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Today was honestly one of the most exuberant (is funnest a word?) days I have experienced since coming back to Kuwait. Now, I am not the type of person that comes back and starts talking about how much I hate Kuwait and I want to return to America. I do not think I could go […]

Fasttelco is up and running, and fast. My first thought was that they piggybacked onto another ISP .. nope, A quick traceroute (the path between you and a website) shows they have their own servers, up and running. The latency (time to send info between you and website) is great (not using microwave sats.). Update: […]

Updates: Rami: Just to update everyone, the fire started around 10:30pm and it hit the whole 6th floor of TEC. KEMS/Zajil shutdown their systems around 1:15am since the temperature got high and they restored it around 5:15am after getting the green light from MOC. Fasttelco got the most hit since they occupy most of the […]

There was a fire at the Town Exchange Communication building in Kuwait City. Fasttelco is down, Qualitynet is up (I think), Zajil is up (You can get internet at wireless hotspots). Me and Nibaq are willing to volunteer, I can crimp cable and do the cisco dance .. he makes tea. Here are some other […]

Color me blind.


I finally got the css code to play nice, WP2 is not as simple as it used to be. So, opinions on new color scheme? I plan on changing it to something a little more colorful.

New theme 1.


This is my current theme, and i already hate it … way to dark for my tastes, need something er, cheerful. Any ideas?

New theme.


Working on a new theme, thats about it.

Girl in black.


I passed by Coffee Bean two days ago to get my noon caffeine fix (the one between my 10am and 1pm caffeine fix); and then I drove by the University in Keifan. The majority of the women leaving the University leads one to believe that there is a mass makeover show / clone machine: Black […]

I can not access any of the blogspot sites directly; only through a proxy. Is anybody else having this issue? A part of me suspects that they are thinking of blocking the blogs due to the political tension in Kuwait.

Half my brain is not operating at the moment, and no… It’s not because I had some crazy New Year’s party (I spent mine waiting for my car at Marina Crescent-Valet, bastards took 50+ minutes to get it). I could be feeling this way because of the lack of sleep; in at 5am, out at […]