think actin gangsta n smokin trees gone make u feel?
    u aint got a dick u aint got nothin at all
    watch behind cuz ur ass might fall
    its like an open door
    every dick pumps in it n hits its core
    its u who i hate but its ya ass that i adore
    diss me curse me i dont really care
    cuz in ya ass i stuffed sth rare
    do wat u can cuz i dare
    u see ima midget im four feet tall
    and unlike u im a full man with 2 big balls
    let me settle this now
    il play with ya mind just like dice
    il do it mentally ul get an emotional breakdown
    ur whole spirit will how into the ground
    u wont hear anythin but the silence’s sound
    u’ll try seeking for help but nobody will be around
    i will keep huntin ur soul just like a hound

    dont read the rhyme
    read between da line
    il finish fuckin u n ur soul will be mine
    u and cashbitch going straight down
    n we gone shine
    i broke all ya verses with only 1 line
    im a saint i neva did a sin
    o ma bad
    i didnt count the time i fucked ya dad
    a cute muffin ass is all he had
    i still cant difrintiat is it a deed or sth bad
    wipe that tear from ur eye dont be sad
    i didn’t realize that ma lyrics gone make u mad
    i know u gonne diss back
    cuz its hatred n hostility u gone lack
    u cash bitch
    didn’t ya mama tell u not to interfere
    cuz i’ll bring ya end so fuckin danm near
    i entered grooving
    in the next hours u wont be moving
    u talk as in ur all hot
    it is from ya whether, n from ya style fuck not
    u crossed every line n u still didnt hit the spot
    u deal with drugs in the parking lot
    don’t stay confidint cuz the next time u might be shot
    with a bullet in ya forehead there gone be a hole
    it aint just a dot
    in its certainly aint a mole
    u say ur heart is so cold
    it doesnt mean ur ruthless
    it means ur old
    ur heart is filled with sorrow n grief
    ur head is like stone
    it aint cuz ur smart
    its cuz its only bone
    u turned lunitic after ur all alone
    stop bitchin n dont moan
    look at dat pussy its hairy cuz ur all grown
    go stick in it anything hard such as a phone
    n i repeat
    its a new copy for the streets
    u will diss back
    cuz its hatred n hostility u gone lack
    i can predict the future
    i predicted the diss back
    n i predicted ya end
    ma words are perfect i aint going to mend
    i won’t lend
    cuz i intend
    to give ya ass to ma friend
    its ya asses im goin to send
    its ma lyrics n ma rhymes im going to blend
    i always give
    to bitches like u sth stiff

  55. 56 keez

    i let the bass kick in ma ear, yo ill tear you bitches
    im tellin you right now, ma grene is fuckin vicious
    your styles so simple, is motherfuckin sucks
    talkin about your lp gettin realesed, what a dumb fuck
    it 2006 , we got Cds, so notice your wack,
    you used that fuckin word to make your word ryme, back!
    you lack all what is needed to rap,you fuckin ass.
    talkin bout your rymes blendin, bitch give me a mocha!
    extara caramel, and tell your mom, that amma soak her,
    with cum, when i come, around your crib,till the sun
    fuckin shines, leave some of your moms blood on the matress
    so fuckin numb,
    i can hear your heart beat, thumpin shakin shit,
    fake bitches, you wana start somethin, lets make it hitch/!
    ill take 5 minutes to eat you up, 6 to digest, 7 youll reach my intesines, 8 , now your shit!
    get it , i amaze, kill suckaz, im brave,
    ill let you miss the fuckin cradle send yall str8 to your grave,
    behave, you kids, aint dissin me, you makin me laugh,
    cuz im sendin all ma lyrics, doin 100 up your ass
    ma statics, are magic, your tactics are garbage,
    im savage, livin lavage, your just the start bitch!
    when i type, ma fingers do all the typin , ma mind is where i get ma lyrics from, your shit just biting
    bitin, fuckin rehearse so manytimes, i call it fiction,
    cuz when you read ma rymes i bet youll feel the friction
    im never heitage, i fuck eat up you fakes,
    ill get you medium rare, like a quarter pound steak
    ill get my fork , dont provate just sit still let me cut,
    chop your nuts off, stick em str8 up you but!
    understand me , better then ever, youll never, reach ma level,
    its like imposible and never!
    your whole styles, wack, i combat like kung fu
    break yall down to molecules, never loose
    as i said you whole fuckin style is used,
    so which Mc is the sickest, take a guess,
    its keez motherfuckers, eat you up like a fest!
    dont test ma skills, kuz whn you do , i fukin spill,
    ill do you ugly like that fuckin movie, kill bill
    ring the bells , you jingle, and yea this is a gift
    you got merked 3 times, by keez, so fukin shift
    off ma dick, i rep double six douce,
    the only thing that you rep is your moms pussy, fools!

  56. 57 2D the Don

    look i dont play random
    thats why when i fuck u i used to use a candom
    so i know wat im doin
    couse i got the thing called wisedom
    i read wat u write its just words
    i dont get the meanin
    so either its rubish
    or just crosswords
    i bet u dont know how to record vocals or wats a chord
    couse u just into typin
    not into makin records
    dont say its couse u dont want
    but hit me with tha truth ,that ur voice suck
    and ya lyrics r bad like how pigs fuck
    i aint no costa and i aint starbucks
    so if u still want a mocha
    try gettin fucked behind some motortrucks
    maybe ul get a free ride
    ur the shit of the mankind
    look how ma words r lined
    and with venom its combined
    its all designed
    by the supercharged motor in ma mind
    i already told u if u think ur so strong and brave
    go get ready couse lebanon is there 4 u to save
    ur like the cream i use after i shave
    or any cream which is sticky
    but the difference is that u dont know how to behave
    when it comes to missin with people
    and get ur self 10 steps closer to ur grave
    u know i really wana take u
    but i dont use a faggot as ma slave
    so boy jus behave
    i used behave twice
    so take it an advice
    dont be a lier like condalisa rice
    or a fuckin bitch like push spice

  57. 58 cashman da baron

    shit hehe wtf are u talkin bout mothafucka i’ll meet u anywhere u fuckin want fuck yo shit dont make sense show me where the fuck u stay at come battle mothafucka u and that bitch allizay or tha punk 2d hoe bring whoever u want i’ll fuckin son u bitchass monkey lookalike nigga u wish u was on the same spot as keez no one heard of u fuckaz shit stop postin shit cuz u’ll end up lookin stupid infront eveyone and oh yeah come to my fuckin face and tell me im pussy u fuckin cocksucka

