Dima Al-Damen from Student-Talks, Talks.


*This post is much longer than I would prefer it to be; after this one we will return to the normal stuff, shrimpy, coffee and the sights and sounds of Sabahiya.*

So, what does Dima Al-Damen have to say about the Student-Talk Plagiarism?

This is Dima Al-Damen, the retired Studentalk Content manager blah blah and the person whom you all have been throwing unappropriate views at. First of all i would like to have the opportunity to thank everyone on this blog who have posted a view about me. I do respect each and every one of them. Second of all, i would like to know whether there was any magazine out there that does not take in articles from sites here and there. If u say otherwise then i’m sorry but ur awfully lieing.

It’s called syndication, and they usually acknowledge where it was taken from and pay royalties to the writer; otherwise, hell no.

On the other hand, Studentalk wouldn’t be out there for almost 7 years now if it weren’t a successful magazine and people would not be advertising in it and also, students would not be reading it. I’m only saying so because i used to work there. But like every successful magazine, it should have it’s pros and cons.

You are justifying copying every single article you wrote because the magazine is successful??

Now, about the biography of Bjork, yes i did get it from the internet, however, its a freaking biography wherelse would u wanna get information about a celebrity if it wasn’t through the internet. Of course you could meet up with that specific celebrity but hello! This is a Student’s magazine remember? We only have contents as such to have a bit of an entertainment to the students, we certainly don’t wanna bore our readers.

Let me get this straight; you don’t want to bore your readers with original articles, or those that were actually written by Student-Talk… so you take them from the internet. Putting together a biography of Bjork from a number of internet sources (and of course, the hundreds of magazines and compendiums of the sort) is fine. Copy and pasting a biography – or ANYTHING, for that matter – from the Internet is NOT.

We do have a lot of contributed writers from the American University of Paris, Kuwait Uni, Auk, Ack or even Gust.But that was when i used to work there i don’t know about now. We only got these articles this time from reader’s digest or any other site because we thought our readers would really find them interesting and we have done so through Studentalk.

The Student-Talk Magazine in question had one other writer… and I even question him being a student. Seeing how your name was plastered all over the last magazine; I am quite sure that you were there when this issue was made.

The word PREPARED by Dima doesn’t necessarily mean that i wrote it! It could also mean that we have gotten it to issue it for people to read. However, reader’s digest is very popular and people read it’s articles all the time. We know that!! I know that! Now this is not supposed to be a clarification as such nor a self-defense. But i sure do admit that it is totally unappropriate to have had done that if that’s what people would’ve taken it to be.

From Wikipedia (notice how I gave credit):
Plagiarism refers to the use of another’s ideas, information, language, or writing, when done without proper acknowledgment of the original source. Essential to an act of plagiarism is an element of dishonesty in attempting to pass off the plagiarised work as original.

Aslo from Wikipedia(Look .. I gave them credit again!):
Copyright infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized use of material that is protected by intellectual property rights law particularly the copyright in a manner that violates one of the original copyright owner’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works that build upon it.

Read those two paragraphs a couple several times, and then say that statement with a straight face. Putting your name on another person’s work (even if it is preceded by a misleading phrase such as “prepared by”) is plagiarism. Not telling that author that you are using his/her work to generate revenue which is what advertising would do, I would imagine) is ILLEGAL. These writers have submitted their work to various publications and sites on the understanding that it is their intellectual property. You cannot ‘borrow’ someone else’s intellectual property to help boost the readership in your magazine. There are copyright laws, and this is a clear violation of them.

I’m retired now, because i didn’t find myself fitting well in the magazine industry as it is not what i would want my career to be based on. Everyone here has been so judgemental but you all had failed to believe that i could be an employee under an employer (hint hint). Sometimes it is an obligation and you wouldn’t have a say and you gotta do as your told, even if you don’t like what you’re told to do (hint hint).

So the employer told you to copy/butcher/paste articles from the internet. Then, you got fired, I mean retired, for copying/butchering/pasting the articles. And that’s when you realized you didn’t want to base your career on a successful magazine (your words). Furthermore, if you had such moral issues with plagiarizing from the Internet, then why didn’t you “retire” BEFORE submitting the work
with your name attached to it? Because your employer told you to do it is no excuse – in the end, she did it. You can always quit on the grounds that you don’t want something like this affecting your professional reputation. I’ll bring it back to something we were taught in elementary school: “If your boss told you to jump out the window, would you do it?” I guess she might as well have, because if her body isn’t out the window, her reputation as a writer certainly is.

I don’t have to explain or prove anything to anyone. But since i’m the one being attacked here i only think it’s fair that i’d have a say. After u people read what i have written i assure u i will not look back to read what you have commented. But i only think it’s fair that you judge fairly.

