25 Hour Go-Cart Race.


I had a chance to stop by the Red Bull 25 Hour Go-Cart race yesterday. Overall, the event was not as organized as the previous year.

Some points for next year, if anyone in charge is reading:

1. Get clean gas, as teams found sand in some of the gas gallons. If sand was put inside the tank; get secure area to store it.
2. Place the team areas and the visitors/audience in different sections.
3. Place adequate stages for visitors in different areas of the track.
4. Get a LCD/Plasma/Projector to show current ranking; somewhere accessible to the visitors.
5. Get better go-carts.

Congratulations to the local teams who participated:

1. Kuwait Airways
2. Al-Shaya ?
3. Q8 Extreme

And Wataniya-2 for being the overall winner (local and international).

You can find my pictures on flickr: click here or visit the pictures link.

5 Responses to “25 Hour Go-Cart Race.”

  1. Honestly great constructive criticisms! That way they know what they know what to do! They should do this in the Mishref Fairgrounds parking lot! Its Huge! I used to practice there!

  2. 2 k

    The track in Mishref fairgrounds is a bit too small to use for the 25 hour race .. They could utilize the parking spot there, it would offer much more space than the one at the ice skating rink. I used to go there too! 5KD a race.. 😉

  3. Say what you will, the music was great.

  4. happy (belated) birthday! 😛

  5. i missed it! wanted to go tho… seems like it was a nice event to watch. am surprised they werent well organized tho. audience and racers sitting together??? thats gotta suck

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