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conspectus K.


The following are a couple posts that I never got around to writing completely; view this post as the incomplete compilation of a dead rap artist. K on The Avenues. I finally had a chance to visit ‘The Avenues’ today. My thoughts were echoed in countless other blogs/conversations about the mall. Its huge, the stores […]

MOC has realized that we are running out of numbers and announced that it will be adding an extra digit. The change should become clearer within the following weeks; from what I have heard: Wataniya will add a 6 6123456 = 66123456 MTC will add a 9 9123456 = 99123456 Landlines will add a 2 […]

After the news that Bird Flu reached Kuwait; rumors started going around about how you can get Bird Flu from brushing your teeth and dust storms. I sat down with Mohammed Al-Fraih, leading Kuwaiti poultry expert and PAAF Board Director (Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries), to discuss and understand the discovery of Bird Flu […]