MTC is insane.


Here is something we have heard before;

Du chairman Osman Sultan has accused Kuwait of massaging its mobile subscriber statistics and said regional telcos “need a sanity check” in a panel discussion at the GSM conference in Dubai. Kuwait had been mentioned as a global oddity as a place where ARPU, or average revenue per user, is rising, although mobile penetration rates are 100%. But MTC chief strategy officer, Marwan Al Ahmadi, claims the anomaly is due to high and increasing data usage.

The cost of calls is so high in Kuwait that the subscribers in this country have become an ‘anomaly’.

Someone needs to explain to Mr.Al-Ahmadi that the average revenue per user isn’t rising because of data usage; it’s because you keep charging us unlisted fees (adjustment fee?), ridiculous amounts for calls, and keep rising the charges for international sms. Not to mention they don’t spend much on keep the system running properly. It takes me a couple of calls just so that the person on the other line can hear me. MTC makes enough money to support third world countries… and yet they can’t find a way to keep calls from disconnecting, the network from being busy, and from making GPRS/EDGE work correctly.

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  1. 2 the rogue

    The problem is that ALL Kuwaiti companies, MTC included, don’t survive on competence and core capabilities, but on the subsidies from oil. Period. Good luck to Kuwait for its future in a flat world.

  2. A lot of countries are slashing the call charges to attract more users, hence earning more revenue by increased usage….I dont know why Kuwait stays out of all these…even MOC, by charging hell like prices for international calls are helping VOIP companies make more money…if they slash the international costs, they can earn more money I guess coz of the increased usage….

  3. you need to switch to Wataniya

  4. 5 moocherx

    when it costs me 340 fils per minute to call the UK from my mobile, but 15% of that (50 fils) Thailand to UK; plus in Kuwait I get free calls on Skype/MSN with a wifi antenna that picks up very high speed unsecured connections…
    it makes you wonder how even more people aren’t finding alternative ways to call overseas.
    It’s like MOC is purposefully trying to lower customer numbers so they just don’t have to bother themselves any more.

  5. 6 Nash

    Wataniya is no better………its like this all over in kuwait…………i accept it might be better than MTC…but not good enough…they charge here like crazy

  6. Well in all fairness we have to keep in mind that we have tons of Prepaid users and they do make the companies a lot of money, especially since they have higher purchasing power than a lot of others around the world. Nonetheless, I’ve heard about billing problems and also the prices they charge for the data service ARE REDICULOUS. So I would sincerely hope that the Parliament/Goverment puts both these companies in order by LIBERALIZING THE MARKET AND ALLOWING A THIRD OPERATOR TO JOIN ALREADY!

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