Unlocked Iphone in Kuwait.


To the people sending me emails about the iPhone not working in Kuwait .. need I say more?

Well .. maybe a little bit more:

  • This iPhone is NOT for sale.
  • The unlock was done using a TurboSim (by Zaid and myself).
  • It is operating on the MTC Zain network.
  • Edge works fine, albeit a bit slow.

I apologize for the ridiculous watermarks .. but somoene ‘borrowed’ my images and is pretending to sell unlocked iPhones.

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  1. 1 bo_bader

    Thanks for the info K.
    Can you please me elaborate more about TurboSim by Z.S?
    What is it exactly?

  2. Congratulations, iPhone fever is spreading fast now that they can be unlocked.

  3. 3 k

    The TurboSim tricks the phone into thinking the MTC card is a AT&T sim card. Z.S. is just the initials of my friend Zayd.

    Thanks .. people always want what they can’t have. πŸ˜‰

  4. I like the new HP PDA (w/GPS), HTC mobile/pda & the Glowfiish. My birthday is coming up end of the month. *hint*

    Oh and I like german choco cake, carrot cakes from Bournguorno (sp?) and sugar-dipped donuts from dunkin donuts.

    I also like parties.

    I don’t like the iPhone anymore though.

  5. 5 TwaiF

    Is GPRS Working with it?

  6. 6 k

    You don’t like the iPhone anymore! And here I had this one all unlocked and wrapped up. HP? for the records .. never, ever .. buy a phone from a printer manufacturer. The battery will come half used, it will stop charging in 3 months and a new phone is cheaper than another battery.

    Our resident Martha Stewart makes a mean date-cake .. we have parties in the Diwaniya every Sunday and Thursday of the week (to celebrate Aramex shipping our packages).


  7. 7 steve_leb

    how long did it take you to unlock it..

  8. Cool. I’ll RSVP any invitation then. πŸ˜‰

  9. I will give you 500,000,000 Uganda Dollars for it!

    Something tells me it was harder than you said it was…

  10. 10 holla

    I need to give an iphone to a certain someone’s…ugh..mum or something. how much are you charging for unlocks?

  11. I will give you ONE THOUSAND iraqi dinars!

  12. 12 k

    8 minutes and 47 seconds.

    Of the many Ticketmaster events, the vast majority is available from ticket centres.

    However, very few events can only be booked by telephone or online as some promoters and venues will only accept their own tickets for entry to events and not ones issued by the Ticketmaster computer system. Therefore, ticket centres cannot sell these tickets, as they are unable to print the tickets out. If you would like to check availability before you travel to a ticket centre, or if you would like to book by phone with a credit card, please call the appropriate number:

    0818 719 300 – Republic of Ireland customers
    0870 243 4455 – Northern Ireland customers
    00353 1 456 9569 – International customers.

    Sold! Although, Uganda doesn’t use dollars .. they use shillings.
    It wasn’t hard .. it would take a couple minutes the second time around.

    Sorry, not doing unlocks .. this was unlocked to prove it can be done.

    I just sold it for 500,000,000 Ugandan Shillings!

  13. 13 purgatory

    Why not have k-kuwaiti network? an underground network for communication in kuwait?

  14. Congratulations!

    and never underestimate watermarks lol

  15. 15 k

    Shh .. nobody knows about that. I told Marzouq not to tell anyone.

    Thanks ..

  16. lol ya7lailik. Isn’t that illegal?

  17. although kilshai insawi 9ar illegal al7in yat 3al talifone πŸ˜›

  18. 18 k

    Its my phone .. If I want to take it apart and turn the parts into jewelry; malhom shughl. πŸ˜‰

  19. You’ve been bragging about unlocking it, but haven’t said much about the experience of owning one. Is it making your life easier? Are you more tolerant of annoying callers? Have you developed an addiction to random Youtube videos yet? Do the folks at the 777 emergency line pick up any faster when calling via iPhone?

  20. 20 k

    The iPhone is great .. it fills the car with gas after it borrows it, pickups dry cleaning and bakes croissants for breakfast. Annoying callers are still just as annoying.. Youtube videos are much more addictive on the Wii and 777 wouldn’t pick up if you called them with the batphone.

    In all honesty, its a nice phone .. but I just find my e61i to be more useful. The issue with our region (or anywhere outside of the USA) .. is that we don’t have access to the cool features of the iphone (GoogleMaps / Stocks).

