Ushopweship is down.


Problem 1:   They don’t inform you when your package arrives, and there is no contact information on their website.
Problem 2:   They only accept online credit/debit card payments (apparently their drivers steal the money .. good to know my package is in safe hands.), and even then, their online payment application barely works.
Problem 3:   Their website doesn’t even work anymore.

The customer is left stuck without knowing where his package is; and if they are able to find it .. they can’t pay for it.

Maybe its time to switch back to Aramex.. Packages might take a bit longer to get here, but at least they arrive.

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  1. they already replied about this in the forum. site is down because its being upgraded because of problem #2.

  2. U Shop, we Suck are a total mess, I gave them those same comments a few month ago. A real company would have acted and fixed all their problems. I am surprised to see that people are still complaining about the same issues. U Shop operates like a school project rather than a real company trustworthy enough to ship your valuables across the world. I give them a D- and send them back to school to repeat the year.

  3. 3 chroniq

    i just called them on both their UK location and US location .. and no they couldnt help me .. apparantly the company is operated in kuwait and the ship carriers have no control what so ever over them .. the guy i talked to say he couldnt help me and told me to have a nice day here are the numbers if ur interested

    TEl: 44-(1753)-686-947


    TEl: 1-(516)-724-7421

  4. 4 k

    They should have at least put up a temp site. Or kept the old site running until they finished upgrading. They left the site defaulted at the hosting template! And problem 2 does not require a the whole site to go down.

    Don Veto:
    They need to invest more time and effort if they expect to deliver expectations. They underestimated the amount of work you need to fully set up a post-delivery company. They should either reorganize their current system and start running a real company; or close their offices if they are unable to deliver(no pun intended).

    Those numbers aren’t of much help .. I know where their offices are, I might have to pay them a visit tomorrow.

  5. My problem with them:
    1- A package in my account since monday and still not shipped
    2- Before USWS site down a package delivered but not in my account .
    3- The site down and new package delivered today
    The three packages are Ipod, i hate that i dont know or i cant keep track of my packages.

    What i hate about USWS that every time they change the shipping day sometimes the package shipped the same day sometimes you and they dont know when they will ship it.
    But the good things about USWS that when they ship your package its take 2 to 3 days to ship it from US and deliver it to your place.

    I said i 248am that i will switch back to Aramex if i didnot get my packages in monday.

    The good thing about Aramex that most of the time they ship the packages on
    tuseday and friday.
    K do you have a packages delivered to your mailbox but its not in your account ? (before the site problem )

  6. thing is with all these problems they are still more practical and faster then aramex.

    I joined Aramex back in 2001, my KWI is 186. I used to pick up my packages from Sarita’s desk in a backroom of Aramex. Shop & Ship was just 1 desk at Aramex. They had so little packages that they would just put them under saritas desk. Now Aramex is huge with over 8000 customers and they have grown into the giant they are today, but they started small.

    USWS have just started and I met the owner and he has a solid plan and a lot of things he wants to implement. His main aim is to provide people with everything aramex isn’t providing like online payments, fast delivery, more control over your packages, US based credit cards etc.. The company is less then a year old and I don’t think they have many customers yet. For those who jumped on board early in the game you will expect problems as with any new startup. When I first started using Shop & Ship I had a ton of issues but they got worked out. With USWS I have had problems also and they have also been worked out.

    i have the payment problem with USWS and I think I complain to them the most about it. The problem is they thought the problem was from NBK but only recently found out the problem could be from their site and I am hoping the site being down is them trying to fix that problem. Anyway all my computers except the one in my art room give me an error when i try to pay so i always use that computer to pay for my packages. as for delivery, if package ships friday midnight i get the package on monday. thats wayyy faster then aramex. Recently they stopped their “we ship everyday” offer and are back to their original once a week but this is only temproary because they are making it into “ship when you want” system.

    Anyway I sent the owner the link to this site so he will read the comments.

  7. 7 chroniq

    i hope you know what your talking about mark .. cause i ordered a couple of things from amazon worth atleast 40kd .. the site came highly recomended by jackie from you, as i only registered 2 days ago .. i hope they can fix this really quick, because this is extremely unprofessional even for a kuwaiti company that relies on IT. I also i hope their webmaster was smart enough to keep a backup of the site’s user database .. otherwise this will be a nightmare for them to maintain .. wishing for the best

  8. 8 moocherx

    i’ve received no response to 3 emails requesting information about something shipped to them in NYC in my name, but I’ve had not a single response. The 4th and FINAL chase-up email went this morning. I’ve just opened an Aramex account, but I am worried about 2 items in the US and 1 in the UK that are currently on their way to the “black hole” or USWS. I just hope that Visa is understanding, and will credit back my card for non-delivery. The problem is, if they infer some unprofessionalism by USWS because of something simple like their website, they will assume it’s my fault for accepting to have something shipped to a company which doesn’t exist 🙁
    Living in Kuwait sucks sometimes, when you have to jump through these hoops just to buy something at a decent price.

