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Alwihda (United Students of Kuwait) takes NUKS-USA by a landslide.. Alwihda: 296 Q8SF: 78 Split votes: 29 218 vote difference! Just goes to show that you can change your name/ideology/members to try and win the elections … in the end its not who you are but what you do.

I planned on staying home today and working on some things. In no mood to go out .. and if I were to go out .. It would have been the Diwaniya or Chalet. Then a friend called me looking for his caffiene fix, so I suggested Starbucks Mishref. Its about 2 minutes from my […]

I hate linux.


Blah .. back to compiling.

Now that Eid has come and gone, my “its Ramadan!” excuse will no longer help in postponing my already interim lifestyle. And to be honest, I am getting quite bored of doing random entertaining tasks in the morning (We cleaned out the attic area above my brother’s bathroom today). So, I decided to meet with […]

We read Bazaar.


Nibaq posted this … at least you don’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper.* *With magazines such as bazaar you have the safety net of an adept editor; someone who can ensure diversity of content and strive to maintain reader interest. Unfortunatley, online they have no such rules, nor professional incentives to […]

Mr. Impressive.


I was at my local Starbucks getting my caffeine fix in the early mornings of eid when, in a temporary lapse of judgment, I decided to browse through a issue of Bazaar. The article was describing the Blogging phenomenon in Kuwait… I thought cool, lets see what Mr. Impressive (The name of the writer … […]

Room Redo.


I haven’t changed anything in my room for the past 4 years; and even before that it was mostly the females in the house doing the interior designs (brother 1: peach walls | brother 2: yellow, with flowers). Right now my room is accumulation of random furniture that was collected over the years … from […]

Honestly, the kids want the money, the younger people want a vacation, and the older people want their kids to get money/travel. 😛 So .. Happy Diwali!

We meet again.


Title speaks for itself.