  21. Thank you for the informative elaboration πŸ™‚

  22. 22 TwaiF

    7adek na7es ya3ni liesh ma etsawe unlock aw et3lemna ! πŸ˜€

  23. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH @ k’s reply to 3baid

  24. 25 k

    Anytime! (stop posting as 3aid .. I had to rename you twice)

    For two reasons:
    1. I would be getting a million emails asking me for the unlocked iphone (like last time)
    2. If I write how, people will blame me if they mess up. πŸ™‚

  25. 26 Z


    they’re selling the iphone unlock software originally developed and distributed by the infamous iphonesimfree.com


    2 things: 1- You are amazing with computers and you know your _ _ _ _, despite what others may think (Swair) 2- All the iphone features such as stocks and google maps DO work on the iphone here in kwt; The only feature that doesn’t is visual voicemail (which only works with AT&T).

  26. Hey, I just realized. You might be the only one that’ll ever have KT MTCNet on an iPhone. By the time iPhones become more popular in Kuwait and unlocked on MTC (not Wataniya), it’ll probably read ZAIN! πŸ™‚

  27. 28 aziz

    at least make the water mark 3awya like everything else… ba9eeer 7awal >_>

  28. 29 k

    Thanks! I will believe the unlock software when I see it with my own eyes!! Google Maps works, but I am talking about using it to pull info such as Restaurants, Routes, etc.

    True .. I should charge them for past-advertising!

    Next time .. and how many minutes are you going to spend looking at the photo. πŸ˜‰

  29. cool, I am still waiting for Iphonesimfree software!
    it should work here

  30. 31 Zahed

    ABNEEEEE tell zook that we want the same menu you had for us or else!!!!!

  31. where does one get an iphone form in q8
    how much
    unlock how and were
    how much


  32. in response to your comment on Saints on a Bench:

    Yeah thing is, I tracked their movements on the site and they were all over the place – at least on for 2 and a half hours going through stuff. Also the IP address goes to The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training – so no clue what that is really… the words Public Authority make me nervous!

  33. 34 k

    Why .. its free now!

    Lol .. thats something between you and zook!

    Don’t know .. Don’t Know .. Don’t Know .. etc.

    Don’t worry about it .. they have bigger things to worry about; and Ramadan is tomorrow, governments don’t do any work.

  34. 35 Z



    As of now, the iphone will NOT work with MTC/Zain sim holders. However, it will work perfectly with Wataniya. K and myself tried and installed the turbosim method on the iphone with the MTC card. The result: you can make outgoing calls, send text msgs, receive text msgs, and even foward your phone to another line. However, you CANNOT receive incoming calls, whatsoever. Today, i tried using the software unlock method .. same result (even through the use of multiple MTC sims). I then switched simcards and used a Wataniya sim .. it worked perfectly.

    As weird as this may sound, its a fact, and i am pretty sure this’ll apply to other users alike. hopefully there will be an update to this issue. I’ll keep you posted.


  35. Z: I guessed as much πŸ™ I unlocked my iPhone twice today with the same result: I can’t receive calls whatsoever. What a bummer.

    What are the chances that MTC might know how to fix this? Somehow, I don’t seem too optimistic.

  36. That’s what I call a “Nice kill”. Now with its prices dropping down I guess we’ll be seeing it in every hand.

  37. should i buy 1?
    i really im looking forward on buying 1, when it arrives in kuwait. will it?
    hows the camera and hows the maps and youtube?
    please give me any additional info.

  38. 39 k

    The fix will come sooner than later .. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks .. I just hope people don’t get ripped off.

    Honestly .. I would just wait until the European edition (with the new features). Camera is pretty decent, maps and youtube work great.

  39. There’s a thread on Hackintosh forums that confirms the issue on a number of carriers.

    Anyway, someone posted this:

    “Guys, I work for an operator and we have traced it down to the Nokia BSC. Our network is divided in 2 regions. One uses Siemens BSCs and other Nokia’s. In Siemens land there is no issue with incoming calls at all with the same SIM, same HLR and IN but in Nokia land, icoming calls are not possible. This has been escalated to Nokia support and their development is working to find a solution.

    I suspect all you guys having problems have the networks with Nokia BSCs.”

    Would it be that MTC uses Nokia base stations? If so, is there at least one base station that’s not Nokia we can test on?

    I’m just throwing in what I find πŸ™‚ Thanks for the effort!

  40. 41 bolo6fy

    my bro toldme that its offical release will be on January 08 in Kuwait hmm,if u have a wataniya line it’s going to work perfectly .till now its not compaible withmtc for some reason.

  41. 42 si3dy

    k: can you please tell me which method you tried that didnt work on zain? iam using it now and i get incoming calls and everything .. using the software unlock method .. iam just curious how it didnt work with you?

  42. 43 k

    I have unlocked the iphones using the software unlock, hardware unlock and turbosim .. all of them exhibit the same problems. Since the issue is related to the cell-tower; maybe the one in your area is different? Also, what sim card are you using?

