Twenty Three.


21: When are you going to graduate.
22: When are you going to get a job.
23: ?

What is in the year to come, I am not sure.. As for what has been accomplished in the past year, again, I am not sure. Lost a few things here and there; gained some back. I do know I am at least a year or two from the marriage questions.

I leave you with my favorite posts from the year of twenty two:

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29 Responses to “Twenty Three.”

  1. Happy Birthday K!!

    O kil 3am o inta ib khair :>

    (Its my friends birthday today too)

    *Yes, this is a replica of my comment on Toomz blog*

    I’m afraid 23 is when things start to slow down and get boring :/
    At least, thats the case for me.
    Something happen already!

    LOOOOOOOOOL. I just read Looking for Love in all the wrong places!
    Wow how did i miss that post???
    “I have spent 70% of the past year at coffee houses .. never once have I found love .. except for the Filipino lady who gave me cookies on the house”
    —> SO TRUE!
    “As a child, I would watch children getting into fights with their parents, and then locking themselves in their rooms. Then one of the parents (the good one), would go console the child… and everything would be perfect. I tried it once… never did my parents console me”
    —-> LOOOL and i used to think my parents didnt love me cuz of that!

    *Wipes the tears*
    Oh my god, thanks for making me laugh, i really needed that.

  2. Happy Birthday Cowface ;P

    When are you getting married? 😛

    That’s question #23 😛

    Hehehe I am currently being asked Question #22 ;P But then again I’m turning 23 in well a month and a couple of days so we’ll see about that ;P

    Happy Birthday and this makes you get your own post ;p

  3. 3 lil bro

    happy birthday :), maybe i will give u guys a call, but if i dont, i told it to u here :), unlike other people who didnt tell me happy birthday :(. but i love you any way hahahahahaha.

    have a nice day :), and happy birthday again ;)…..beace beace

  4. Happy B-Day Darling…
    23: when are you gonna have another Krispy cream donut 😛

    too young to worry about when and what.. just live and be happy darling..
    wishing you a lovely Birthday and many more to come inshalah

    Got icecream ??

  5. Happy Birthday, lol my brother says 23 was his worst ;-p

    Allah yaster, my 23rd birthday is few days ahead!

  6. happy birthday….

    better than us, girls
    when we were in college, “when do you gradute”
    when we graduted, “when do you get a job”
    when we start a job “when do you get married”
    when we marry, “when do you have kids”
    when you have your 1st, “when do you have your 2nd?”
    I think when we have our 2nd, they will go like “When will you get a divorce”?

    Oh well, have a blast ;*

  7. Today is not your birthday.

  8. happy birthday k!
    kil 3am winta ibkhair
    23 is not that great
    been doing it for a couple of months now
    24 is the big one i think 😛

    enjoy it!

  9. Happy birthday K…accomplish everything in ur life before getting married…but why Nibaq is saying that it isn’t ur birthday….:P

  10. 10 Purgatory

    23! you aree only 23!!!

  11. 11 k

    Delicately Realistic:
    Thanks .. So far my schedule for 23 seems a lot more interesting than 22. The Looking for love post was a personal favorite; glad you enjoyed it.

    When I find her .. 😉
    Now go get a job .. !
    (This doesn’t go towards your K-post)

    Thanks .. no krispy or icecream! I still need to drop the ramadan kgs.

    Ask me in a year and I will tell you how the year went .. and Early Happy Birthday. 😉

    Thanks, After the third kid its when you begin asking the questions. 😉

    yesterday wasn’t my birthday.

    Thanks, but your saudi .. your 23 is my 27 or vice versa.. its the whole hijri thing.

    Accomplish everything and get bored after marriage!? Nibaq is on crack.

    Ha 3ayal .. Moo 3ajbik!?

  12. oh kil 3am wenta ebkheer,,,
    i loved 23 . i can say its the best age ever.

    At 23: when will you be over the mountain 🙂

    BTW i thought you are 32 or something 😛

  13. 13 Purgatory

    who is 23 these days anymore! 23 is old fashioned, everyone is 25-27!

  14. 14 k

    Judy Abbott:
    W’ntay ib su7a oo salama .. Finally, one person that found 23 to be a good age. Taw il nas 3al Mountain oo ili ba3da.. And I am not 32, purg is the old blogger.

  15. Happy Birthday, hopefully you did something good!

    After getting a job there is nothing much really… except

    mita ra7 titzawaj?!?! hehehe!

  16. 16 k

    Thanks .. the day is still early, The marriage is right after yours inshallah. 😉

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. 18 k


  19. Happy Birthday again, K(iddo) 😛
    23 is the year you get addicted to DDR.

  20. 20 F

    Kil 3am winta bkhair, only 23! ya ba5tik ;D

  21. looooooooooooooooooooooool

  22. hahaha gonna be a bit then!

  23. 23 k

    DDR is out .. buzzed is in, get with the program.

    I will only get older from here. 😉

  24. 24 white wings

    happy birthday and many more
    may your next year be filled with answers rather than question 🙂

  25. Happy late birthday! 😛

  26. 26 jewaira

    Lol @ Purgatory. You have an answer for everything don’t you!

    Happy Birthday and inevitably the next question will be marriage.

  27. 27 Boss

    I still think it’s on the 15th, no matter what you tell me.

  28. Don’t listen to them, don’t think of marriage, think mountains.
    shino taw il nas 3al mountains?!!?!

    you will love 23 trust me on that 🙂 betseeer faylasoof zamanik 🙂

  29. Happy Birthday K!! Wish u nothing but the very best. Now that you graduated and got a job and got a steady income enjoy life!! Travel! See the world! You got yourself a few more years before family start pushing u to get married, thats if u havent thought of it already 🙂 23 – 28 are the best years of anyone’s life. Enjoy them man! All the best!

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