Rafting pictures


I never did write about my camping rafting trip.

Some highlights:
1. Met UzF on a paddle boat.
2. No electricity for 4 days (charged my camera/laptop/ipod/psp/phone/.. in the bathroom.)
3. No Cell Phone Service for 4 days
4. No Internet for 4 days.
5. Kuwaitis replace camp horror stories with stories about “jinn”.
6. The shower had cold water for the first two days. I found the boiler and tried to turn it on, then I read the warning labels and called the camp guy.
7. I got sunburnt .. and then I spider bite me in the same location. Which wasnt as painful as it sounds .. really annoying tho.
8. Rafting is damn fun .. but damn boring in between the rapids.
9. Kuwaitis and smores do not go together .. ended up eating everything separately and making tea.
10. Tents are more comfortable than they seem.

Some Visuals:


Where we slept:

#3 and the Oud:

Bears! Well, a memo about them:

Stallion, No idea what the special tickets are..

5 Responses to “Rafting pictures”

  1. God I wish I could go rafting one day. Tried it once in Indonesia & it wasn’t so hard so it wasn’t that much fun!
    Why the Oud has the number 57 on it?

  2. 2 k

    That is the “ghetto” oud that has been passed down through generations in America. We keep the good insturments at home when we go on road trips or camps. As for the 57 … nobody knows.

  3. Also when you’re hungry don’t wait until someone else thinks he is hungry also. That’s an important lesson.
    Next rafting trip will be to Messilah Water Village, off Fahaheel Expsway. Towels and refreshments will be provided. details TBA on Flash TV.

  4. I wish they would do such an ‘active’ activity for the girls here in the US instead of sending them to spend a long day at a zoo or such. I would so go rafting. This sucks…you guys have all the fun!

  5. 5 k

    You can suggest/organize “active” activities fot the girls … Its just that in the past .. those activities didnt get that many participants.


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