Editors note.


I dedicate this (empty) post to the following:

  1. The year of 2006.
  2. Peace.
  3. Purg.
  4. Free Cheesecake.
  5. Kwanzaa.

Thank you,


12 Responses to “Editors note.”

  1. I dedicate this empty comment, to you K 19/23

  2. 2 Purgatory

    Your post touched me, I feel like crying again

  3. Dedicate a post to me or I will cry. And then punch you.

  4. Hey what about me?!

  5. 5 k

    Judy Abbott:
    Thanks .. 19/23?

    Don’t let the xanax get the best of you (like others).

    That only works when you are near me .. and on something.

    What about you?

  6. Gotta to do the Eid Rounds today, 3eedik umbarak and enjoy!

  7. Purg always takes his share…

  8. 8 ahlein

    k: great dedications! Where can we get good cheesecake here in the first place?

  9. I dedicate this comment to my birthday.

  10. Happy new year

  11. Happy new year!

    You post and people comment the next year. Quite odd, isn’t it? =P

  12. I saw nothing about the amazing race, and me, and me again……!!!

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