Click-n-Buy Review.

The good:
Their website works.
The customer service is decent.
The rest:
Their delivery sucks.
I went online and picked the product (could have used a bit more info), then paid for it. The next day they called to confirm my order and sent it out. The delivery guy came, gave me the item, and then demanded money. Which would have been good in any other situation, however I already paid. Since I had the item, and he was outside screaming for money in the heat.. I ignored him. I felt a bit bad after 45 minutes and called the customer service people up. They blamed it on Egyptians and told the delivery guy to stop screaming and go home.
Their Product sucks:
They replaced the product not once but two times (and even then I had to make it work). The first laptop they delivered came without Windows XP; which I had paid for. So a couple of phone calls (and apologies) later; they give me a new laptop. That laptop had Windows XP but, the operating system would refuse to verify (I couldn’t even log in) and it was missing a power cable. Another phone call later, the guy tells me he is going to send a third laptop… I just told him to send me the first one back and a copy of Windows XP… I will install the damn thing myself. He agrees and generously offers to provide me with the drivers (stuff to make the pc work) cd. The drivers CD he gave me didn’t work; ended up downloading them from HPs website.

All in all… I wouldn’t recommend getting anything from them until they get their stuff sorted out. I guess delivering a (working) laptop was a bit too much for them to handle. If you want something, drive over to Hawalli and pick it up… at least you can compare prices and make sure it works.

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  1. 1 tim

    with laptops coming with/without software loaded – does this mean their selling refurbished products, do we know?
    Maybe better to stick with the cheaper items from them for now… disk drives, monitors. The laptop software thing sounds dodgy – getting them from suppliers means they’d be tested and the same sets of software loaded on before they, as the retailer, take custody of them.

  2. 2 k

    HP will sell laptops with Free-DOS; they are probably cutting costs by purchasing them and installing XP in house. I doubt the systems were refurbished; It would have said so on the packaging.

    If you must buy from them; stick to the less complicated stuff as you said: drives/monitors and such.

  3. I still dont know what business people think of “customer service” and “customers” in Kuwait. Why are they not organized? Why cant they provide us somethin comfortable and good to be with so that we can go back to them and deal with them again?…

  4. 4 tim

    CyberRowdy… yes, rare isn’t it. But I have 2 companies I think are great – maybe it’s just luck.
    Al Mulla car rental (particularly at the airport). The guy behind the desk, very friendly and helpful whenever I need him.
    Sultan Centre Salmiya – when I hit some guys car in the car park last month, this manager guy (can’t remember who, he was an expat Arab), took care of all the police work, paper work, etc. all over town (with me, and the guy I hit). Frankly, I’ve never experienced such professionalism and helpfulness in Kuwait before outside of my own workplace.

  5. Almulla in airport and this particular guy “behind the desk” agreed…or your luck. But believe me, I have a horrible time now dealing with them for some company related business with them..

    But sultan center…they are just great…super service.

    bottom line, If you are good with a customer, he will be happy and be willing to deal with you again…if not no, I am sorry I got a better bob & linda to deal with.

  6. wow … that bad, huh?

    maybe they get stuff that falls outta the back of a truck, if u know what I’m saying 😉

  7. You left the guy screaming outside! I actually had to chuckle when I read that. Bass ba3dain inkisar 5aa6ri. Amazing, how he just waited there, I guess he gets a lot of nonpaying customers. I wouldnt order a laptop or anything remotely expensive onlike from Kuwait. I dont think we’re there yet.

  8. 8 Zorbon

    I bought an external hard drive from them about a month ago, and i had nothing but a positive experience. I would suggest anyone who buys from them to take advantage of the cash on delivery option.

  9. 9 burp

    Cow poop, just like most things in this country ……

  10. 10 tim

    lol Burp!! Not Pig Sh*t, of course.

  11. Should I get an external hard drive from them?

  12. That’s a shame. They seemed to be having a good start.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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