Vergen Megastore.


Apparently the ability to spell properly was not one of the things Virgin Megastore(Kuwaits) strong points. I guess having the name plastered on every bit of empty wall space is not enough to get the manager to notice that something is a bit off.

Not only does their electronics collection consists of overpriced junk and a million ipod sleeves that fit the old models; its 30% markup on anything available a couple streets down in old salmiya. And Its not enough that their choice in dvds/music is as limited as a college students caselogic from 2001.

Now they have forgotten how to spell .. Long live bittorrent.

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  1. looooool
    that has to be one of the biggest fuckups i ever saw

    oo laish long live bittorrent?

  2. You cant even compete with real life comedy…I would bet you if you show this sign to anyone who hasnt been in Kuwait ..he will swear its a photoshop job!

    I wish Richard Branson was here to see this….No one even spell checks the DAMN STORE NAME for Gods sake!!!!

    Yes with Bittorrent who needs to buy crappy overpriced and censored DVD`s

    I have a PC dedicated for downloads with all the codecs and converters I need…and now you get stuff in HD….life is good!

  3. 3 purgatory

    Here is a thought, why are virgin stores famous for red colour?

  4. 4 k

    Torrents are free, quick, uncut and much higher quality than anything you would ever need from vergen megastore.

    Mad M2000:
    I should send a forward to Vergen-UK .. see how they feel about what is being done to their branding here. I just finished setting up a couple of network and media pcs to track movies/music and tv shows; Life is great!

    Vergen blood perhaps?

  5. lol i know what torrents are
    i just didnt get why u said that
    but i do get it know 😛

  6. The worst (vergen) in ME is in Kuwait .
    last month i was at Virgin (Emirates mall) in Dubai and the DVD section is really big.
    And dont forget about overpriced Ipod in (vergen) Kuwait ,
    Last month prices (vergen) Kuwait Ipod nano 1GB cost i think 65 kd
    In Virgin Dubai cost 47 kd

  7. 7 purgatory

    correct, it is a nasty place

  8. 8 moocherx

    it’s just vergen on the ridiculous

  9. how silly of them… how very very silly..

  10. 10 W


    موب اصرف يكتبها بالعربي

  11. is it true that virgin employs only virgins? 😀

  12. The Virgin Store in Kuwait has a thousand things wrong with it.. the spelling is a major issue, but even their staff cannot direct you or locate the songs you need, its overpriced plus there isn’t a large selection of books, .. i asked for classic jazz and blues.. i was given kenny g.. i was going to shoot the guy.thank goodness for

  13. hehehehehe that’s rediculous!

    Vergen is a joke! and I had such high hopes for it too.. 🙁

  14. haha, they fixed it today.

  15. 15 Coma

    Dont know if you guys have noticed one more thing down the gulf street. The limos you often get to see are mostly rental limos and from just one rental company, if you look carefully at the number plate. Its written ‘PRENCESS LIMO’ instead of ‘PRINCESS LIMO’ they are suppose to be the biggest rental limo company in kuwait, Shame!

  16. :O ………… stupid stupid people .. bas tara this is not he first time they do this , i spotted something like this once or twice before…. The only thing i buy from them is Magazines, and that’s only if i am in the vicinity .. otherwise i would go to the Bookshop in the Basement of Muthana Complex in Kuwait City.

  17. welcome to Kuwait

  1. 1 Kotaku

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