I believe you have to explain to the readers who have mistaken the articles for your own. You also should explain to the advertisers that they have been spending money on a plagiarized magazine. As a magazine titled Student-Talk; your first cause should be promoting the most important rules in school, don’t plagiarize.

Besides, what are you all bothered about anyway? Why is Studentalk eating you all? Or is this what you guys really do for a living? Get a life 🙂 BTW you guys!! Because of you and what you have written about me, even though it was attacking me i was gonna get SUED! LOL, now how gay can we get!

I am bothered that people steal articles and sell them as their own and think they can get away with it. As for getting sued; isn’t the employer the one who told you to take the articles…? Student-Talk is a magazine about students and for students, and what they’re essentially saying is that it’s ok to slack off and copy/paste your work if you don’t feel like doing the research that normally goes into an article (which, incidentally, is not usually that much). As for calling people gay and getting a life; I would expect a bit more professionalism from a former-content manager at a magazine (Student-Talk or otherwise).

Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover! Judge truly, judge fairly.

Again… your employer told you to steal the articles, then fired you, and now is thinking of suing you… This story is more interesting than anything in Student-Talk. As for the hypothetical book, I fear that too might be copied from somewhere; we are judging you based on your actions, I believe that’s fair enough.

p.s. I did not edit or proof Dima’s response; all spelling and grammar mistakes are her own words. And thanks to Boss for the helping on the response (Look, I gave someone else credit!).

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  1. 1 Rimo

    OUTCH K..
    Very OUTCH 😉

  2. Kuwait-based bloggers have 1000 times more ethics than these so-called “journalists” writing for kuwaiti “magazines” such as “Studentalk.”

    Take a look at all blogger posts: movie reviews, items, articles, political analysis etc – they all have “LINK” following them or a source in (parenthesis). They credit sources.

    You know what? I think us bloggers should get together and put all our stuff, stories, reviews etc and publish our own damn magazine – we have the talent and combined resources and let’s teach these amateurs a thing or two about journalism and ethics.

  3. 3 DA

    “..unbelievable stuff this all is. Power shall you have in Keyboard. Pen killed the sword, Keyboard slashed the Pen.
    Let go of times of past. A blog indeed is future of Student Talk.”

    c/o ChillNite

  4. 4 Purgatory

    This reminds me of the famous poem

    Ah, dirrty (dirrty)
    Filthy (filthy)
    Nasty (ho), christina you nasty? (yeah)
    Too dirrty to clean my act up
    If you ain’t dirrty
    You ain’t here to party (woo!)

  5. 5 DA

    Just out of curosity….while Zeina Mokkadam of Student-Talk sues Dima, can Dima Al-Damen sue you for defamation ?
    hehehe…that would be one hell of Ménage à trois.

    [hint hint] Google would have swallowed all these names in its Indexing Universe and future of all these names is guranteed a lifetime survival.

  6. K:
    itbarid ilchabd ya K.. and just to add to the “don’t judge” part..
    what right does she have to ask for no judgement especialy after she is refering to “gay” ppl in a negative manner.. Plagiarist and Prejudice !!

    I agree with you.. a few months back I tried to convince a couple of blogger friends to start an online mag and once we got it going we could think of publishing.. but I guess the idea was shelved and forgotten..

  7. Dima is deluded, just because she can copy and paste for her school subjects does not make it right for a professional magazine. The Kuwaiti bloggers have more ethics and our combined readership would far surpass any printed magazine in Kuwait.

    Well said K, could not have said it any better.

  8. On another note, I am not surprised she is plagiarizing, her English is atrocious, if she where to write her own pieces, the MS Word spell checker would choke and die.

  9. Wow, I’ve been missing all ze action. Thanks for the fun read 😉

  10. 10 k

    Thanks .. 😉

    Funny you mentioned that; there is something in the works .. I will email you with more info when I have it.

    Blogs are above and beyond what student-talk is/was..

    It’s explosive, speakers are pumpin’ (oh)

    Well, Zaina can’t sue Dima .. and Dima Can’t sue me .. so no.

    Thanks .. 😉
    Like I mentioned to Amer, there is something in the works in that area.

    Don Veto:
    I think Kuwaiti bloggers have a stronger reputation and journalistic capability han most printed material in Kuwait.

    Tooom toom tom

  11. LOL
    Can we go to court? PLEASEEE

  12. 12 steve_leb

    man.. man.. man… you are killing them.. way to go.. YOU GOT MY FULL SUPPORT.. more of that we need, thats for sure..

  13. K.. like usual you out did them and showed them the real quality of content. I would have paid to read this article, blow by blow.

