MTC Zain logo.


MTC Zain launched the teaser for their new website, and there was parts of the new logo with some messages in a flash movie. Some (ghetto) photoshopping and we now have an idea of what the logo ‘officially’ looks like .. and personally, I think it still looks like crap. They shifted around the swervy logo and changed the fonttype .. colors still seem futuristic (for a 90’s cartoon).

On to the cryptic, hallmark, cliche, inspirational messages in the flash movie:

Mind is what counts you can be whatever you make up your mind to be (A Robert Collier quote)

The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective (a Al Neuharth quote)

Beautiful things cannot be seen they must be felt with the heart (a Hellen Keller quote)

Er .. sure.

On another note, Bahrain? Really? Couldn’t you just buy a small country and set your own rules by now?

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  1. you need to fix the link, add http at the beginning.

    and yes, their logo and type = crap, the colors are so disappointing.. anyways, what’s wrong with bahrain?

  2. and thats half of their logo as a teaser on mark’s,

  3. 3 k

    Fixed the link and added the bottom part .. still looks like crap. 😉

  4. it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BAD!

  5. OMG! how did this happen?!

  6. 6 Purgatory

    Have you heard about the Wataniya change of name?

  7. 7 N.

    Teaser Logo? This isn’t Hollywood! The design and color aren’t all that. Very non innovative. I’m sure someone they had could have come up with a better logo/color/style.

  8. 8 Main_Man

    ma y3jbkom el 3ajab?

  9. 9 Bamal6esh

    First of all I don’t realy think that any freakin thing would be liked by any of you no matter how good is the design.
    Second, You all know that by time you gonna accept it and like it (heads over heals)
    Third, I don’t think that the managment or the peson who created this Logo would ever care about what have said or commented on his design.
    Finally, I wish that you would have a better creative, negotiable subject than this futuristic one you described from the 90’s

  10. 10 k

    If the design was good .. I would have said its good.

    I think the design looks terrible. The colors do not define anything; the logo is not easily reproduced, the fonttype is lacking and the black background is depressing. The majority of people who have seen the logo echo similar comments; it doesn’t look good. The people who seem to like the logo are the ones working at MTC (like the the last two comments).

    You can read about the previous responses here:

    If the Management and Creative Team behind the logo do not care for the publics response .. then they have failed in creating positive awareness for a global brand.

  11. the shape is not perfect at all. ok, the fonttype is not very bad. but man, look the shape.

    on their website, the shape is better than the image that showed on this page. but still look weird for me.

  12. 12 k

    I pasted this one together from the teaser logo .. hence the shape.

  13. It looks like someone had a very, very painful experience trying to ‘excrete’ and out came funky colorful loops instead of the usual color.

    Noticed that MTC want to pack up and move elsewhere?

  14. 14 k

    They might have had the bouts of Menthrulpalsia. MTC wants to go anywhere but Kuwait .. their press statement was quite obvious.

  15. I think the color mixing could have been done in a better gradual way.

  16. first of lol @ comments 8 and 9. Mostly lol at how Zain would not care if we, the public, care about their name and logo.

    Didn’t they do any research, case studies, focus groups? Or did the CEO just say “these are my fave colors and word so lets use it!”

    I think its horrible.

    Its sad that we will have to end up seeing this “brand” for years to come!

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