Due to the rain yesterday, there were some changes in the plans. The cars are now halfway from from Kuwait to Bahrain.


You can keep track of further updates on the website at

8 Responses to “GulfRunning.”

  1. Oh I thought you guys were driving to Bahrain

  2. The sexy orange rims….i liked them..

  3. 3 k

    We are .. some cars needed the trailers because they are on semi-slicks (for the track) and the roads took a beating from the rain.

    Thanks .. some love em, some hate em. 😉

  4. Drive safe. Don’t forget to take pimpin’ pix 😉

  5. love em!

  6. Kay!.. 3ajeebeen mashala!.. didn’t expect them to look nice at all… bas la they rock! who would’ve thought orange rims.. eh? car looks great.

  7. 3ajeeb I like the pic but here is what you should do: on ur way to Bahrain, buy yourselves a couple of “mejadeef.” If it rains a bit more here in Bahrain, the lakes and oceans of rainwater we had last month will fill up again 4 sure 🙂

  8. Looks cool!

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