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Almost two years after my post about the rumors surrounding the availability of fiber-optics in Kuwait .. Qualitynet has announced that it now offers internet over fiber-optics to homes already wired up in South Surra & Fahed Al-Ahmed. We have had fiber-optics at work (Kuwait City) for the past year now and offers several benefits […]

B’s Post.


  Nibaq has an interesting post about a post by 2:48am about an interesting post about a post by Z District about an interesting post about a post by me, which he found really funny called Kuwait Blogs 101. Check it out. [Link]

1. The Language-Challenged Blogger: This is the category of bloggers who have trouble differentiating between languages, e.g. “I got into a car accident oo Ri7t ma5far Shamiya ilyom.” Writing a word or a sentence to refer to a specific person, place or thing in Arablish is fine, but writing the whole post – think several […]

I finally got my hands (literally) on an iPhone to see what all the fuss was about:  



ABNE & Co is proud to announce its first Redbull-flugtag flying endeavor, Team Imperial27, in remembrance of Imperial Airways’ first Kuwaiti in 1927. The team will be composed of lead pilot and magician Nibaq (pilot), accompanied by conspiring engineering extraordinaries Marzouq, Mark and K. Stay tuned for further information about Imperial27’s voyage into the waters […]

  Black is also in.

  White is in.

I went to the first annual Kuwaiti Short Film Festival yesterday; I throughly enjoyed the caramel popcorn.