  58. 59 cashman da baron

    hat was a nice try alizay, i dont mean to be bold
    but put that “thuglife” bullshit on hold
    and lets get down to the facts of the matter
    in a dictionary, under “wack rap” you the rapper
    simply cause youre lackin the spectacular binocular
    and real rap character seems to be in back of ya
    either that, or youre truly an amateur, im askin ya
    how does it feel to have the whole world laughin at ya
    you just too stupid to see
    i was made on the streets, you was made on bitch tv
    how you gonna talk about my lines to attack me
    when you steady guzzlin them pills for your acne
    my lines come from a line of kings
    your acne comes from you eatin the wrong things
    your words dont make me hurt they make me work
    youll hurt when you find its you gettin jerked
    i tell ya, it dont take me to say
    dont buy ya track, street cats aint buyin it anyway
    you tellin keez to make up his mind
    yet on your diss you dont know if you wanna suck dick or rhyme
    you tryin to diss kees? how
    if it wasnt for him, your bitchass wouldnt be here now
    show me respect from the gate
    or imma have to drown you kids like Angia Yates
    you cant handle a break
    im a flamethrower, you a Bic lighter
    you think im cocky cause you a dickrider
    i spit tighter, im not like all the rest
    im not a playa but i did stay at a holiday inn express
    so nevertheless im gonna teach ya teacher
    but when them slugs hit ya, youll be screamin momma i need ya
    you never seen me sing?
    you dont know what i bring?
    youll be singin the blues like BB King
    take your ass back to TV land
    and let this be a lesson, you can’t see me man

  59. 60 cashman da baron

    u wanna say No hatin’ either
    We can do this all day and I dont need a breather
    I want yall to shut us down
    How that sound, My name too strong you fuckin clown
    you hoes betta get back
    cuz every cash rap is like a bitchslap
    the only chart u be on is the doctors chart
    claimin u gangsta but aint got no heart
    Emcee’s talkin bout how they spit, and they shit
    I do every bodily function on a nigga when I rip
    My format pushes your entire crew into the floor mat
    You’ll be needin pet cemetary to try and bring ya dogs back
    Words of wisdom like they passed the lips of Buddah
    And who the sharpshooter that claim he gonna kill me when he see me?
    But wouldn’t aim a remote at a 100″ color TV
    You’re askin for spillin blood useless
    I turn the most popular rapper from ‘That’s my muthafucka!’ to ‘Who this?’
    stop all that pussy rap and write some real lyrics
    cuz that shit u wrote i dont wanna fuckin hear it
    it aint because that shit is the truth
    but u got me wonderin have u ever seen the inside of the booth

  60. 61 M.D

    only for almighty god i have fear
    only for him i shead tears
    im ridin this world fearless
    i aint playin im so danm serious
    im bein honest now u got to beleive this
    my heart is now pure
    i graduated every problem occures
    all ma beloveds i seccure
    not only with ma fists even with ma rhymes
    not only once but many times
    i aint just dissin u
    il burn u to thin air
    il show u how much life is fair
    about u i dont care
    my mouth is a cataple
    i attack u with rhymes
    i make u go silent n act like a mime
    u know ur worthless
    u aint worth a dime
    il digest u like im ya enzyme
    life aint unfair
    u gotta understand
    open ya mind n try to extend
    between factz n rhyme i always blend
    u take heirowin n u smoke hash
    u think ur all that
    but ur nothin but trash
    yall know im a tank
    n i made ya vision go blank
    when it comes to rhymes i got sets of banks
    i’ll let u flood
    not with water
    but with ya own blood
    i turn all ma battles to a bloodbath
    im a problem u’ll neva pass
    nobody witnessed ma defeats aftermath
    u know u gone shatter
    n its ya blood im goin to scatter
    its i who matter
    to ur mom il send ya death letter
    with every rhyme i grow greater
    everybody knows im the beloved
    n its u the hater
    il take place in history
    its sth errbody knows it aint a mystery
    i blazed with glory
    il end this with a laugh
    i do not mend ma rhymes
    i do not do drafts
    when it comes to rhymes, im a craft
    keez i beleive ur sick
    cuz ur face turned green
    u know i aint lyin
    im da best rapper u ever seen
    yo cashbitch its ya last scene
    ur a male prostitute
    n ur motha is a phene
    u know nothin abt life
    n u know nothin abt deen
    its ya shit am readin
    n it makes no meanin
    u a great rapper hahaha bitch u must be dreamin
    its me u should beleive in
    im responsible for ya ass bleedin
    yo punkass bitch its ya blood u gone be cleanin
    haha ha

  61. wut up keez..
    bitch bow on ur knees
    didnt u hear ma high heels
    i came to tell ya’ll kids a story
    a bout this lil fella who’v lost among his glory
    before his burial they took him for autopsy
    the reason he words were stuck in his chest
    been stapped by the rest
    so now that his dead heres warnin..
    never mess with the best
    or u’ll taste ur own urnin…

    looooool…. am outy

  62. 63 cashman da baron

    If ya Def than bitch get a hearing aid
    Ain’t worth ya gauge ya heart pumping lemonade
    Hook, line and sinker ya took the bait
    Act ya age, not ya size, not ya weight
    Every time you professional making hits
    Why it always gotta sound like the next men shit?
    Never liked ya fuckin’ ass any goddamn way
    Hey Jermaine who’s dick you gon’ ride today?
    Couldn’t wait to get the green light from Dr. Dre
    And I could care less if we was mates
    Your style been dead Columbians should drop the weight
    if its fuck cash then
    Fuck you, fuck ya niggas that’s writing ya raps
    What up lo get ya kuwait rap pass revoked
    Don’t get me wrong Papa Smurf you won’t get smoked
    But ya might get robbed and choked
    Or you might disappear, kidnapped with no ransom note
    Off the leash, off the hook, off the chain
    Fuck md you ain’t gotta say my name
    Speak now or forever hold a dick in ya mouth
    u aint shit u as dumb as bitchez on the South
    motherfucker you will be on
    your The underage bitch in the Kelly tape getting pee’d on
    Cock-eyed midget with a Napoleon complex
    Nickelodeon fetish you represent nonsense
    Harlem Shake to that, high jump to hell
    You the best in the business, I can’t tell
    Too late to apologize kiss my ass
    We about to cut your whole sound scan in half
    Got to keep your hands up homie protect yo’self
    Stop fucking with the keez nigga respect yo’self
    It’s a short ride to the top and a long way down
    This ain’t no beef it’s more like lunch meat
    Loss caliber heat let’s take it to the street

