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Good news for those who have spent long nights unlocking their iPhones (or been ripped off by some guy with a computer and credit card) only to find that they are unable to recieve calls on the MTC Zain. There were some compatibility issues between the iPhones and the celltowers (they work in certain areas). […]

Sometimes I think it is completely useless to own a sports car in Kuwait. The dealerships rip off you off for every drop of oil, spark plug and faulty light (but sir, your car will explode if you don’t change your brakes every month). Then you have the budding Schumachers of Kuwait; who are usually […]

To the people sending me emails about the iPhone not working in Kuwait .. need I say more? Well .. maybe a little bit more: This iPhone is NOT for sale. The unlock was done using a TurboSim (by Zaid and myself). It is operating on the MTC Zain network. Edge works fine, albeit a […]

Wataniya Women?


How I read the commercial: Women Only from Wataniya Telecom Full Concierge service Er .. so.. yeah.. ok.

Apple owners piss me off. They talk for hours upon hours about how their Mac’s are not susceptible to viruses, hackers, crashes and reruns of blossom. Then they think they are ultra-individualist and defying the rules of society itself, because they own a white laptop and use an African vacation for browsing the internet. Then, […]

I was going to continue dedicating the rest of the week to posts about MTC Zain .. however the fun will have to stop here: the official logo, look & feel and press release has been leaked by Fastlink Zain in Jordan MTC Zain -Bahrain. Regarding the color scheme: The meaning of the new logo? […]

During lunch, me and my friends concluded that the colors for the Zain Logo are too ridiculous to be true and it actually seemed inverted (with the black/green). Here is the logo redone and inverted to display our ‘conspiracy theory’. Still looks a bit funny, as some have mentioned it seems more suited for shampoo […]

MTC Zain logo.


MTC Zain launched the teaser for their new website, and there was parts of the new logo with some messages in a flash movie. Some (ghetto) photoshopping and we now have an idea of what the logo ‘officially’ looks like .. and personally, I think it still looks like crap. They shifted around the swervy […]