Quod erat demonstrandum.



I’ve just reached a place
Where the willow don’t bend.
There’s not much more to be said
It’s the top of the end.
I’m going,
I’m going,
I’m gone.

It ends here, Thank you.

4 Responses to “Quod erat demonstrandum.”

  1. 1 Jackie

    The insanity or the blog?:P

  2. 2 k

    A little of both, will resume next week.

  3. gululululululululloooooooooooooooooooooooooosh…

    imbarikaiiinnnnnn 3irs il athnaiin lailat ribeee3 3aini gamra.. a la rgaya o sbeecha :P..

    kay last one i promise..

    ..the show must go on…

  4. interesting pictures… I don’t get any of it 😛

    please don’t go tho! me likey ur blog! 😀

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