  63. 64 cashman da baron

    u can find me in the trenches
    Call ’em how I see em, these niggas is bitches
    I cant believe I gave you dap
    Wit da blade on me, I should’ve gave you dat
    cut u up, layed you flat
    md a disgrace for the game of rap
    You fake like Janet’s titty
    One call, 300 of my peeps at Any part of the City
    And don’t try to pull rank on cash
    Cause the niggas I’mma send to do are gon get yo ass
    Be laid up stiff I spit straight up piff
    i hang wit real homies, not 2 fake shits
    i break em both like 24 bits
    this nigga funny like yogi bear
    put your money mouth is and make my a dick a millionaire

  64. 65 M.D

    yo cashbitch ur nothin of a man
    u always act, cuz ur a nomad
    it seems u like to ride
    il give u sth in ya ass it’l be a great ride
    u see unlike u i flow alone
    ima eat ya flesh n swallow ur bone
    im indepent n ur a slave
    ur name got “Baron” u still live in a cave
    its a matter of time n ul sleep in ya grave
    ur a pussy fake gangsta dont act all brave
    u think ur super man n its keez u gotta save
    bitch ur all grown u gotta behave
    lets play card
    s is for spade
    n u gone need all aid
    d is for dimond
    it was u the bitch who was fucked by simon
    u make me laugh u must be a clown
    do u always look stupid when u frown
    im looking from above ur going straight down
    not to earth but under the ground
    i can vision it clear with pictures n sound
    im goin to let u be lost n u wont be found
    im done with u i won every round
    its too bad cuz ur a disgrace
    is it an ass or is it ya face?
    wats dat behind u?
    it aint a tale n it aint a shoe lace
    pull the dildo of ya ass
    its gonna leave a bad trace
    y u still here? u know u got no place
    to me ur nothin u take no space
    im a jipsy now “walaaa”
    i see u will still mumble “bla bla bla”
    havent i pridected the dissback
    n hatred n hostility that u lack
    ur middle eastern u aint black
    u call ur self a nigga n bitch thats wack
    im a murdera i aint a killa
    il murda yo brain after i fucked it fella
    u know nothin of respect
    cuz ur just a fuckin new prospect
    hahaha go call ya 300 peeps
    il blow them alone n send u there feets
    im dangerous, im from the streets
    on ya body n on ya mind im gonna feast
    my blood is viscouse n its boiling
    urs is volitile
    soon enough its ma name u gone be calling
    what a bitch u are, ur still moaning
    ur talking about age n respect
    ur old enough n still acting like a prospect
    u dissed a female i can see ya respect
    the only respect i see is u takin it erect
    what a pussy bitch u are
    im four feet tall, n 300 peep u gone call
    i got the balls, to make u fall
    to me ur nothin at all
    y dontcha leave now so u play with ya doll
    face ya doom, ur ma dick’s groom, u neva gone bloom
    u may get married but u aint da broom
    ima fuck ya ass n im gone cum a stream
    danm u gone scream
    u gone scream as in u neva dreamed
    soon enough ima fill u with cream
    u throw verses as many as u want
    all im gonna do is throw u one
    i wont need more
    cuz it gone be done

  65. 66 keez

    man u suck!
    shut up , dont say nothin more!

  66. 67 M.D

    seems u got enough
    chow mami…

  67. 68 2D the Don

    ha ha

  68. 69 2D the Don

    WR 4 eva

  69. in the memory of the beef, that i’ve started
    left some grief over their broken hearted
    cash ass if you’r da da tribune
    for me.. you’r like snow in june
    i.e.. you don’t exist
    and if you do..your way too far, ya aint noticed!
    ya aint no lyrical ya judicial.. love n hate ppl wheather they’r rich or

    who are ya? the loard? wonder why ya aint blessed nor pure..
    if poverty such a shame for you..that cuz you’r close minded
    i dont blame ya..i blame da mama that raised ya, n kept ya dark sided
    all i c is fiddle-faddle.wut you typed is a false battle
    do u even know me? think u could blow me? by listin me in the wack rappers

    i aint sorry for startin this..
    im acually glad cuz now i got a proof ya kids are hepicrates
    boys ya better step off this field
    as keez said i started with the best..n now ama end it with this feind
    so leave with wuts left to u..ya ran outa tears
    this is just a soem its a fuckin fierce
    here’s wut ama reveal….
    ima spit the shit that let keez n his bitch think im poor enough to steal

    its cuz keez paid 2kd outa his pocket for ma ride
    2kd?? keez fuck it!! where’s ya pride!!!!
    acually it even slipped outa ma mind!
    when we meet ama put em up ur asshole
    remind me to moisturize em so u wont get paprer cut..haha fuck, i would

    use em to roll!
    ya get a 25 peice i get a 1 double o
    i take few for me, the rest i give it for free to addicts like ya’ll..
    schyzomyzosaccharize… hit the niggaz back let em rap with their mics!!
    im sick of readin this crap its so sad wut u did to the visitors eyes.
    fags..ya both penurious..
    keez used to steal..when i aks bout him they say (keez the thief)
    ya half black half annonymous..
    for me ya a row beef
    if ya think i get paid by sleepin with men?
    atleast they offer me great check n dimonds
    but still i wouldn’t
    they’ve told me ya bitch mama does it for quarters n halves
    probebly she slept with 8 men whn u paid me the 2 kd for the caps!
    i couldnt post this earlier cuz i had finals
    but now im done with grades A and B stand for both of ya..bitches and


    n in case u didnt notice i wear earings n braceletes made of dimond n pure

    white gold..
    so even if im ugly it wouldn’t but god bless me with wut ma parents

    this is ma last post..cuz kids ya style became old.
    ya keep repeatin the same shits in each diss ya spit
    i suggest ya go to marina court where ya’ll find kids in ur ages
    other wise ima keep fillin up those 100 pages
    so bad keez that u became a soka..
    probably your mama;s breasts were filled with vodca
    game is over
    i better run to a funiral..
    open your eyes to the world. there’re more important things than hash n

    blings cuz after all…aint no body is mortal..
    n wut i just wrote is a reflection of your style..
    cuz whut i usually do write bout real life