    I have to say that Dima doesnt have a sense of reality and her previous actions are coming back to her. In life you are judged by your actions we dont care what your employer says to you, in the end it was your decision and your name. If she felt cornered then she could have resigned and found another way. I know people that have quit because they didnt like how certain things were handled.

    What I like about the blogger community is how they quote their sources with whatever they may do.

    Dima I have to say for a content manager your very unprofessional and have no command of the english language since your reply is below par compared to almost all in the Kuwaiti blogger community, and we write this as we think, not a publication.

    Please understand this Dima, being profitable doesnt mean you are successful. If people are paying for your publication then that is a sign of success since they want to read it. And you owe it to your advertisers to put original content, but since you quit (got fired) then it is just a lesson to be learned. Getting sued is a part in life, live and learn. The new student talk is nothing short of a farce unless they rethink their copyrighting policy.

    I recommend that we all email Al-Shaya’a to have the Student Talk publication removed from every starbucks.. that is an extremely damaging blow!

  14. Amer you are 100% right!

    & Dima’s reply was so erm……….. bitchy to say the least! and I do think her ass was fired hahaha

  15. 15 Carlsb3rg

    The only reason students pick up the mag is to look at chick pics.

  16. Just wanted to congratulate you on an awesome series of postings, responses etc on this topic K. People say ‘But what is blogging for?’ Hell, this is one of the things it is FOR. Viva!

  17. I don’t think they get it, but I salute you for trying to explain it multiple times.

    “what are you all bothered about anyway? ”

    I don’t view this as a personal attack, but rather as an opportunity to get reader feedback! Everyone makes mistakes. Why is it so hard to apologize?

  18. WOW !! one good post over here !! i read half way through and couldnt hold myself back i just wanted to write a comment !
    about the publicity part student talk is talking about .. thats not being famous ! thats being infamous !! which is famous but unwanted !
    so basically student talk thinks its ok to go with the copy/paste syndrome ? so that magazine that might have 2 or 3 (max 5) is basically a hard copy of a monthly blog or at least a blog shares thoughts, some share ideologies and others share articles off the net which they at least have a link too.

    “Dont ever judge a book by its cover”

    when you dont add a citation or a website or a refrance refering to the writer or the artist or whatever or EVEN THE PICTURES U USE ! thats not considered content.

    THE CORE CONTENT of this magazine and other similar magazines are the ADS and the payments from these ads. i dunno exactly how much each ad is but i heard it might be around 350 kd or above for a page. Now bloggers dont run a blog to get ads, they run a blog to share. thats the diffrence so please dont speak about judging a book by its cover. by the way u need a better designer to do the magazine cover or maybe u can BORROW a couple of diffrent magazine covers off of the net ;).

    anyways next time i see that magazine ill have a laugh remembering myself all excited right now. and wait bazzar isnt better its worse ! all of these magz fall under the same room ! its like ALWASEET in a well made manner .. Waseet is cheap paper cheaper ads cheaper target. Student Talk, Bazzar, and others are like a HIGH CLASS WASEET 😀

    K the Kuwaiti ! very nice post keep it up !

  19. 19 asmaa

    “what are you all bothered about anyway? ”
    so what now? we are idiots read any thing you *steal* and don’t have the right to know from where it is? oh right i forgot .. it’s *yours*
    huh ,, how gay i am

  20. Hey where did my comment go! It was huge! hehehehe

    Dima basically was it an apology or an excuse.. either way I think you need to brush on your journalism skillz.

  21. 21 Khalil

    ohh know that’s some serious issue where do we get the magazine i am curious to see it ???

  22. ”how gay can we get?’ what the hell is that supposed to mean? I really don’t get it, is that supposed to be an insult :/ It’s pointless and makes no sense at all.

  23. I’m still tripping over “awfully lieing.” I never heard those two being jammed together…
    Awfully wrong maybe?

    PS Why not have a link to APA Style Citation Guide K? I think that should do it, since it’s already accessible on the Internet where article rape occasionally occurs…

  24. 24 k

    No thanks .. I have better things to do with my free time.


    I totally agree with you .. sorry about the comment thing, my spam filter loves you.

    Hehe, lets play nice .. 😉

    That would explain the pictures.. or lack of articles.

    Thanks .. I find blogs in Kuwait much more reputable than current sources.

    I have to admit, I am beating a dead horse .. although at least Dima didn’t accuse me of being jealous.

    I actually enjoy waseet .. their info is original. :p

    Chna ma sawo shay ..

    Just read the articles from the internet .. its the same thing.

    Hey .. at least she didn’t *prepare* that sentence.

