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Editors note.


I dedicate this (empty) post to the following: The year of 2006. Peace. Purg. Free Cheesecake. Kwanzaa. Thank you, -K.

I receieved an email from the Student-Talk staff; I guess their might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

*This post is much longer than I would prefer it to be; after this one we will return to the normal stuff, shrimpy, coffee and the sights and sounds of Sabahiya.* So, what does Dima Al-Damen have to say about the Student-Talk Plagiarism?

Student-Talk’s founder has responded on the Student-Talk plagiarism post.   This is Zeina M, the person who started Studentalk and the publishing house behind it. I want to personally thank you for taking so much time and putting so much effort into researching Studentalk. I never thought any of our readers would go to such […]

I didn’t realize how good of a magazine Bazaar is until I picked up a copy of Student-Talk. I picked up a copy of the magazine (and discussed their incapability to tell jokes, or write), and of the 72 pages, 38 are commercials (which are actually more entertaining than the magazine itself). Then you have […]