New theme 1.


This is my current theme, and i already hate it … way to dark for my tastes, need something er, cheerful.

Any ideas?

8 Responses to “New theme 1.”

  1. 1 ana

    madre wallah bs keep the banner i love it 🙂

  2. Banner is cool, but too dark, might revert to some light grey shade in the post area would look better I guess.

  3. 3 k

    I agree .. I am going to play with the css files tomorrow at work… K2 is evil.

  4. i like the banner as well but like others said, its too dark

  5. love the banner… a little tooo dark espeically with the grey text!

    try a light grey or even white

  6. Definitly too dark but I love the banner! I have no ideas!

  7. Great banner. Try white on black for the text. And try another font or font size to make the text bold/larger/viewable without squinting 🙂

  8. It looks good, but lil difficult to read. You may try out changing the font colour to something more bright, but keep the black BG. But like others said, pls keep the banner. I simply love it.

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