  70. 71 keez

    schyzomyzosaccharize… that word you found in a dictionary,
    you try to come up with complex shit, thats bull, dont think you scare me,
    fuckin shave your mustache, you lips is so hairy.
    dimamonds you say i bet theyre plastic, or glass
    ma cock shines more than that white gold you talkin about,
    braggin about who buys more hash, you dont fuckin get it
    i can flip 2 ki’s and fuckin rub you pussy with it,
    i can see your fuckin horney over drugs,
    well get this 2, i really dont give a fuck
    talkin about gettin As and B on your card
    A stands for amatrue, b Bitch, to u that aint hard
    i know you can write 100 pages of bulshit!
    but when keez eneter, automatically, you pull quick
    wearin earing and fake bling, yea i gave you that money,
    i felt sorry for broke ass, so here you go honey,
    whats sad is they gotta read your stupid shit over,
    talkin about keez the wanna be cosanova,
    bitch quit it with that shit,
    yea ma nigga is the baron, wtf does a turbine have to do with it,
    your lyrics stupid, thats a crime, get it?
    yea ill go to the courts and find some cats to rymes with
    your ass aint allowed out tha house, that why your online, rymin.
    crap, better back, i told you sit so u sat, i told u your rymes are wack , you had the nerve to look back,
    when u was sittin next to me, you can see i wasnt readin your book,
    you smelled so fuckin bad, the other way i had to look
    gave you no fuckin attention. then fuckin got rid of you, after that i sent you a message sayin fuck u,
    thats when you got pissed, like a bitch would be,
    started writin bullshit, spreadin rumors about me,
    so i was like thats cool she a girl and im a man
    i just found out the whole you had a dick in your hands!
    you were like, yo keez i need a place to reacord,
    if you parents that rich, then work a studio at your home,
    i mean hut, talkin about bling bling, that sucks
    try to make up stuff that actually makes sence, you fuck!
    ill give you a time and an place, and you wouldnt show up!
    cuz you know youll get served with a cherry on top!

    as for u MD dont think i got enough pric
    i figured out what your name stands for Mini Dick!
    i dont really know your ass, but i bet you know me
    your tha type that walks around and calls keez ” ma hommie”
    cuz you suck, and you know it and me im called skills
    i can talk about you ugly ass that pays no bills
    your the irrisposible typa kid, sits at home and eats shit,
    cant bother to help your folks, you just moan and scream bitch
    i know you love big dicks, goin up your ass real quick
    well trick, try the big house, youll get hit real quick
    if you know what i mean then you wont write back
    cuz i know this will end any fuckers carrer, that fast,
    but i bet your wack enough to fuckin write some crap back,
    i wont take it personal ill just fuckin write bak
    only if u man to show up in a place, and give a time,
    ill get you served and itll be that last time we hear you wack rymes

    as if for you makavelli the don, its fuckin on
    you come through with that mini dick, and walk home wearin a thong,
    cuz ma dogs will take you man hood, i mean real dogs
    i fuckin spit ill, they bark, i spit cuz amma hog
    you trana fade ma style, na that will never occur,
    put the number of the niggaz you know, with the number of the ones that you dont, you wont even be close to servin me, fuckin joke!
    call your self a don, i bet you got ki’z of coke,
    i bet you got fuckin bitches on your hit list,NOT!
    your just a simple bitch that likes braggin bout his weener 2 dicks up your ass don, dont you think i cant be meaner
    as i said lets meet, get you served, nop doubt,
    youll be cryin back home, ill be laughin my ass out!

  71. 72 keez

    i must be the illest MC you ever fucked wit,
    so tough shit, ma rymes just blew you of, you base is fuckin destructed,
    no more, soldiers left, surrender,
    i got ma fuckin click on your ass,both genders
    you think cuz you got a bitch on your side youll win,
    well dont you think thats a nevgative apperal for kuwaiti kin,
    alizay listen up, youll never get married,
    and if you do , ill tell you husban that your hoe used to rap, now aint that scary
    i bet you aint even got the heart to deal with the cause,
    take a pause, think back…… yea that was the cause
    you fuckin with the wrong Mc so your history.
    no more alizay, where she go? youll be a mystery
    then ill fuckin let the people know that you got murked and jerked,
    you fuckin 2 ft. tall bit, amma call u a smirf,
    when im writin this shit, i feel sick cuz its aboutya,
    ill fuckin talk about another fuckin pric, even your rymes doubt ya,
    Mini dick aint you fed up, the way i make you get up
    make you try to write somethin like like” MD’s ghetto”
    you aint, i bet you aint even seen the slums
    i aint sayin amma gangsta im just sayin you is dumb
    crumb you down break you and trow you around the streets,
    now the poor piegions in kuwait got some shit to eat,
    defeat is all you faced, victory is all i faced,
    you try to switch that around, ill fuckin doom and i dake,
    you shake, from fear, i shake to make, you sucka Mc know whats the real fake,
    definition obvious its Md and alizay, and a so called don, thats freakin horney over way,
    ill get you stranded on the row, like snoop, and the lady of rage,
    ill close your book and open mine, and flip the fuckin page and flex,
    and write, 3 fuckin fakes are over with , whos next?

