life is good.


It has dawned on me, during my mid-afternoon espresso break, that life is good.

The picture was taken at Kuwait Towers; going to post the normal shots of my visit when I run out of stuff to post. While writing this post, the filipino waiters took over the cd player, the boss just left, now they are playing 90s power ballads. Life could be better if they would stop playing old ricky martin and put the chill music back on. Ok, the boss came back because he forgot something .. They stuck the Norah Jones cd back in. I hope the Ricky CD spontaneously combusts.. Boss left, they put in Billy Joel… Life is good.

9 Responses to “life is good.”

  1. Nice pic!
    May i steal? ;P

    PS:whyis theEmailrequired?!

  2. Hey i dont know where to post this BUT
    the Amazing Race .. WHAT EPISODE WAS THIS @@
    mita yaw likwaaaaaiit ??

  3. 3 F

    wow! il post wil pic just WOW!

  4. You dont love me anymore ;(

  5. La vita è bella…

  6. coolll!

  7. I like!!!

  8. 8 Lissa

    Blow up RICKY…what have you been talkin to my hubby…my motto is any ricky any time, any langu…just enjoy

  9. Nice pic… nice post…

    With regards to Ricky Martin, I do question his exact purpose. Aside from churn out tunes that were made using the production might and power of a deaf lepper from the himalayan moutain ranges, what else can the guy do?

    He deserves a resting place alongside his bedfellow, Enrique Englesias or however its spelt…

    Guys, grow some balls and start rapping. LOL now that would be funny

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