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Sa7at Al-Safat just posted a video of Jabriya Candidate(District 10) Jamal Al-Omar buying votes. Link to Sa7at Al-Safat Link to YouTube Download WMV Video You know what they say .. What goes around comes around.

I was reading Mama Fuslas’ blog on the useless pepsi ads (da da da); and I had to find out what it means. What did I find out? 1. The song is by a german group called Trio, and VW used it in 1997 (and did a much better job). 2. The Original Elissa/Christina song […]

Some pictures I felt the need to share with you; they speak for themselves. Double parked in a handicap spot (It doesn’t get any more ignorant than this): Picture of the menu from ‘The Lounge’ in Marina; yes .. it does say crapaccino:

There are so many things wrong with this picture it has to be a joke. Happy Wedding Manar and Abd-Allah 8-June-2006 Good Bless our coupls… Whish happines tie you and cids Picoret(?) your life I thought it was funny when we had the 3agad putting stickers on their cars. Now they have grown up, gotten […]

I thought it was the same person when I first saw this. My cousin then mentioned; good cop/bad cop and it just went downhill from there.

I was at the airport this morning to bid farewall to a family member .. but you probably don’t care about that. Anyway .. I was at starbucks, talking to family; then I see a bunch of people running out of the departure gates with large bags and tons of Camera Equipment. I realized it […]