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MTC No-Go.


Here we go again.. Wataniya took their data sim card; stuck it into a router (Option’s GlobeSurfer 3G HSDPA router), called it ‘new Wnet’ and introduced it as a a new service. Then they started charging 12kd extra a month.. Thats almost double the price .. for no increase in service. Well people; There is […]



muhajabah noun (Arabic) a woman who veils muhajababe noun (Arabic) a veiled and sexily dressed young woman Meet Allegra Stratton, hip young journalist. She’s been wrong about the war in Iraq, fallen out with her friend, and is fast approaching a quarter-life crisis. In her disillusionment she takes herself to Beirut, Amman, Cairo, Dubai, Kuwait […]

I just got back from Bahrain/GulfRun.. and the trip was a blast. The road to Bahrain was allright; I would rate it a 6/10.. they are working on a full two lane road which should be open by them time we do this again next year. The borders were semi-busy; we managed to get by […]



Update:  Due to the rain yesterday, there were some changes in the plans. The cars are now halfway from from Kuwait to Bahrain.   You can keep track of further updates on the website at

GulfRun is a yearly ‘rally’ that starts off in Kuwait with the cars going to Bahrain and back for the weekend (think mini-Gumball). The F1 circuit has been reserved for a friendly competition between the participating cars. I just finished getting my car ready for this years Gulfrun; although Aramex didn’t deliver my roll bar […]

Virgin Megastore continues to disappoint me with their business practices. First they started putting propaganda on all of their TVs. Then they forgot how to spell their own name. And finally, they stopped bringing in any semi-interesting music or books. From what is left of Virgin (that hasn’t been whored rented out to Mac, Sony, […]