  72. 73 M.D

    bitch… i didnt know ur that fuckin lame
    u learn words from ma rhymes…bitch we aint same
    danm…its a really big shame
    u may got the money but certainly aint da fame
    u talk about small n big dicks
    bitch ur fuckin plain
    ur just a badboy tryin to play an old man’s game
    ur nothin of a man between ya words u cant maintain
    u wanted to end this n now u wanna blame
    don’t lie u took it personaly u even felt pain
    u wouldn’t mention it if it aint true
    when i hit ma verses u dont know wat to do
    ur heart pounds fastter and ur face turns blue
    now ur lost between ma words u aint gotta clue
    go on now, get lost
    ur a filthy bitch no body likes you
    il put pressure in u,and ur brain will brake into two
    u’ll be served by nurses
    after i finish u with ma verses
    i spit true factz n rhymes i aint into curses
    i take hiphop back to the oldskool i dont do disses
    but bitch this is ma third time n look what i did to you
    i made u live in fear, pannick, and dont know wat to do
    its I who fucked ur brain mentally watcha gone do?, “Sue”?
    so sue me, aint no bitch like u can blow me
    god can make me
    but aint no man can break me
    i aint knew in this game
    i aint doin it for fame
    u couldnt handle a women u needed back up
    i just interfered to witness ya assfucked up
    u talk about age and respect
    im repeatin now, “YOU STILL ACT LIKE A PROSPECT”
    your still mumblin, but u make no effect
    u lost ur manhood you still take it erect
    here’s a quote by guru
    “u talk all crime but ur scared of jail”
    u will be broke and noone gone bail
    while we’r in da yaght, through the gulf we sail
    im a problem u will always fail
    youl be lonely inside, u wont receive a mail
    the only path u got is followin our trail
    you mess with ladys n females
    i doubt ur a man, u maybe a shemale
    im da problem u wont end up solving
    this is how it goes its how life is revolving
    i intered ur brain grooving
    everything is stuck nothing is moving
    do not resist
    n do not insist
    or ul end up witha fractured rist and fist
    ur 24/7 fearfull
    im 24/7 fearless n awake
    its ya brain mentally im gone brake
    ur heart is pounding u started to shake
    im huntin ur mind down
    its like ur da pray n im da snake
    ur reactin like a child
    messin u up is a nice ride
    me callin u ma hommie
    keep on dreamin
    soon enough ur nerves will stop u wont be feelin
    its ma rhymes in ya mind u gone be keepin
    im always da predater
    n ur always ma pray
    why dont u shut ya brain
    and move away
    before u turn insane
    and fade away
    i predicted the diss back
    n u dissed back
    i predicted the hatred n hostilty that u lack
    n u still lack
    dont rush
    cuz its comin when u least expect it
    I blazed with glory like i always do
    bitch accept ya defeat n fuck u
    its I da problem u will never pass
    i shattered ya brain n ur soul like glass
    u talk as in ur all dat
    bitch look at ur stat
    its WE | U
    infinity | none
    we’re da best, on us u got nothin
    man ur wack, atlast ur convinced ur aint black
    ur convinced that u aint gangsta
    so u were fake all along
    now its time to witness ya defeat
    all u gone be feelin on ya head is ma feet
    “crash”smash ya face on da street
    u aint a man
    to prove dat u cant handle ya defeat
    hahaha leave bitch
    its u errbody gone ditch
    u get in trouble then u snitch
    there in ya brain u got glitch
    ur groin ficth
    u animal bitch

  73. 74 2D the Don

    ayo when u gon admit it
    that u aint the illest
    talkin shit like u richest
    fuck it
    talkin about aliizay not gettin married
    i give u 5 bucks if ul get married once or remarried
    couse no gurl wants a man with a asshole which is already open
    so who u callin??
    tha baron guy to give ya a hand job
    or to do a double masterbutin
    so who u think u r??
    jarule to clap back or saiten
    dont u get it u aint a nigga
    so stop using that word
    or u gon get fractured
    whos next???????????????
    who gon come to u
    when a gurl burrned u
    ur evaporatin pal
    by a fatal gal
    called a.l.l.i.z.a.y
    and ya md who put ya head on a tray
    so wat u say
    u still think ya the best
    standin ova the rest
    man go check ya chest
    and ya do ya ass a test
    couse with ma dick ya abscessed
    and sorry baron i dont need ya breast
    im in this contest
    just to see how u conquest
    but u aint wat i thought off
    so open the window and jump off
    couse i know u dont wana get blast off
    so handsoff
    and get the hell outta here
    or u gon get riped off
    like a paper outta a book
    couse u aint a legend or captain hook
    and u aint fine like brook burk
    so wats make u tha best
    u aint like me a don
    so get lost son
    o ma bad keyz the Son

  74. 75 cashman da baron

    “just a badboy tryin to play an old man’s game” stop stealin lines off tupac bitch
    2d can u get any wacker?u lookin for breast cuz that dyke allizay aint got none shit get the fuck outta here u aint worth my time typin up shit this aint pre skool u got a problem u talk to me in my face bitchass 2d the dong minidick and actingay the whore

  75. 76 keez

    talkin about my brain split into 2!
    mother fucker read some bilogy, the brains already split, fool,
    talkin about me gettin married or remarried, you better check what u sayin, its all stupid, its shows your worried
    actually i really was lost between your word, cuz i didnt know what the fuck u sayin
    you writin incomplete sentences, take a english course, mayn,
    i cant be botherd to to even wastse my fuckin breath on bitches,shit
    talkin about jarule, when your name is mini dick
    and to u 2d the dong, you boutta feel this fog,
    ill fuckin get you up in smoke, like cheech and chong!

  76. 77 M.D

    u make laugh son
    dissin u is really fun
    u aint men of ur words
    u know its true
    my words damage ur brain like swords
    u aint men u cant handle a defeat
    this shows how fake u r u aint from da street
    i’ll end this quick
    i aint spitin back, i wont spend time dissin ppl who r wack
    u say im worried, how could that happin when ma emotions are burried
    y u talkin about senses when u took ma rhymes personal
    when it comes to rhymes n disses ma brain is arsenal
    i witnessed ma vitcory n i witnessed ya defeat
    i wont come alday just to hear wat u mumblin about
    n keep ma predictions in ya mind
    the last will come when u least expect it
    spit rhymes spit verses spit all ya saliva out
    but with only one sigh
    ul be blown no doubt
    tc pussy ass bitches
    it was fun fuckin ur pussies n ya asses

  77. 78 Rootie Tootie

    The guy is good enough to sing in my shower but seeing him in the top charts is waaaaay over the rainbow————-
    good that you gave it a try thou

  78. 79 meemee

    am nervouse but on the surface i look calm n redy to drop bombs but i keep on forrgetin’ what i wrote down the hole croud go so loud i open ma mouth but the words won’t come out i’m chokin’ aow everybody is chokin’ how the clock’s run out times up over
    snap back to reality ow there goes gravetti

  79. 80 female rapper

    guys are like fuckin’ ties these ass holes think they rule
    guys you aint that cool
    girls rule an boys fools
    i can dissconnect up ur fuckin’ dick
    you fuckin prick
    ass holes boys are toys
    i did not choose this fuckin life.. this life chose me