  9. mooch email me you box number, i spoke to grace and she doesn’t know if customerservice is receiving your email but if I give her your mailbox number she will tell me if she shipped your packages or not.

  10. Mark, do you work for ushop we ship? Please pass those comments to them, they seriously need to get their act together, otherwise they will lose all the first adopter business. We all wish them success but at the same time we expect better service from them. Forwarders like USweShip must give an impression of reliability, promptness and professionalism. People are not looking only for low prices. If you where to send your passport to someone, would you use u shop we ship or send it by DHL or FedEx, I think we all know the answer here.

  11. Thats a bit of sad state of affairs if things go down! They need to be on top of it!

  12. Al7imdilla they are great with me! I am notified when the package is in my mailbox, when it’s shipped off and when it has arrived! I’ve paid the driver 3 times and all was good! They fixed the online payment thing so that’s kewl!

    I’m sticking to their service and you should have sent them an email cause they reply to emails quite promptly or gotten in touch with someone who uses them to get their number! Someone like me! 😛

  13. I used them only once. The got my package in a record of 3 days which was impressive. But their online payment thingie never worked with me. & as a rule of thumb: I never go driving to Shuwaikh just to pay for something that’s supposed to be done online.

    They’re still waiting for my cash, I told them to fix their problem then I’ll pay.

    (Lady thinks I’m a cripple.)

  14. I say … Switch to something more reliable and maybe slower “Aramex” until all the bugs are ironed out from USWS … The turtle and rabbit story anyone … People honestly…. how can a company start their business and they still are having a whole lot of problems internally with their own system/payment methods…. I will only join USWS once i hear that they have no problems at all.

  15. 15 Kiraa

    Well, i don’t know where to start really
    first i’m confused because you mention here that stuff arrive in your mail yet you don’t see it on your account nor recieve notification, i ordered 11 manga volume(comic books) . they arrived at the 9th of july as claims with their tracking system , yet didn’t show any sign of items arriving in my box . i thought it would take few days as usual to show up but i recieved another shipment at the 10th of july and i received a notification for it so i knew something was wrong , i called their office in kuwait -_- they were denying having anything else recieved , i said how do you know if you’re not the one recieveing them in USA then they asked me to send them an email with usps tracking number etc and the person’s signature which i got totally ignored for later on and they still deny it , but since some people here have similiar problem i guess its from their system ?

    and well , last week i recieved 8 books but they never got delivered to my house even after a week has passed , i called them and they told me sorry the jamarek took them so you gotta come pick up your declaring paper and recieve your items from the airport , i did as they said without even asking why i didn’t get called earlier to know about this … would they have even called and told me if i didn’t call them and asked ? anyway i took the papers and noticed she gave me papers for their whole shipment and not just my 8 books … i went to the airport and spend 3hours doing kuwait routine and ended up paying 10kd to declare their whole shipment , i asked to declare just my 8 books but they said the paper shows i gotta do for all which had dvds/mac books/other stuff around 15kg , so yea i could’ve just stole all those and took them with me , but in the end i did a favor for them apparently by paying to declare their whole shipment -_-

    and now yet another problem , i ordered a FF advent children big cloud/sephiroth polystone that weights 11kg(30lbs) , the seller has put the figure in a really big box filled with those soft things to make sure stuff don’t get damaged so basically the original figure box 30cm”3 x2 , he put it inside a 50 x 60 x 50 cm box for safety reasons etc , when i checked on website it said weight 11kg , chargeable weight 27kg aka 290$ fees of delivery .. i went insane -_- called them , she simply said “if it was less than 50 cm then it would be charge as 11kg only” i went berserk on her saying so u’ll charge me triple the price because its fucking 1 cm bigger ? she answered yes … i said ask them to open the box and just send the two small boxes in it , she refused . i said its my stuff so i have the right to and it won’t get damaged , she said she’ll try but she won’t promise anything -_- so yea , that sums up pretty everything i had in the last week

  16. 16 Kiraa

    opps just checked the date , lol they are still down anyway today =p

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