  43. 44 si3dy

    iam using the old simcard … i used the FREE unlocking software .. not sure if that makes a difference .. but i believe u are right .. some towers in some area’s are the newer 3g based ones and in other area’s are gprs based

  44. 45 si3dy

    ok i have some very sad news .. i talked to some people in Zain .. they say that its not as easy as just changing something in the software .. its actually the hardware .. i can confirm that the iphone will work on zain in some places in kuwait such as Janoob al Surra and Kuwait City .. but thats it .. this was unexpected to say the least and i can only describe it as garada ..

  45. 46 k

    Thats what I expected .. the solution must come from Apple in a revised firmware; and since they are planning to offer the iPhone worlwide (with roaming) we might see a fix sooner then later.

  46. 47 hokkianu

    Malaysia’s telco MAXIS, also having this problem after unlocked: cannot receive call, other functions all works perfectly.
    Any experts here can help pls? πŸ™

  47. 48 em7md

    Γ˜Β³Γ™β€žΓ˜Β§Γ™β€¦ Γ™Ε Γ˜Β§ Γ˜Β¬Γ™β€¦Γ˜Β§Γ˜ΒΉΓ™β€‘ Γ˜Β§Γ™β€ Γ˜Β§ Γ˜Β§Γ˜Β¨Γ™Ε  Γ˜Β§Γ™Ε Γ™ΒΓ™Λ†Γ™β€  Γ˜Β¬Γ˜Β§Γ™β€‘Γ˜Β²
    من وين اشØΒͺΓ˜Β±Γ™Ε Γ˜ΕΈΓ˜ΕΈΓ˜ΕΈ

  48. 49 k

    MAXIS needs to update their celltowers ..

    Try here: http://agool.net

  49. em7md:
    6elba min apple.com 3ala Aramex, o lamma yosal email me I’ll help you unlock it. hathol agool.net 7aramiya charging 130kd markup 3ala simple unlocking.

  50. 51 em7md

    ok plz can i have your email ??
    or add me @ mshaiji@yahoo.com
    thanks πŸ˜›

  51. i just tried my iPhone
    with both wataniya and MTC
    it works fine with both

    i make and receive calls with my MTC sim ! send and receive msgs .. kil shay tamam wa lillah il7amd

    it was unlocked by the hardware method

    and btw i am not in south surra and not in kuwait city. mtc service is very bad here always bas sib7an allah its working fine

    plz contact me via email.

  52. 53 k

    MTC/Zain has updated their celltowers to be compatible with the iPhone .. I posted about it yesterday.

  53. 54 badran92

    today, the iphone is being sold in kuwait in only 1 shop for 400KD!!!
    can u believe it?
    i wanted to order an unlocked iphone from amazon (for example), will it work in kuwait?

  54. 55 angel

    how come iphone from this particular electronic shop in kuwait costs heaven????? it’s way too much (399KD) compared to 399$ online?

  55. 56 Hasan

    i will buy iphone and bring it from the States next week,
    just have one question, for the unlocking procedure do i have to have AT/T sim card ?

    and FYI..to whom wants to buy new iphone it’s availabe in Jordan now with around 330 JD = 130 KD !

  56. 57 N

    k i have a question
    how do u get the internet to work, iam just not sure how to put the setting for the edge thanx

  57. 58 Apple Info

    Hello everyone, Dont be tricked in buying an unlocked Iphone. The Iphone will be unlocked and will work but will fail in a couple of weeks. Apple is also trying to block some services and software so you cant use them until you update your Iphone with the new system which disables the lock and ruins your Iphone. So just wait until it is released in your region which shouldn’t be long. Kuwait is due this january. For now stick with your Ipod touch and by the way dont be too crazed about the Iphone battery life is bad and until you listen to your music and view your videos your battery will be dead before you want to make that important call.

    Wishing you a great iLife:P

  58. 59 k

    If it has the old firmware you can unlock it .. the new one is still being worked on.

    Eureka is ripping people off with a un-warrantied and un-supported product.

    The iPhone comes with a AT&T sim card .. the unlock is straightforward.

    You go to settings > general > network > EDGE

    Change access point to:
    Wataniya: action.wataniya.com
    MTC: pps OR apn01

    delete the username/password sections.

    Apple Info:
    The iPhone won’t fail if you don’t update it .. and even then there will be a work around. Can you confirm the January date for a ME-launch?

  59. 60 Moooyad

    People i need help..
    There are a couple of websites in kuwait selling the unlocked iphone.. but i dont know which one to buy it from.. for e.g there is Eureka.. which is a RIP OFF!!! 400 KD!! and that website i forgot and kuwait mall… anyone has any idea where to get a proper iphone from:S?

