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Code me.


I have been playing around with the php coding; bear with me. After I get all the bugs ironed out I am going to put together a new theme (in the meantime, enjoy the my first theme).

I haven’t written that many ‘reviews’ so bear with me. If you expect the whole 4/5 stars thing… you came to the wrong place. Hardware: The 770 is a great size, it seems a bit bulky .. however, it’s small enough to fit it into your pocket. It’s also large enough that you don’t feel […]

Guess who was back in the parking lot today, parked in the lines (with new tires).

Nov 7th Preordered from Nokia-Europe. Out of stock within hours. Nov 14th Preordered from Nokia-USA. Delayed (They didnt know when if or when it would ship; sometime in 2006). Dec 2nd Preordered from Compusa. Online stocks are backordered. They stop offering it online. Dec 5th Stores start recieving small shipments of Nokia 770s, they didnt […]

#3 is back.


The little one has come home from America: 1. I finally have my 770, (writing a post). 2. I stole his camera, expect more pictures. 3. He got a dvd player; before you think .. They just got a dvd player!? This is a HD Dvd player with a digital output (HDMI); better quality to […]

I had to park in a different lot because of this guy … maybe he will learn next time. The lines are there for a reason.

Went to work late (very late); after I walked out the door I realized I wanted to stop by a coffee shop, sit down, and have coffee. I figured, I owe it to myself .. I have been drinking brown water for the past month. The ironic thing is, I got more work done at […]

Random Ramblings. I don’t have much time to post; and when I do the only thing I want to talk about is traffic (which is very cliché). So here I am sitting at work, taking a mental break (I swear I am working). Anyway, I have no idea where I am going with this… But […]