  80. amma lyrical main, hustler, ma razor cuts ya, veins, while your movin your hands, busta
    listen to the canibal brained structered, being, im most ill on the real. i cause more damage than 100,000 american troops on war feilds,
    ma fangs excrete more poison than the king cobra
    1 bite, ill make alizay change to this swelled oprah,
    im sicka stupid Mcs rymin their bullshit, thats why i give every stupid Mc a line to opose wit,
    ma spits are like a flamable torch, i damage your sorts, you animal folks, ma spits will fuckin rotten your corpse,
    when i grap the mic its venemous, dope is on the tip, fuckin focus on what im sayin, i spoke in through that tip,
    so when i cough in my hands and i open hands youll see dope in my hands cuz i spoke in my hands,
    ill fuckin cough in your coffin ill make your corpse fuckin soften that wat often happens to soft men,
    your 4 limbs tied to 4 poles, every move you make ill have a bullet shoved up your but hole,
    im loco, ama nut, so when i snap, i cause death,
    ill choke with your own hands and make you cause you own death
    pull your spine out your mouth then stab your abdomen with your spine
    alizay, you gotta see , my rymes are powered by the minds,

    im fuckin sick of this stupid bitch with her so called “keez, disses” can u belive she got like a part 1 , 2 ,3 and i think she goes up to 100, poor girl, concentrate on some studies or something, lol. no chance baby 😉

  81. @@ it took u round 4 months to come out with shit like dat!! hehehhe

  82. this is a diss goes out to alll those who are mention’d in it..
    it been recorded n soon will be released

    (written by: Allizay)

