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A friend has commented that my blog has been negative as of late .. and I should dedicate a post to something other than technical-stuff, newspapers and cars. As my memory is quite limited lately (if its more than an hour .. its forgotten). I went through my older posts to remember what I used […]

As some of you know, Mona Al-Fuzai has written a ridiculous article discussing what not to do in Kuwait (and the prevalence of rape by taxi drivers and bosses). I chose not to directly bring up the issue on my blog as Mark had posted about it here. The Kuwait Times has decided to pull […]

No new numbers?


MOC announced (in various newspapers nonetheless) that they would be adding another digit to all numbers beginning June 1st. Its a week after the supposed changeover; and yet the numbers have stayed the same. Did the MOC decide that the number change was not advertised well enough to go through with it? Or did they […]

For all the people that want access to their emails, but don’t want the blackberry; These are the settings I used to get Gmail on my E61i: Incoming mail settings: Username: (your username) Password: (your password) Incoming Mail Server: Access Point: (gprs access point or WLAN) Mailbox Name: (anything) Mailbox Type: POP3 Secuirty (ports): […]