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I got an email from Yazan Al Ghazzawi at Cinemagic regarding their upcoming short movies section: Cinemagic Kuwait are organizing “Short & Sweet”, a schedule of weekly short film screenings. The screenings will commence on Wednesday, February 21st, and run throughout the year. The events will take place at the Cinemagic Courtyard in Bait Lothan, […]

Hala February.


Someone left a comment on my previous post about the non-existence of Hala-February. The first comment: Hala February Festival 2007 is launched again after establishing itself as a distinctive feature of both tourism and shopping at the local and regional level. An overview of the events and activities achieved previously and sizable public interaction proves […]

Bazaar Website.


Bazaar has launched their new (was there an old one?) website: I personally would have take another direction with the creation of the website, here are some things I did not like: 1. Ditch the flash.. its way too annoying; takes ages to load a page (you have to wait for the animation). 2. […]

Synopsis: Six childhood friends – Sultan (Yousef Najaim), Fahad (Hussein Yousef), Yousef (Bader Al-Shuiby), Ahmed (Abdulaziz Obeid), Mishal (Bader Al-Mohsen) & Saif (Zeid Obeid) – embark on the journey of a lifetime in search of the world’s strongest soccer ball, and the one place guaranteed to have it: SHARQ. A legendary wonderland among Arab youth, […]

Movie: Sharq.


This is the new trailer for ‘Sharq’: [ev type=”youtube” data=”rnwkRIqC1Kc”][/ev] From the director: “Sharq” (”EAST”), Directed by Erik Sandoval and Produced by Abdulaziz Alsharhan, “Sharq” is one of the first independent filmes produced in KUWAIT. Stay tuned for links to the trailer and still shots of the movie due to be released in the “Hala […]

Have you gotten your loved one a Shani today?

My day.


This made my day; “She put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to makeup her mind.”

I finally got the time to post my pictures of the ‘Ferrari Anniversary’ on my Flickr page. My camera ran out of battery and I started using a friends camera; I will be adding more shots when I get the memory card. Al-Zayani had a ‘Ferrari Day’ to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Ferrari worldwide […]

Hala nothing.


I got a phone call from one of my Saudi Friends asking me about Hala February. And to be honest, I don’t know much about the ‘festival’ itself. So, I turned to my primary source of information for all things important, google. I googled every possible combination (and typo) of the words: hala, February, festival […]