    tranna be ma homeboy..ama crack em demons
    fuck em up those psychos. Hold up to ma reasons
    make em up big sissies with pussies ..check out our agreements
    that they all faggots but he’s insane turn’d against me
    cuz I did it with him says i’ve done it with evrybody
    let em walk them sheeps. if that wut they claim
    ima show off im allizay..they say im hot like daymn!
    all they do sayin man i did with her..
    ya bitch came outa no where..pass’d infronta me like blur
    he only knows ma name. but still walks round scratchin it piratical
    i aint a dissa.. nigga ima lyrical
    ya shits make me wanna mischief u all alphabetical
    ama walk alone i dun mind.. rather than bein with hypocrites like em
    think ama shatter down.. mislaid in ur lies n false passion
    i wont regret this even if ya diss was much aggressive
    these are ma days, I do things as I see em in ma own perspective
    remain moving ya tongue muscle till it becomes deflective
    duno when im down. i convene with Satan
    setting up to wipe u out mentally and let off how u behavin’
    absessed with gabfest that I transgress cuz I divest
    while all u can digest alcohol shits
    fag im professed how to geste against simi u I detest every inch in u ya noen but a fuckin pest
    I suggest u digress ur messe’d up attitude other wise ima flame up each track I do about u n keep ya stress’d outa rest till ya get abscessed
    Ya name means noen ya anotha man rather be from the west
    Trana address ma friends to leave me NeO faggot keep ma word as a bullet in ur chest
    Do ur best while u request to ma homies to drop ma friendship ma intentions are on better standards ya piece a shits
    ya drunk bitch ya possessed if ya think at any point ya better individual
    ma life been mess’d I been oppressed n still invest ma brain cells to work out a miracle
    n return to the one I use’d to be actually im bless’d I have a talent like this which is the best way to get off the pain outa ma chest with no medical
    ya so hideous inside everythin u do reflects on ur countenance ur repulsive
    ur voice razor-sharp siren I cant’ listen.. just knowin u is offensive
    bitch I dun take advantages of ma homie.. if ya known me ya would’ve known this
    guess vodka invaded ya mind.. bitch im one of a kind
    matter of fact ma best friends are bless’d to know me cuz im always there when they phone me.. ya phony ya names says it all trust me even foe m ya aint worth a dime
    I always considered ya’ll through from A to Z
    That’s the cause why I dun pay alota effort to fuck u up like u do to me
    Each n everyone of ya’ll dun really do matter
    I dun seek revenge but I like to do some clatter
    sayin i fuck’d this girl.. while the bitch ass still a virgin!
    We both white bt the diff ya a wanna be urban!
    ya all call me gangsta.. ya discern me when I suit to a vice person
    ya faggots wait till i draw up this big thick curtain
    mad at me?? cuz i said no though u wanna be with me
    the only reason fo it cuz now ive changed n became sexy?
    mofuckaz i was once above suspicion but now i see through u
    i dun give a fuck if ya leave me alone only cuz i didn’t wana do u
    one less companion one more adversary..
    I wouldn’t mind less.. ppl. Ya all ma enemies
    Scorpions tranna get me. chase me where i go,,
    i swear i cackle at em cuz seems like im da only girl they know
    when ma friends where fuck’d up i try ma best to save em..
    but now i wish they get burned down like a timber lighten up a featherless raven
    be patient.. this aint noen. ya lobsters
    throw off the coatin n in i slice ya up with carvers
    missy can’t sit on his ass.. his thong probebly cuz em a widgy!
    go run to ur pa.. fears his slut n he calls himself Big D!
    the only thing that is big in him is his pussy!
    i didnt cause ne problems with ya bitch LA
    why the hell would i wantcha while i am ALlizay!
    i’d love to chitchat witcha face to face
    so u’d spell it throu ma eyes n tell wut she says!
    rap is ashamed ya tranna spit it. ya been a disgrace
    have a character first then get an identity
    all ya do is curse.. n each verse even worse n more shitty
    ma words would burst even if they’r form’d as a poem
    that’s the talent the durst.. writin is like sowin
    i use golden fabrics.. u use cheap wool threads
    i’d cut ur strings with a blow..cuz when i flow i flow like woow
    Gz? who ?.. x wide or Keez?
    plz.. foes. dun turn ya backs on me!
    cuz i wanna fuck u up in the face in every opportunity
    when one of ya’ll leaves his girl..his bitch become noen
    while i been with some of ya’ll been away came back still froen
    u gay..shitty Aj?
    i saw u once..freakd out to tell wut the fuck u did say
    u walk around sayin u got me into bed..
    mothafucka.. ya gotta twisted head
    I and I say it with pride be with a man like u?
    ya aint even a man.. ya a fuckin spoild booboo
    tranna atest ya own point ya claim ya like ma belly ring..
    look at ma hi5 pic again bitch there aint a thing
    from where ya brought the thought i been with joe?
    ya’ll wanna be niggaz here’s some shit ya should know
    ya can stap me.. crack me..but when i payback i like to make a show
    i love to lookdown on ya’ll.. while ya show off ( I been with allizay)
    noen ya say or do will destroy me. Ya playaz but dun really know how to play!
    The game is over for me cuz im done with ur same old shits
    smashin up standings fo a notice.. grow up adolescent kids!
    Go do ur crap that u call rap u just spit words half of em stolen bars
    Wut I do I do it for me not for ur reasons ya’ll wanna be superstars
    H…cuz it stand fo a hoe
    M.O ya bitch ass if i didn’t made ya blow
    ya wouldnt beg n bug me to be all yours
    when i refused ya miss’d judge me.guess ya didnt know me ofcourse
    cuz bitch when i get piss’d i stay quiet till the timin is right
    ya aint noen to me bitch thats y i didnt start up a fight
    i do wut i can do.. n that is prepare ma words against u
    O.D u’ll never get the bliss to be with me
    i busta rhyme.. fo each line I get a critical
    their jealousy make em look at everythin I got fo me its mystical
    i knw when i pace in a room daymn i glow..
    ya fragile with no personalities.. persitly . .when they Get psycho
    i enjoyed ma time wit ya’ll n had ma blast
    now ive seen the true u its a timeout fo me to lay low n relax
    blaze this haze where it;s placed no where cuz boys it aint real
    there’s only smoke comin outa the flames.. these flames are so surreal
    it chosen to pick up a path n be a fag n have a dick in his mouth
    they call it blaze.. cuz the smoke keeps goin in n out
    baby boy tells him mama to talk to me intead
    so i wont call his chick n let em go on ahead
    bitch da last thing u’d wish is dat i face ya
    ama wipe u over your shit n ba shit i mean latecia
    i wonder how u look at yaself inda mirror n wut ya really c
    cuz all we c is mortify hummiliated n addict to dubd
    i dun mind dat u left bitch bt i despise those alike u
    fear frm their own faults n hide ashamed between his moms boobs
    homies pardon me but i cant beat em!
    i would if i could.. but i wont dirt ma hands
    n if the scars are inner it guna be hard to heel em..
    with or without u ..i got ma own fans
    still i cope with it i hope it is how i will do things
    I’ve toppled and tumbled this fo me aint a thing
    ya’ll faggots show off,, im fuckin humbble
    would never mumble
    while I cough up the truth in ur face
    while ya fuckin tremble petrified to cry out the rumors u enhanced
    it fuckin hurts ma chest how i gaze at the times i got shut
    if ma moment ever been reached then its worth the pain that got me fucked
    despite the tramples i still went on
    fame was a spot where i walked n step’d on
    they’ve tried errytihng to block ma luck apart from me
    thankfully ma lord keep savin me
    wut ever u seen in ma past of mistakes n sins
    I put it aside cuz I’ve been taught ma lessons
    regardless of that I sold shits illegally
    trade greens
    tranna get ma inner peace
    I’ve changed cuz I wanna be the ma who keeps her boys in one piece
    I envision how they gunna be..
    Just like me
    mean to the dime worth like u.. angles to me
    i used to be a seraph
    now when i look back seems a Morag
    cz of how unexpectedly I keep on mistakin!
    when I shout god turn me how I friend screams out Amin
    ive gone insane
    no cells in ma brain that can function
    ma feelings got numb all i feel is ma life been rushin!
    this bard is just to tell nothin u can do will cuz me pain
    ive seen so much in life wut ya do just playn a fuckin sick game
    ima remain Allizay. the girl that walk’d into ur lives n made ya’ll sayin ma name
    i made ya’ll talk bout ma lyrix ma rap ma passion to it
    i made ya’ll close to me but now it seems funny how u blew it
    we’r in kuwait i shoulve known havin a homeboy is of the limit!
    the only way u look at me is playful n pathetic
    that’s ur homie?
    ..X W I D E
    he’s the one who wantd me to fuck u up. nigga.. now they mad at me!!
    when soem happens ya the first i’d let know
    ya used to call me rather see me than bein witcha hoe
    i dun deserve this..
    i saw ya as a friend as some one so close..look at this?
    ppl gossipin ya’ll listenin instead of shuttin em up
    they mouths start’d to dribble.. n when i speak to em they shiver
    they maintain they have no clue wut’s up!
    if i freak ya’ll that bad.. then stop bein coward cads n show some respect
    i dun let them ppl talk shit bout ya’ll.. im sorry but ya’ll been miss lead
    I dunno wut ya seen in life.. but it seems so shitty
    to make ya’ll treat those loved ones with no curacy
    im sorry…
    for wut ever ya been through that made ya’ll turn to faggots
    for wut ever that still impaired.. choking with ur own ascots
    ya dun think well. ya don’t act well. most of all ya dun do in life well,
    as much as I despise ya’ll now, well I still wana see ya’ll burn in hell
    we all had been through shits.. I thought mine is the worst
    cuz ya all tell me how the fuck I live ma life I seem to it like a new host
    this bullshits of urs.. just to drag the lights on ma mistakes
    leave em shine on ma past so no one will see ma road obstacles n breaks
    fo god sake have a life drop talking bout mine..
    is it true there’s noen more u can do in ur spare time..?
    all u do allizay this allizay that
    look at ur shits.. look at ma rap
    look at this diss..look at ur crap
    talk bout which life u had
    stop the scandals just to get me mad
    i actually feel sad in the same time i laugh
    cuz if i wansnt that significant ya wouldn’t mention up ma name
    cuz even those who puff smoke talk bout ma unwelcome’d fame
    high 24/7 but still know who i am..
    kidnies full of liqua..
    lungs filled up with poison
    they still would figga..
    when i spit they bow though they know noen bout orison
    they may look at me as a slut..
    but i dun really give a fuck
    tha only thing that matters is how i see me n wut i’ve got

