B’s Post.



Nibaq has an interesting post about a post by 2:48am about an interesting post about a post by Z District about an interesting post about a post by me, which he found really funny called Kuwait Blogs 101.

Check it out. [Link]

22 Responses to “B’s Post.”

  1. hmm,, now that’s weird

  2. 2 Tooomz

    You are funnier wearing a clown’s mask.

    Which reminds me…

  3. Wow, a recursive post.

  4. you guys are crazy, lol

  5. 5 k

    Whats so weird about linking?

    I still have my mask .. and yours!

    Don Veto:
    Breaking the boundaries .. thats what its all about.

    You can link to my post if you want.

  6. 6 SilverSurfer

    Now that have the same effect when you video record your video monitor !

  7. 7 Tooomz

    That’s not the only thing you have.

  8. K.TheKuwaiti:

    If I linked to ‘this’ post of yours and then my readers find out that the original post of kuwaitblogs 101 is on your blog and they just wasted their time going through a circle, they would EAT ME. lool

  9. 9 Nonblogger


  10. 10 k

    Think of it as a video camera on a tv on a video camera on a tv on a video camera on a tape recording .. or something.

    I also have your love .. aw.

    Its an interesting experience .. all readers should try it once.

  11. 11 H

    loooooooooooooooooool… !!
    mo 9ij intaw.. !!

  12. That looks like me when i’m holding a video camera hooked to the TV and cam cording the TV itself. “And in we gooooooo – THE TWIGHLIGHT ZONE!” 😛

  13. I linked already…..!!!

  14. Hate.

  15. 15 k

    It justs keep repeating .. I am waiting for Zdistrict to do a post about this one.

    Lol .. nag9een!


  16. chigi linked now, apparently it’s now 6 people……!!!

    any more…..!!!

  17. 17 TAT

    sure why not working on it now lets see if our chain can be stopped!!!

  18. DAYUM! 101 serious cases of “the pot calling the kettle black”

  19. Good to know at least they respect credits 🙂

  20. Heh, you guys are just keeping us busy while you take the time to build up your plane.

    One word… Quit. 😛

  21. 21 zahed


  22. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL thakkartni ib li3bat il jareeda … nifta7 nifta7 nifta7 nifta7 nifta7 akhir shy go6e klenix

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