AlWihda wins by a landslide!


Alwihda (United Students of Kuwait) takes NUKS-USA by a landslide..

Alwihda: 296
Q8SF: 78
Split votes: 29

218 vote difference!

Just goes to show that you can change your name/ideology/members to try and win the elections … in the end its not who you are but what you do.

5 Responses to “AlWihda wins by a landslide!”

  1. 1 Q

    Mabrooooooooooooook!! O inshalla every year the difference increases!! yistaahlooon ilshabaaab 😉

  2. Good Job! 🙂

  3. Mabrook lil wihda…I swear in the USA the kuwaity students understand about voting..not like here in the uk…el 6a2efeya wil qabaleya temashy el 6alaba ehnee..wa lil 2asaf …

  4. 5 Swair

    mabrook 😀

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