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Just got to Beirut (or Beyrouth), internet works and the weather is great. Off to see the City!

Lebanon, still.


Still in Lebanon. Still in the Mountains. Still the same crappy internet. 🙂 However .. great slopes, going for another couple of runs today .. then off the Beirut. This picture took 10 minutes to upload.



I am probably not going to post for the next couple of days; I am somewhere in the mountains of Lebanon and the internet connection is terrible. However, I am (and will be) taking tons of pictures .. and those will be uploaded when I find a decent connection (Kuwait). Have fun and enjoy the […]

Mental limbo.


This post was brought on by a long discussion (actually, me ranting for an hour) with a close friend… And lately I have been coming to terms with my current situation in Kuwait (and society as a whole); and it has been very intriguing. This post in a way is written to myself from a […]

Rewind life.


Over dinner last night; the topic of life was brought up (that’s what you get when you put a bunch of recent graduates with too much free time in one room). The concept that I found the most interesting was that of George Costanza (or whomever wrote the script) George Carlin. I think the life […]

I am sure the majority of you have heard of United Networks by now. It is a new Internet company owned and operated by KIPCO (Wataniya/MarinaFM/Showtime/Half of Kuwait). United Networks is targeting something a bit farther then purely providing Internet and attaching a satellite subscription. I believe United Networks are planning on delivering triple play […]

Dedicated to my fellow Shani-givers: Mark Nibaq

Went jogging/walking yesterday at ‘Marina World'(No idea why its a world); started at Scientific then took a U-turn at Marina Hotel (Also part of ‘Marina World’?). Some things that I thought I would mention: 1. To all the women wearing tight jeans (three quarters), high heels, a million layers and a Hijab … Your not […]

Stallion Tag.


Four jobs I’ve had: 1. Admin/Designer (Countless websites) 2. Technical Director (Company I helped launch) 3. Technician @ Network Operations Center (ISP) 4. Systems Engineer (Current job) Four Movies I can watch over and over: 1. Bye Bye London (Is that even a movie?) 2. Usual Suspects 3. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 4. Crash […]

Blogger Meetup: It was great being able to put names to faces(or nicknames) .. I had a blast. Nibaq told me that girls do not usually attend .. I was surprised when the guys were outnumbered! To all those who were not able to make it, you missed out. To all those who were there […]

I am sure you have seen these ads all over Kuwait; at first I thought they were cool. They were easy to read, they had a direct message and they looked pretty damn professional (compared to the rest of the crap that is plastered all over the streets). Then I realized (actually, someone mentioned it), […]

Just a reminder: What: Blogger Meeting. Where: Second Cup (the one near stock market) When: 5:30pm / Thursday, Feb 2nd. Hope to see you there.