MTC Zain logo 2.


During lunch, me and my friends concluded that the colors for the Zain Logo are too ridiculous to be true and it actually seemed inverted (with the black/green). Here is the logo redone and inverted to display our ‘conspiracy theory’. Still looks a bit funny, as some have mentioned it seems more suited for shampoo or an energy drink.

Side note:

I found an easier way to make your own Zain logo in photoshop.

1. Open a new image.
2. Put a small strip down the middle.
3. Apply filter: Distort > Twirl at 999
4. Flip Horizontal and then 180

There you go .. your own Zain logo.

11 Responses to “MTC Zain logo 2.”

  1. 1 N.

    I prefer the red white and blue.. lol. Alright red white and black. It still doesn’t look that good. At least the text should be funky and have more *action*.

  2. Yours does look miles better but Im afraid they are going with the black, green purple horrid version, judging by the ads in the paper today.

  3. LOL! you had to do it eb photoshop! the logo is nothing compared to real designs – they really really messed it up by trying to have their own brand name instead of MTC (corporate name)… It sux from all aspects.

  4. are you for real???
    your still talking about the colors??
    you know if vodafone, O2, T-mobile thought the same way your thinking…they wouldnt be known ……..

    chika… you know what MTC stands for? if you do…you should know why they want 2 re-brand

  5. K, you will love this 😉

  6. 6 k

    Either way .. something is wrong with the colors.

    I still think the ads are meant to screw with us .. that the only thing that makes sense.

    Anybody can make their own logo 😉
    The name I can live with .. its the logo/colors that rub me the wrong way.

    I have no idea what you meant by the way I am thinking. Do I think its important for MTC to rebrand to unite its global image .. yes. Do I think ‘zain’ is a good choice for a global name .. not really, but i can work with it. Do I like the green/purple/black color scheme .. nope.

    Lol .. Thanks! It reminds me of something I refused to accept because the fines were ridiculous.

  7. LOL, pretty much didn’t get it, but It made you laugh 😉

  8. K….maybe the name and colors do not match your taste…each one has his taste and thats true…but instead you can help by saying what they need to do (like services) to make help them…

  9. 10 k


    I have mentioned in the past what services MTC can offer to better its end subscribers. However, they are more focused on generating capital from the Kuwaiti-Market to promote their growth elsewhere.

    Basically, MTC needs to do two things to become a better company.

    1. Fix their network and stop dropping calls.
    2. Lower the prices.

  10. cant see the pic … :'(

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