MTC Zain logo 3.


I was going to continue dedicating the rest of the week to posts about MTC Zain .. however the fun will have to stop here: the official logo, look & feel and press release has been leaked by Fastlink Zain in Jordan MTC Zain -Bahrain.

Regarding the color scheme:

The meaning of the new logo? The logo consists of three colors, Pink refers to the heart, Blue refers to affiliation and Green refers to brilliance

Well .. there goes my inverted image conspiracy theory and this ultimately ends the cycle of MTC Zain posts.

(More on Moey’s blog)

On another note .. for those nostalgic about MTC, you can check out their previous websites on the wayback machine: link.

9 Responses to “MTC Zain logo 3.”

  1. It was actually leaked by mtc bahrain, and the file was forwarded through emails 🙂 thx for the mention.

  2. Pink is Radiance

  3. It annoys me so much.

  4. there is no any creative touch for the logo HATE IT!

  5. Eulogy: MTC…MTC…worm food.

    What’s with the color pink in many company logos? Never mind the Civil Aviation, it’s headed by some gay dude. But seriously, what’s with pink? Is this country turning gay?

    My 1 yr old niece can draw out that logo with some spaghetti sauce and her fingers.

  6. It reminds me of one of those toys we used to play with when we were young: A black board, filled with a thick black paste or something and a piece of blastic stick that you draw with and once you do colors appear exactly in teh same shades as this one. I miss the old logo already.

  7. seems more purple than pink

  8. but i like the old one better 🙁

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