    ama queen ma crown is polish’d with words keep me preen
    i love the way i am’
    after i was in silence a lot I couldn’t do now I can!
    ya should appreciate it that wut i wanna say i pronounce it to u
    cz most of ya’ll who r homies speak shits bout eachotha n ya’ll got no clue
    i represent ma own i dun need no body to do it fo me
    ya goals to fuck down ma reputation.. n then tranna get me fo u only
    i rather be lonly.. ya faggs act like ya never know me
    all wut i did is to open up a road fo grantin ma wish’s..
    I woudn’t hand ya a word! Dun say he n she a snitch ya all snitches!
    all the shits they did so i wont succeed
    they know ama fuck em up..ama make em internally bleed
    i used them dicks as mics..
    rap life stories..reavel their lies
    no offence but ima do it with or without subdice
    n if ya wanna judge me judge me fo ma present
    not cuz of shits they said i did thou i didnt
    if ya wanna play it with me play it lodgment
    i play’d it foolish n stupid like im blinded girl n an outsida.
    so i hustl’d at hot c trade’d imotions to fame so they’d know me before i even rap n ice em as a rida
    been a victim fo bein the first one i met.
    i didnt mind em seein me the prey as long as i hold wut i wanna get
    the only reason im revealin this after so long.
    cuz the Bitch gettin bitchier more n more
    wanna Du rap?
    ya horny baster’d u’d do a fly if this assumption could hap!
    Fo demons ama Dame..
    i dun lock up ma prisoners in your jails
    cuz ya bars are fuckin lame
    i flip from man to man in a swift
    dat non of ya matter boy.. whn i say hush ya shut ya lips
    after 7 years now ima spitiologist
    this is ma career..ya cant be mo’ (b moe) than aliases
    i list up on ma A4s with a head line (male-bitches)
    ya eyez on me when ya got your hoers,well i know im fly niggaz
    i dun need no body as long as i got the force to get ya noses outa ma buisnesses!
    Biggie..look at them boys ya raised..still boys will never grow
    look at me with out u i walk’d n raised.. i didnt need ya to make me glow
    tellin me ya made em a family. while they spurt eachotha when the room aint lit yet
    ya probebly been dreamin go back to sleep.if these ya kids ya’ll never accoplish shit
    whity dressin up like nigga.. ya’ll always be a bama
    sippin up reds n blacks inhaling up marijuana!
    I bag up cuz when ur bag’d up those men ya been with no more a back up!
    Atleast when I die ima die soper fag you’l die bent
    Im like female version of hova before ma death im already a legend
    The talk u spoke about me.. ama wait to see how ur wife deceitful
    i’d swear she’d suck anotha man’s dick.. while ya ma still morning in ur funeral
    imagine u have a kid n the child aint from your blood
    results of wut u lied..u’d wish to hide in crud
    imagine ya girl grown n becomes a prostitude,,
    all them boys lick’d up her pussy in n out the hood
    wouldn’t u wish ya homies would cover up fo her?
    Why ya say shits about me? Before ya think of ya daughter!
    Wouldn’t ya heart go brick!
    Always put me in ur mind when u think
    Of havin a family havin a loyal wife
    Havin sons becoming men save ur girls honor for life
    Think of the possibilities that that will never happen
    Cuz of the way u talk’d bout me bitch someday u’ll see ur life crackin
    AJ, keez, MD and neo
    Ya said alota shits I didn’t do though
    I might not be forgiven but as long as im livin ama aks ma loard
    Give em a girl who’s worse than me n make their own homies treat her as their hoe!
    N for those Psce
    Let em see their lives flash while they still breathin
    Let em see in their eyes their wives physically cheatin
    The things I’ve done.. I aint afraid to confess
    May u burn in life… as much as u hurt ma chest!
    For a change let’s aim the lights on ur deeds
    Ya’ll despiteful, spiteful, indecent just follow ur greeds
    Frauds, stab your bros, let your real ones take your footsteps as a lead
    When it only guides to an alley of forbidden. Stick witcho till u concede
    N god knows when..that’s why ya aint real men
    terrified to face the cost alone
    ya diphthong.
    without ya company ya dun exsist ya’ll be on ur own
    now ya pals are usin u till u get useless n play u like ping-pong
    fools im headstrong.. I dun drop down easily.. im strong erelong
    while u continue ur vicious act against me. Ma punches get to u like vaccine
    u think im ignorant.. but I keep it unseen
    by this ya enter a room dun acknowledge ma willings cuz ma manners are phosphine
    I keep it simple n in peace till u choke n the scene remains clean
    I been doin this shit since I was 13
    Ma lyrix became numerous… im addict’d to this like nicotine
    Errytime im furious.. I’d burn ur verbally im vocalic benzene
    Fags ya’ll never amaze me no words u spit against me will invade me
    Ur dreams are a distal vision, when I daydream I envision your tongues have incisions
    Ma foots are firm to follow ma intuition. Ya snakes are fake I can see through yar skins
    Now eat your own shit ya pigs as a result of your actions
    Ya’ll guna see ma image reflected on ur kids as a perception
    So u’d recall wut u used to call me n made me beneath suspicion
    Ya’ll never get where I am ya bitches. im Allizay the black pigeon!
    Life is a ring will recycle ma story live in the eyes of your children!

  83. 84 Med5

    “I didn’t know how to say it without sounding cheesy, so I decided to make a rap instead :
    Once upon a time in the country of Kuwait
    sat an 18 year old beatmaker in the land of hate
    It was hot out thurr and so boring out thurr
    and the broker he got, the more it blur
    So the dewd went “DUUDE, I need an MC”
    “I need a lyricist that can R.T.C. ” (Rock The Mic)
    “I need a master that can spock a room”
    “I need some words that can zoom zoom zoom zoom”
    “I got it, DOOM!”
    So his hating tall friend said “you ain’t gettin’ doom”
    “Nor will he even hear about you anytime soon”
    “and if you think for a second that he’s gonna give jack”
    “then you better get yourself off that crack”
    I said “I’m gonna stay awake every day
    try to get his attention until he sees me, okay
    and then when he decides that he wants to try
    then Ima beat yo hatin’ ass until yo mamma turn blind
    I mights not got rep and I but I got some juice
    but I’m still more cool than papoose (that was my little diss rhyme for the rap)
    And doom’s gonna see and he gonna like
    and then he’ll want to grab his mic!”

    yay! Please rap on my beats ;___;

    yeah- read it n weep, cuz Im da illest out of all yaw’ll

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