Back from GulfRun.


I just got back from Bahrain/GulfRun.. and the trip was a blast. The road to Bahrain was allright; I would rate it a 6/10.. they are working on a full two lane road which should be open by them time we do this again next year. The borders were semi-busy; we managed to get by with minimal problems. Gas was an issue, as Saudi has the worst stuff I have ever seen (be sure to bring your own!). In Bahrain I mixed with 116octane which burned nicely (even with a N/A engine). At the track, you really get to push the cars to their limits (in a safe environment) and learn how to drive them. The car preformed flawlessly although, I am in need of some new brakes and tires (accepting donations).

The pictures/videos are being edited … their site should be updated within a week.

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  1. oh wow … beautiful … 🙂

    welcome home.

  2. Sexy ride!

  3. Oh the power of Nabeeha 5 … I mean orange!
    Nice pics! 😉

  4. 7imdillah 3ala il salama
    nice ride’,
    what are the other stickers on the car, other than the gulfrun ones?

  5. 5 lil bro

    Hamdellah al salama, and i hope u and the xbs had a fun time. but my questions are :P, what was your best time on the track, what was the fastest you went and wat rank did you get :P.

  6. did you win 1st place?

  7. very nice! 7amdilla 3ala salamah!

  8. yeah baby

  9. 9 TweeZ

    lol, lazim itwareena 9owar!

  10. 10 Mimi

    Hot ride 🙂 looks like fun!

  11. Hot.

    But I bet my pasty white Honda can kick your Nabeeha 5 ass ca-ca-car : P~~

    WB K the Kuwaiti (gotta throw in a rhyme here and there). I wonder how pink rims will look like on your thang. And good call on the helmet :/

  12. 12 k

    Judy Abbott:

    Next year you can bring your red car .. oh wait, women can’t drive in Saudi. 😉

    The Stallion:
    Thanks! .. the website was updated.

    Allah yesalmik; sponsors (Khazan, Al-Ghunaim, Awtar, and Ajwan) and my number.

    lil bro:
    I went 245km on the straights .. can’t remember the rest.

    Not quite, but I was up there. 😉

    Thanks! Allah yesalmik

    Are you here or there!?

    The GulfRun website has been updated:

    Thanks .. It was a blast!

    Unless you have orange rims .. your white honda can’t get close to the batmobile. If I had a white car I would have gone pink; maybe next year. Helmets were a must.

    (you going Billy Joel on me?)

  13. where? Im confused I’m in London

  14. welcome back…the orange had its effect on the roads…:)

  15. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

    What’s your transmission, manual or tiptronic?

  16. 16 jajajaja

    as for Jacqui or anyone else, you don’t really need and actually you mustn’t drive all the way from Kuwait to Bahrain. If i were in your place I’d have shipped it or something, sports/super cars are supposed to be treated like a little baby with a wild momma.

    Also, 245km/h only??? Dude, you should’ve gone faster, it’s a track.

  17. 17 k

    You left without saying goodbye!

    Orange rims are bringing sexy back.

    It was a great event .. Tiptronic; which is a gift and a curse if you know how to use it.

    True. but half the fun is driving there and its better to be on the border for when customs check the cars. 245Km/h is quite high for the straight.. tracks have turns, its not one straight line.

  18. 18 Boss

    My favorite picture on the GulfRun website has to be the two guys next to a camel. What shameless prostitution of a culture that isn’t even genuinely Bahraini.

  19. mashallahhhhhhhhhh its GORGEOUS!!!!!!111111ONE
    I’m in love with the orange, 7adda eyannen ma3a el loun. I want!!! Again, mashallah!

  20. 20 k

    There was a guy with a 9ager inside the hotel .. I didn’t take a picture because that thing looked pissed.

    Thanks! Drop your car off at my place, It will take me two days. 😉

  21. 3ad my car’s white, orange wud look bad on it. Hmmm.. Pink? ;P

  22. Nice rims! 🙂

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