One year later.


Today it dawned on me that I have been back in Kuwait for exactly one year. It has been 365 days since I left the States (and 1/4 of my life) and returned to Kuwait.

The things I miss the most:
1. Checking my mail (even bills!)
2. Magazine subscriptions (cheap/on time)
3. Personalized License Plates
4. Snow
5. Traveling

What I don’t miss? The false sense of security.
There was always a lingering feeling that I was not welcome in the States.. Living in Kuwait might not be as fulfilling as one dreams; and it’s not that fun either. However, there is something about this country, its people, the society .. that allows one (well, me) to feel welcome. Also, it feels great to finally be stuck in one place. I can actually do things or make choices based on long term goals. Whenever I would think about doing (or buying) something in the States .. I would always think, I am going back to Kuwait (mala da3i). Now I can make decisions or complete projects with a undefined time line.

I just wish Kuwait could have a decent mail system, some snow, personalized license plates, and a couple decent pieces of glossy paper to read.

Update: Marzouq and Erzulie reminded me of two things I left out .. Movies and Concerts. The last movie I watched in Kuwait was Miami Vice, and it was a couple minutes of cars driving by, another couple minutes of people shooting at each other, then the end titles. I could have put a seat on shari3 il5aleej and gotten a better movie. As for Music concerts, that answers itself.

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  1. mail, i agree, its always fun opening stuff addressed to you, megazines too, i got like 8 different megazines (cheap!)
    sense of security, 7adith wella 7araj! immigration stuff, and all that makes a person worry a lot, espcially during travelling 😛

    bil tawfeeg ya 9a7bi in ur “new” life, 3asa allah y7aqiq ur goals and everything u set ur mind on..

  2. 2 TweeZ

    i miss the Vu…….

  3. Mail is always fun even tho 99% of it is junk

  4. Yeah i loved the mail thingie….oh my god…how could i forget its name…hmmm…the slit in the door for mail….help anyone…..mail …. mail ….

    Anyways…yeah…Kuwait is special….maybe not to people originally born & raised her…regardless of what nationality, to ppl raised here, it will always be home. Plus or minus a few exceptions here and there.

  5. Glossy paper is sheer murder on the eyes!
    Is that why most people here, prefer reading the IHT to the Khaleej Times, I wonder?

    A lovely post, btw.

  6. I still enjoy the states immenselly, but I think the worst thing was getting into immigrations and thinking if your going to get raped coming in or not! That lingering feeling sucked!

    Things I miss:

    High speed internet: 10 meg plus connection

    watching shows every week
    watching a new movie every week without it being cut
    access to magazines
    Going to bookstores
    New Video games every tuesday and thursday and going to check them out
    Best Buy, Frys Electronics, Circuit City, Good Guys
    Extremely good mechanics and Customizing Talent

    What I dont miss

    The Police (Too many traffic tickets)
    Insurance Companies
    Noise Complaints (Its impossible to get a noise complaint in Kuwait)
    High gas prices (I lived in Northern California, I had to think about where Im going)
    Being Broke (That just sucked hehehe)

    Your right about Kuwait you can make long term goals and decisions without worrying about time, and you could always depend on family to help you out! Its a good thing and it feels good. Its nice seeing family all the time. Cheap gas, and if you have minor accident it wont cost more then 10 Kd to fix the damn thing! hehe

  7. hahaha my comment is longer then your post! Sorry I just got going!

  8. I actually like the cops because they’re easy to manipulate. Customs too…major ego boost : P

    You miss the snow? All right, when it comes down OVER HERE, it’s nice and pretty. But when it stays on the damned sidewalk, frozen and gray and dirty, well, that’s a problem especially if you’re wearing heels.

    I think I’ll miss going out and looking like crap and not giving two craps about it…

  9. Oh and of course, the shows esp. music *sighs*

    And custard and shakes and damn good burgers.

  10. you might wanna reconsider the snow part I’m hoping it will be a warm winter here .. but I guess I don’t mind a little snow especially when it’s soft flakes and you can see the unique patterns on each but for now i’m hoping i can steal whats left of summer and keep it by for a while ..

  11. I feel you..

  12. 12 puppylove

    It’s always a good feeling being between ur family…
    I miss the snow also 🙁

    We used 2 live in Michigan…so we had TONS of snow..

    And it’s such a good thing 2 make long trem decisions, but for me its nerve wrecking marriage-wise, cuz I’m dying 2 expand and change my bathroom and get a Jacuzi…but I’m always thinking what if I get married and leave home? So I’m always postponding and other stuff too, but if I reach 30 and still didnt get married, it’ll be a bigger boost..probably :/

  13. aaah ‘6erabt 3al watar al 7asas.

    I miss being able to express my self without everyone staring at me, i miss walking in the streets at anytime just to walk.
    I miss the diversity
    i miss nature
    i miss the four seasons
    i miss my bike
    i miss wearing jeans and Tees
    I miss my morning green tea with honey
    i miss the gaz stations on the rest areas by the high way, yummy.
    i only miss those tinny things.

    i don’t miss paying Tax 🙂

  14. Judy,
    why can’t you wear jeans and Tees in Kuwait?

  15. You can wear tees and jeans in Kuwait. But you have to look cute and presentable. If you’re in the States, you can wear a garbage bag and no one would bat an eye. Ahh the pleasure of invisibility and people’s indifference.