    Erzulie .. the only person more schizo about sentence structure than myself (pun).
    My next post. APA Citation guide prepared by K.

  25. I cant play nice.. its’ not in my vocab 😛

  26. 26 spooner

    lmfao i bet anything she “retired” *cough* cuz of our comments lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this so hilarious and i think people read student-talk only because thts the only thing they would find in the bathroom (seriously)

  27. LMAO! I read this though before it was published but I am nots sure if you put up anything new I dont think I noticed but I totally enjoyed your response hehe 😛 Either way it was childish and non=professional as most of you guys mentioned as well as lame to the bone!

  28. 28 TweeZ

    Student-Talk magazine retards our society. I just feel sorry for all the trees that were used for your shit!
    Student-Talk my ass….should be called Cheating Students!

  29. 29 No Mercy

    You know something? it’s kinda funny how everyone is heading all their comments to Dima and nothing but Dima, thinking, that Dima is a threat to the world of journalism.

    Well let me get one thing straight. Do you people get your blog’s publicity through such talks? You’re sitting there behind that screen of yours, setting harsh comments here and there on someone that you don’t even know. Is that how you think your blog becomes a successful one? Through setting harsh comments on people you don’t even know or making a subject seem awful than it really is? Or is this how you make money? This is very sad, really.

    Every magazine out there including bazaar (the magazine ur all giving high credits to) get their main contents like biographies, gossip, technologies etc, etc, from the internet. Do you really think that you can come up with a celebrities biography from that head of urs!? It is ok to surf the net to get such information. That is what every magazine does people! So much of making Studentalk talk of the day, month, year, whatever!

    Dima is a very professional worker. She had been so all this time she had been working there and whether you believe it or not, dima is not a person who likes to play it easy! The thing that you people don’t know is that she always had contributed writers, writing for the magazine. It has always been like that with her. I know, because i’ve been there. It is not her freaking magazine afterall, she was only an employee who was given the term plagiarism eventhough it is not her fault.

    Please tell me if any of you had the courage to say no to your boss when asked to do something u thought was unappropriate to do. For those of you that don’t know, it was only in this November issue when plagiarism had taken place. It was not there before when dima used to work there. I repeat, Dima had left the magazine way before the November issue but they still issued it in her name since they had noone else to fill her space. So how on earth are you attacking her!

    Ps: Most magazines here in Kuwait are copyrighted either from dubai or lebanon, or jordan etc. They obviously follow the same contents as the ones abroad. As about studentalk, it had started off in Kuwait and dubai has the copyrights!


  30. Ladies (move)
    Gentlemen (move)
    Somebody ring the alarm
    A fire on the roof
    Ring the alarm (and I’m throwin’ elbows)


  31. I just wanted to join the fun.
    actually, this reminds me of another song:

    too legit! too legit to quit! HEY HEEEEEYYYYYYYYY

  32. I solemnly swear that I the11thmuse/sixthelement did not mean to plagiarise the lyrics.
    I was type-singing for entertainment purposes only.
    Comment #1: courtesy of Christina Aguillera, purgatory, and Kay-ma-dah-lin
    Comment#2: courtesy of the one and only MC Hammer.

  33. No Mercy: “Please tell me if any of you had the courage to say no to your boss when asked to do something u thought was unappropriate to do.” –> I think it’s outrageous that you (or anyone else) is too afraid to say no to your boss when asked to do something you find INappropriate (not UNappropriate) – especially when it’s something as unethical (and illegal) as plagiarism. If someone is too timid or scared to stand up to their boss when it’s their own reputation on the line, then that person has no right to complain when they are then forced to deal with the consequences (as in the case with Dima here).

    Having said all that, I’m sure it’s been difficult for Dima to be on the receiving end of all this criticism – some of which has been constructive, and some of which has been personal. But when you put yourself in the public eye, as a “journalist” (I’m using that term very loosely here), you leave yourself open to this kind of scrutiny. I think it’s important that K raised this issue here and opened the floor for this kind of debate, because it brings up a very serious issue plaguing the media industry in Kuwait, and it is one that needs to be addressed if any of us want to see our media (be they in print, broadcast, or advertising) move forward collectively on a more successful path. Some media outlets in Kuwait do a great job, and are on the right path. Others, obviously, have a lot of catching up to do, and maybe this whole discussion can serve as a wake-up call for them.

    I think the point several people mentioned above regarding the poor message and impression the magazine is giving to their target audience, Kuwait’s students, is an important one. This includes both the plagiarism issue, as well as the lack of proper writing skills. It would behoove the magazine’s “writers” (I’m sorry, I just can’t write that word in this context without quotation marks), editor, and publisher to listen to what people here have had to say.

