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I was having a hard time following tv shows since I didn’t know what was available and what channel it was on .. all is fixed now, here is a excel file of Ramadan TV shows and times, Thanks S. ramadan2006.xls

I finally got the ipod Nano today .. I feel about it the same way I did last year.. The finish is much better than the old nanos; this seems sturdier and not prone to scratches. And, My click wheel has a weird creaking noise, I have no idea what thats all about. I also […]

Example 1: FedEx Delivery date 9/21/2006 11:55 AM Ushopweship Shipping Date: 9/26/2006 12:00:00 AM Which means I will not see the package until Saturday (9/30/2006); because everything will be closed on Thursday and Friday. 9 days for my package to get to Kuwait; its times like this I should have gone with Aramex.

Apparently the ability to spell properly was not one of the things Virgin Megastore(Kuwaits) strong points. I guess having the name plastered on every bit of empty wall space is not enough to get the manager to notice that something is a bit off. Not only does their electronics collection consists of overpriced junk and […]

Problem 1:   They don’t inform you when your package arrives, and there is no contact information on their website. Problem 2:   They only accept online credit/debit card payments (apparently their drivers steal the money .. good to know my package is in safe hands.), and even then, their online payment application barely works. Problem 3:   […]

Better Day.


Please, leave all overcoats, Canes and top hats with the doorman. From that moment, You’ll be out of place and underdressed.

There is going to be a showcase for Optimus Designs next week: OPTIMUS Designs, Cordially invites you to its showcase with one of its lines, FunkyTURE, Furniture and lighting exhibition @ H20 (Headquarters and House of OPTIMUS) in Qadsiya, block 1, Bader Street, house 11, On Saturday the 16th of September 2006 at 6:00pm. The […]

MTC is insane.


Here is something we have heard before; Du chairman Osman Sultan has accused Kuwait of massaging its mobile subscriber statistics and said regional telcos “need a sanity check” in a panel discussion at the GSM conference in Dubai. Kuwait had been mentioned as a global oddity as a place where ARPU, or average revenue per […]

The good: Their website works. The customer service is decent. The rest: Their delivery sucks. I went online and picked the product (could have used a bit more info), then paid for it. The next day they called to confirm my order and sent it out. The delivery guy came, gave me the item, and […]