  16. I watched Miami Vice at the cinema here with my bro.. we had a bet on when the credits would start rolling.. it was, by far, the shortest movie I have seen yet.. (hated it)..
    But, one good thing came out of that.. we’ve decided to build our own home cinema 😉
    can’t wait.. even went out to look for a popcorn machine.. but it would never beat watching a movie in a real cinema in europe or the states.. I miss a lotta things.. even the xmas shopping just b4 we come back for the break 😛

    goodness I had quite a bit to say.. Gargaaaa.. shasowee yo3ana !!

  17. 17 k

    Ameen .. I do know one thing, Ramadan in Kuwait is way better than America. 😉

    I miss what was in the Vu .. the place could burn down for all I care.

    I once got a dollar in the junk mail; it was a early thank you for a survery they wanted me to fill out. I felt bad that they sent money … so I filled it out (smart marketing move).

    Delicately Realistic:
    Mail slot?

    And there are always a couple of few exceptions; I personally could do without the 3agad from Marina.

    The classifieds in IHT are better written than the articles in Khaleej Times!

    I edited my post so that it would be longer than your comment 🙂

    Fast internet is missed .. but I am doing fine with the current connections (the censor is annoying tho). And there is nothing better than saving money in Kuwait .. you would spend 100$ just walking out of your apartment in the States. Although, I do wish there were some top-class garages like the states. I don’t trust the majority of the ones in Kuwait.

    I loved when the snow would get grimey .. then take the car to get washed. As for the music concerts, thats what vacations are for. 😀

    And I can make a mean burger .. ditto for the shakes.

    chica bonita:
    I have just spent a full summer in Kuwait, if there is anything I want right now its snow!

    If you expand your room at your house .. someone else can use it when your gone. Or you could just move into your house if you get married (don’t base that decision fully on the jacuzzi tho). You wouldn’t have those options in a rented apartment.

    judy Abbott:
    I totally agree with everything except, morning green tea with honey?

    Why can’t you get green tea here (or have it sent).. and ditto on the tax. It would always get to me. Especially when visiting high tax states.

    All protocol rules are thrown out the window when I need my evening caffienne fix .. I think I have gone to CBTL in a wzar once.

    The trailers for Miami Vice are more interesting than the one aired in Kuwait! I suggest you hook up your home cinema to a pc .. don’t even waste your time with dvds. As for popcorn, I prefer microwaved .. the cinema stuff was a bit stale (I used to go to the late late movies). And XMAS shopping was impossible .. I would be broke by then 😛

    I am writing this at 5.24pm .. I know how you feel! Someone light the canon already!

  18. i guess it is somewhat of a “the grass is always greener” thing..

    there you miss kuwait..

    here you miss the US..

    bs makoo 3ala il kuwait with all its idiots, malls and family struggles and mowajeeb.. ;p

  19. 19 puppylove

    Well thats my dad’s dream 2 live with him when i get married looool especially that im his only girl…*daddy’s girl* 😉

    Aham shay that ur happy here in q8 my friend

  20. I used to dread opening up the mail box and find yet another bill to pay. It was always bills bills bills. The mailman was my friend and he was like get me something from the middle east. i got him some sand in a pyramid from cairo he loved it LOL. I loved the movies, the music, the cafes and the clubs. I havent been back since graduation in Jan 01 and now since they clamped down on visas and making it so hard to go back, i still want to go and see it but something in the back of my head says NO. If it wasnt for quick weekend trips to places closeby i would have lost it by now living here in q8 🙂

  21. 21 Number 1

    I miss the restaurants, and driving to 7-11 at 4am, just becuase i can. And road trips. And midnight grocery store runs. And my doormen. And the metro! And really random shit like Butterfinger candy bars. And let’s not forget the Cheesecake Factory! Oh man, i think i just convinced myself to break my fast..

  22. This is me in 3 months :-p

  23. At the risk of sounding corny, what I miss most about the US of A is a sense of its national ignorance of all things foreign. Yeah, that and its love affair with Fox News.

  24. The only reason you had that feeling is because you weren’t at home.
    I used to enjoy my life here in France ’till the day I decided that I will go back to Kuwait someday, and I started doing the same thing you did then.
    I have spent 5 weeks in Kuwait and I never enjoyed my stay like this timme that I was crying on my way back here.

  25. 25 k

    Mako 3ala il 3agad oo their hair styles. Lay yomich wudy a3irif shilsalfa…

    daloo3at il bayt 😉

    Spicy Pepper:
    I hear you .. but, even if you do go back to visit .. its not the same as living there.

    Number 1:
    Here we go again .. you never studied in DC, that was a figment of your imagination.

    Remember me when your first electric bill comes in

    Lol .. tell me about it. So Kuwait, thats in texas right? hehe.

    Blue Ice Envy:
    I am a bit confused; You were crying while going to Kuwait or leaving it?

  26. My last visit to the states was in 1994…i miss lots of things there…however been 9 months only in kuwait and getting to know the ppl here more I can’t see myself outside this country….I LUVVVV Q8888…By the way i’m lebanese and lived in lebanon for 15 years…

  27. 27 k

    You have to keep in mind .. its mostly the people, not the place. I would rather be in sudan with friends than NY alone.

  28. I would rather be in Nepal with a Sudanese girl-friend that has never heard of New York (Let alone spell it) than live here, and go to your stupid diwanya after work… thanks for bringing back bad memories!

  29. Ur right dude!!

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