    P.S. Erzulie: That was exactly the same part that I got hung up on too! 🙂

  34. 34 TweeZ

    No Mercy,
    you dont deserve this nickname because with a comment like that, you are giving one of the world’s greatest games a bad name!

    ok…that was lame. But someone had to do it!

  35. No Mercy was probably paid by Student talk and Dima for that comment hahahahah

  36. 36 TweeZ

    his nick is plagiarized a9lan!

  37. 37 ahlein

    no mercy:
    that is the poorest excuse for a defense i have ever heard. OH, and by the way,i just checked the september and october student talk and dima was doin the same BS. so stop defending her and this will all end sooner. And about ur nasty comment about blogging,what u dont realise is that al over the world,blogging has taken over as the best way to ‘out’ news that traditional media might not have the balls or the time to cover (probably cuz of advertising reasons). So pick ur fights carefully and try to realise that we are not picking on her specifically,but on anyone that trys to defend theselves by blaming their boss, or by saying ‘they were just trying to make the magazine interesting’.

    if dima and zina had just apologised or just let it go we could have moved on to more interesting topics like how to feed monkeys at the zoo,BUT they had to try to defend their crappy methods,and their crappy magazine which reflect their crappy ethics.

    i have an idea for a topic for their mag next month : do you think plagarism is ok?

  38. 38 lil bro

    I think the person didn’t read the post because everything he said was explained in the post on how the faculty of student talk and him (no mercy) are wrong. If only more people could read, how the world would be a safer place.

    “I pity the fool”- Mr.T

  39. 39 Boss

    No Mercy:

    “Do you really think that you can come up with a celebrities biography from that head of urs!? It is ok to surf the net to get such information.”

    Of course it’s ok to surf the net to get the information. After all, that’s what the internet is there for (although we’re taught at a VERY early age that in some cases it’s unlreliable). What is NOT ok is to copy whatever is on the internet vebatim (word-for-word) and not give credit (or, in some cases, money) to the author. That is a violation of a person’s copy right, and in many countries would mean a lawsuit. The fact that it may or may not mean that in Kuwait STILL does not make it ok. The point here is simple: if you can’t do the job, admit it and find someone who can. Copying and pasting cheats your readers, your advertisers and those who wrote the original piece. Moreover, just because “every magazine out there… gets their main contents… from the internet” does not make it permissible to do so.

    “Please tell me if any of you had the courage to say no to your boss when asked to do something u thought was unappropriate to do.”

    I’d have to say I’m with Kleio on this one (whose writing is pleasingly eloquent). When you are a journalist and your professional reputation depends on your credibility, then you should have every right to say no to your boss. In fact, WHENEVER you are asked to do something inappropriate, you should have the right to say no. This applies to many aspects of life, but is particularly true of the professional world. Losing your job because of your refusal to compromise your ethics is infinitely better than ruining your reputation and – in countries where these things actually matter – risking not getting a job ever again.

    I’m neither attacking Dima personally nor defending Bazaar (which I think isn’t really that much better). Rather, the point here – and of the post – was twofold: a) to show magazines like Student-Talk that they can’t plagiarize and not expect their readers to eventually find out about it (and react to it); and b) to point to the increasingly deteriorating standards of journalism in our country. Thank God that we have students who are actually going abroad to study the craft (I did at one point), many of whom will hopefully return and bring the high standards of their institutions of study back home with them.

    Sorry to take up so much time and space! Keep reading K’s blog – he’s one of the best out there – and if you write or blog, “write” on! Ok that last part was cheesy, but you get the idea.

  40. 40 mo

    boss: how can u even compare bazaar to student talk. Bazaar is a genuine magazine full of interesting articles and ads and is considered one of the best quality magazines in the gulf region.The fact that it is free and of that quality says enough.i know so many foreigners here who swear by it for the reviews and who send it to their families abroad for them to know what life is really like for those of us that live in kuwait. i have never once read an interesting article in student talk.

  41. Oh man this is so sad and hilarious at the same time! I kinda even feel sorry for Dima here but then again; no justifications at all for what she’s done. In addition to that, her defenses/responses are extremely non-professional and you do get a feeling that perhaps original stuff coming from her is probably the worse of two evils (ok, that was mean and also wrong). 🙂

    On the other hand, I agree that the blogger community almost always gives the appropriate credits where it is due. However, I would not leave this to all of us (myself being a not too active part of that community) doing this purely because we’re all so honest and righteous. IMHO, there’s another factor involved which is that we also give this credit (in the form of links and references) to authenticate whatever we’re saying so as to establish ourselves as credible content/information providers as well.

