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1. Why do the women in MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education) look better as you go up the floors. 2. I hate the person that came up with the idea of blasting the sound on the commercials in the ramadan shows. 3. The 16-5 meeting was very organized and was a more relaxed atmosphere than […]

Blog? Yabeela!


I havent been posting recently; been extremely busy in Kuwait. This what my daily schedule looks like: 9/10am: Wake up 10am – 12pm: MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education / Hell on Earth) 12pm – 2pm: Random stuff (interviews/shopping/work) 2pm-4.30pm: Sleep 5ish: Fu6oor 7ish: Family 9ish – 11ish: ‘3baga6 11ish – 3ish(am): Diwaniya 3ish – 5ish: […]



Just got back. 1. Monitor works, pc works, keyboard .. dead. 2. Do weird people hang out in the airport … or does all of Kuwait dress like that? 3. Why is the internet so damn slow! 4. bleh .. too tired Good night people.



I am finally on the last leg of my flight … five hours left to Kuwait. The euphoric haze brought on by the sleeping pills has passed (cafe-shokolade is german for Mocha) and I am feeling somewhat refreshed after my shower … Whomever is picking me up from KWI, Venti Mocha (skim/no whip/choc. pump), there […]

Frankfurt .


Add this airport to the list of things that I hate. The airport doesnt offer anything decent to do, the lounge is always full and there is nothing decent to eat AND my stopovers are always 5+ hours. I took a sleeping pill and couldnt/didnt sleep, its a weird but interesting feeling. Anyway, I am […]

I am on a plane, en route to Kuwait, well Germany first … And I have internet!! Anyway, I have amassed a list of things that I hate/love since entering Detroit Airport. I hate the following: 1. The Lufthansa lady that shouted at me for being in the business/first class line .. where I belonged […]