    Of course, the point is that at the end of the day what is extremely important is that plagiarism should be avoided at all costs and credit should be passed on to whoever deserves it. My couple of cents.

  42. 42 Boss

    I wasn’t equating Bazaar to Student-Talk, I was just merely saying that I didn’t think it was that much better. However, it’s certainly fine if you think so. I was just not so impressed. I picked up a copy a while ago and noticed a number of typographical and grammatical errors, which is never excusable for a magazine (at least in my book) While I’d be hard-pressed to point out better magazines produced in Kuwait, I think there are many better free magazines produced in other parts of the world – and there’s no reason why Kuwaiti publications should be any different. Again, this is not to say Bazaar is BAD, but that it could stand to be a lot better.

  43. No mercy: Will ya read K’s comments again before you go around working as a defense attorney? He said it’s OK to get information off the net and other magazines but give credit to the original authors.

    Yes, many of us had and still have the courage to stand up to our bosses. Even if we are asked to do something which merely doesn’t reflect our character, not necessarily inappropriate, we refuse and we are respected more for that.

    Poor K, this is comment 41! If people had read the first post properly, you would’ve had 1 comment full of apologizies, and 40 comments from us encouraging them to do better.

  44. I know how to count but the other 2 comments weren’t here when I was writing 🙂

  45. I would support a campaign to have Student-Talk removed from starbucks. I think if we email them they would take them out. Magazines need to shape up or shutdown.

  46. 46 mo

    mark: i totally agree with you. There is enough crap in kuwait already…campus cruise,campus journal,student talk, etc should either improve drastically or close down. what ever happened to KTM? They were just starting to get better when they suddenly vanished?

  47. 47 mo

    i think No Mercy is Dima…they both have the same crappy logic and the same style of writing.

  48. 48 ahlein

    no mercy: you said
    “dima is not a person who likes to play it easy! The thing that you people don’t know is that she always had contributed writers, writing for the magazine. It has always been like that with her. I know, because i’ve been there. It is not her freaking magazine afterall, she was only an employee who was given the term plagiarism eventhough it is not her fault”

    what does that mean that she does not like to play it easy?

    and what do u mean that it isnt her magazine.I dont see the magazine owners taking resposibiltiy for all this uproar. All i see is people like you (and i agree with mo that you are probably deema or zeeena)trying to defend these people. deeema might be a nice person but you should never run away from resposibilty.

  49. 49 jajajaja

    this is getting interesting JAJAJA

  50. K,
    Plz keep me posted 🙂

  51. 51 No Mercy

    How come all your comments were set on dima and you all ignored what i said about the blog community and if this is your way of making money, by saying a whole load of crap and gossiping about people?

    Why studentalk ?! What about DMAG n all those crappy magazines also?! Or have they pointed out to you studentalk and nothing else since its growing higher every single day? Well it is, whether u all like it or not. It’s not ur business whether they steal articles or not. It’s their business and it’s not going to drop. So quit it cuz it won’t get you anywhere.:) And even if u don’t quit it, i guess that’ll be just mumbling words for no good cause.

    No i hadn’t been paid by Dima to defend her. I wonder if you people are being paid to do this.

    This is funny hehe really 🙂

  52. 52 No Mercy

    I don’t really care about studentalk magazine as much as i care for Dima, because i don’t think she deserves what has been said about her.

    Studentalk might be trash but it is not her cause. I personally like bazaar more than Studentalk. I think it is an excellent magazine.

  53. 53 survivor

    It’s really shameful to even continue reading such a very low class blog and I am very sorry to say that… But I’m doing so because; as they say “curiosity killed the cat”. Anyhow, I am not going to put my dictionary next to me and go on searching for words, as I have realized that this is what you people do, look for silly grammatical or mistyped mistakes to make fun of in this blog. However, all what I am going to do is be rational about it and help get a point across to those people that have nothing more to do than to humiliate others instead of being criticasters and ambiguous.

    Instead of being ambivalent between two magazines and instead of humiliating and breaking feelings or destroying someone’s reputation, try to be fair or try to direct this person and repair mistakes. (And yes I have used big words here!) Why not reprimand her, not blame her nor attack her.

    I must say that some of you have used some really dirty words that if the owner of this site was a respectful one, he/she wouldn’t allow it at all, however, I do blame Ms. Dima for using the word gay, as it is an inappropriate word to use.

    In my opinion I think that this is not a kind of a criticizing game, this is a kind of a dirty game and a personal attack set on this girl called Dima, through a masked person behind the scene and who knows this person could be one of her x colleagues who has a good relationship with you Mr. K or a good friendship with someone who is working for Bazaar magazine. I am really sorry but this shows very clearly how the comments were praising Bazaar magazine. What is your exact job? Have you been hired an eulogist to Bazaar? How much did they pay you for this??

    Mr. K and everyone else in this blog, instead of transgressing why don’t you be good grown up, experienced advisors for her and instead of breaking feelings, humiliating and destroying reputations, try to be good reviewers in an educational way and not in an insulting way. For all I know, I do respect Ms. Dima a lot for standing up for herself and taking into account all what has been said about her, even though it was pathetically disrespectful. This is not how you talk about a subject or fire it up. Surely not by being unbelievably rude. By the way, I’m guessing that Ms. Dima is probably laughing out loud at what is being said about her while you all are eating yourselves up talking trash about her. And no I hadn’t been paid to stand up for Dima.

    It’s kind of weird how the subject about Studentalk opened your eyes wide now, since you’re saying that you guys have been following up on it way before! Like No mercy said, don’t u think it’s a total conspiracy that Dima’s name is there in the November issue when he says that she left a long time before that? How would you know? She might’ve been going through certain circumstances that nobody could understand! Do you really think that all the magazines that surf the net for any specific articles such as biographies, gossip etc, should really write the name of site? How come in your blogs, you can use any articles from anywhere across the net and it should be totally ok?

  54. 54 k

    No Mercy:
    Making money? Gossiping? Load of Crap?

    I need to put my points in bullet topic to make sure you read it correctly this time (unlike the countless other comments/posts.)

    1. I do not make money off my blog; if anything it costs me money to write here. Look at my blog… do you see any advertisements? Unless the door in my header is a subliminal thought to purchase something; money has nothing to do with the equation.

    2. I did not gossip about Dima, I did not post a ‘load of crap’. I took the articles that were posted in the magazine and gave credit to their real authors. I do not know who Dima is, and honestly, I could care less. And I don’t think the blogger community would find gossip about Dima interesting in the first place.

    3. Why Student-Talk?
    let me go and bring back my previous post, which you obviously haven’t read:

    Student Talks Genie-lord:

    Long Story Short:
    Monday morning… Starbucks… decided to read a magazine.

    Student-Talk Magazine is a joke.

    I didn’t realize how good of a magazine Bazaar is until I picked up a copy of Student-Talk. I picked up a copy of the magazine (and discussed their incapability to tell jokes, or write), and of the 72 pages, 38 are commercials (which are actually more entertaining than the magazine itself).

    Guess what… there were two magazines on the shelf. And the other one was Bazaar; which I would have taken apart piece by piece if they stole articles (like student-talk/Dima). I have expressed my personal sentiments against Bazaar in past posts (three separate ones to be exact).

    4. It is my business if they steal articles. As a reader, I feel cheated when a person steals someone else’s article. I also do not believe it is far for the original writers. Their business ‘will drop’ if they continue to steal articles .. since none of the advertisers will take them (or their material) seriously, and shops will not want to be associated with them (Starbucks-US has a strict policy on what items are placed in their shops).

    5. This got me far enough; I wanted people to be aware of the plagiarism in the magazine, and I wanted the editor to know it will not be tolerated.

    6. As for Dima, I gave her the option to write her version of the story in defense before I posted this.


    If you want me to post your view on the issue, or a reply to the post .. I would be more than welcoming.


    About posting my view, I don’t know if it is really appropriate to do so, but if u think so then do so. Now whatever has been posted about me is done, i can’t change that. But it’s really kind of unfair, as no one knows the real story.

    Then she decided to leave the above comment in the previous post; in which she called me and the other readers ‘gay’ and told us to ‘get a life’. Instead of people admitting their mistakes with the magazine and its articles; we get a response trying to defending her actions. I personally would have settled for: ‘Yeah we stole the articles, we are sorry, how can we fix the magazine’.

    Please think (and read) before you comment; I am honestly beginning to question your comprehension for basic sentences.

    I stopped reading your comment after ‘very low class blog’ .. you can push the little x in the corner and everything will go away.

  55. 55 KZ

    BAZAAR & StudenTalk S U C K …

  56. No mercy !
    all of a sudden now is DIMA is the issue ? who cares about dima i never heard of dima anyways ! she isnt like fo2ad al hashim or msa3id il sali7 ! so u chill ! we are talking about the issue of the copy paste syndrom. and the other funny thing u mentioned was .. “this is how u guys make money ?” so u actually think other magazines payed us to dis student talk ? if so why are u defending dima ? and if we are dissing dima who would pay us to do so .. that line u wrote just didnt make sense at all. any way ! all Advertising based magazine SUCK , .. Bazar, Student talk and others ..

    so MR. NO MERCY ! you are the one who needs to chill, you are the one who needs to get a life, and you are the one who wants the so called publicity for ur friend if ur not even that friend ur trying to defend !

    LOL magazines based on gossips and biographies ?! NASTY ! why would someone need a magazine for that ! its like i want to have a magazine and i dunno what to have in it . so u know what ? lets gossip ? oooh CREAAATIVE !! lets write biographies !! WOHOOOOO INNOVATIVE !! at least write something relative to the kuwaiti industy .. a biography of a kuwaiti artists and actors .. dont just pretend to have content and google it off the net ! move ur asses and research .. or is that to hard to do ?

    anyways !

    K the kuwaiti ! ALwaseet Rocks and q8car.com also is cool !!

  57. survivor you should actually take the time and read what K posted. Reading your comment shows that you haven’t read what K posted. In fact it looks like you just came here on a mission from Dima to defend her and didn’t even bother reading the posts and comments.

    Anyway if I was K I would have taken things further like straight up to the owner. If the owner of Student Talk found out how his employees treat their readers I am sure he would be pretty pissed.

    When a person criticizes Student Talk it doesnt mean that that person works for Bazaar or hates Dima, it means that something is wrong with Student Talk and needs to be fixed. Now from the replies of the two Student Talk employees it seems THEY took it personally.

    I think Student Talk needs to apologize to everyone here and all the bloggers.

  58. 58 survivor

    So Mr.K you stopped reading my comment after “very low class blog” but it is okay for you to be a criticaster and post comments in such a manner. Now that i must say is very intruiging.

    Mr. Mark, i think you need to read my post again because i’m guessing you just dropped out somewhere in between the lines.

    Certainly, that is how it is with bloggers. They start a subject, fire it up for about a week or so, then they look for something else to cross over.

    Once again, i think this is not a way to talk about a certain subject or fire it up, surely not when you dis and humiliate people and specially a woman because mature people would think it is absolutely pathetic.

  59. 59 Nihilinth

    I love Mark and K .. their blogs are amazing .. they make millions of kds through blogging.

  60. 60 spooner

    survivor you kill me lol i think you used ur MS synonymys button once too many Dima is like a 9 yr old so she started crying omg these people are criticizing me so you come and u defend her and say this blog sux here are some step’s to help you:
    see tht little x at the top right corner of your browser.(yes that one) simple move your cursor over there and click it… wow it all goes away how amazing.

  61. 61 survivor

    And Spooner dear, i pitty you (meaning: i feel sorry for you, just incase you didnt know). Why? yes well, because you’re simply immature. You should be ashamed of yourself and of what you just posted there. I don’t know why i’m even commenting on that! This is hilarious. You’re hilarious.

  62. 62 TweeZ

    “I don’t really care about studentalk magazine as much as i care for Dima, because i don’t think she deserves what has been said about her.”

    Aw come on, Iglesias! You dont need to be her hero!

  63. 63 spooner

    lmfao i really like survivor loooool “dont we all ? “

  64. It kind of reminds me of a school playground in here…..pick on the fat kid.

    Dima: you are wrong. Your ‘professional’ behavior is inexcusable. To simply siphon off someone else’s work – and pass it off as your own is ignorant, unethical and lazy journalism. You got paid to do a creative job – do it.

    To the people who blatantly ‘attacked’ Dima: whilst some may be constructive criticism, others remind of members of the peanut gallery. Members of a clan who will lay in the boot when they see the corpse laying lifeless on the ground. Grow up with your vindictive comments, they aren’t clever or ‘cool.’

    K, it’s a good point you’ve brought up, but sadly plagiarism is existent way beyond the boundaries of Kuwaiti journalism. People in Kuwait are so starved of any creative talent, it’s almost acceptable that they copy and steal other people’s ideas.

    Check out any successful concept in Kuwait (Food Business for example), it wont be long before the blood suckers are out in force – mimicking and deriving blatant variants and rip-offs of it.

  65. “or even Gust” Dima, I found this funny lol
    “now how gay can we get!” Dima, how about balls deep?
    I dont read magazines lol especially not Kuwaiti made ones, however I read a playboy magazine once or twice in a form of pdf it had an interview with Al pacino 😛 and thier artistic nude pictures where not artistic at all they were borderline pornographic… ok ok didnt think they were pornographic just wanted to use big words like ambivalent…

  66. 66 ja don

    K , I had not great interest in Kuwaiti bloggers, but your site shows class and research that we need.Keep it up.


  67. LOLOL!!! Wow…Poor Dima. She feels so guilty! And that is some horrible English for a former employee for a magazine. How can she “prepare” something when she cant even write a decent formal letter.

  68. 68 iseejou

    BURN 😐

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