  60. 61 Yousef

    Its funny how you all think you are smart that you found the iPhone online “Unlocked”

    And also how you think yoiu are the only people that are able to go online and order it…

    Anyone can order a damn iPhone online and unlock it! or even just get it unlocked! and yes it will only cost around 150-170 maybe delivered and working …

    But your “unlocked” version is known as the “Hacked” version to Apple … Has anyone tried to update the software on a unlocked iPhone? DONT!

    Apple is now working on blocking and updating software

    Anyway if you are not willing to buy it for 400 KD from Eureka then dont even think of buying it at all… somehow Eureka has managed to get it unlocked but in a official way..

    Now after you got all the crap cleared …. why are you interested in a iPhone anyway ?

    It is the worst mobile i have ever used EVER! and yes i got the 400 KD version from Eureka…

    The mobile looks cool … ipod touch is nice … amazing colors and menues …

    ok now the bad stuff about it ..

    #1 Heavy and big ugly size

    #2 Blutooth is limited to Mac products mainly ( you cant send pictures/vidoes/notes to other mobiles )

    #3 you must use a Mac PC or iTunes to transfer anything on the iPhone … or even off it!!!! ( yes you can not delte anything from on your iphone manually … must connect to PC and do it from iTunes )

    #4 all your SMS text are placed as conversation

    #5 all your calls ( received, sent, missed ) are placed in same list

    #6 All the setting are very limited! VERY!

    #7 you can put 8GB of music and videos on your iPhone… but as a ringtone? you can not use MP3 only poly stuff … so no real music or favorite band πŸ™‚

    #8 Speaker is crappy … you can only hear it if you are in a place with no living creatures lol

    #9 no speed dialing or voice commands …( yes some peopele do you that stuff )

    #10 there are no applications on the Phone ….. 6 of them are stuff for the internet ( mail, safari, youtube, stocks, maps from google, weather ) which could all be put into 1 application called the internet explorer πŸ™‚

    Other applications are calculater, clock and notes … lool how pathetic.

    #11 Camera is 2 mega pixels ( old tech? )… and only does still pictures … no video capture (wtf?)

    #12 the iPhone is so crappy as a real mobile it even made me forget all the other bad stuff about it …

    So in general … just DO NOT BUY THE DARN THING!!!

    Good luck and take Care πŸ™‚

  61. 62 k

    Please take the time to read previous comments before writing an essay.

    1. The iPhone Eureka is selling is *hacked* and un-warrantied like the others.
    2. Most people here have bought iPhones from apple.com and unlocked it themselves.

    While on the topic of aptitude, I believe they are much smarter than you are for buying the iphone for 100kd and getting the same thing you paid 400kd for.

  62. 63 Yousef

    i sold it for 300 yesterday anyway loool …. got rid of it

    i really dont care about the money … but it isnt even worth getting for 100KD …

    it is such a pathetic mobile seriously

  63. 64 Yousef

    im just trying to stop anyone to get it to be honest … its the most useless mobile i have ever used …

    And the money isnt the issue

  64. 65 Moooyad

    Thanks yousef! i was about to buy that stupid shit but now.. i am more into the N95 * GB!!! and waiting for it to come out.

  65. 66 near

    did u here they sell iphone in kuwait . guess how much some right some wrong 375 K.D!! dont know if its unlocked or not thats all i got for know

  66. 67 Moyad

    add to the iphone providers list i mention earlier.
    Al Ghanim for 299 KD ppl.. gna go check it out today and let u knw

  67. 68 Hasan

    Hi guys,
    just to update you all… i bought one from the US wih $440 and just yesterday unlocked it successfully, i really was afraid wether it will be unlocked or not and on the other hand wether it will work properly by receiving calls using MTC sim card network.

    but all are working fine :)) except im not able to send SMS outside kuwait ?!! any idea ?

    just wunna know how to use the Edge ? and from where i can get a cover for my iphone ? πŸ™‚

  68. 69 Hasan

    Sorry it was only one number im not able to send msg…

    others seems fine πŸ™‚

  69. Gowa shbab aby a3rf, the advantages and disadvantages of unlocked iphone because iÒ€ℒm bying on in a couple of days so iÒ€ℒwould like to take your advise, or should i wait tell february to get the third party applications ?
    because it will cost me around 200 kd ow aby a3rf min wayn ashtry turbo sim or fe wa7d gahz eyby3ha ma3a il iphone ow hall eshrka et3rf etha enta est5dmt iturbo sim and does anybody now etha e5trb mno by9l7 lan Mac bil Q8 may3rfonla ow hall il waranty etroo7 mina .. adry wayd em3gd ana πŸ™‚ as SOON as Posible “please” Thanks ..

  70. .
    WHAT ABOUT ARABIC Localization ?

  71. 72 Bohamad


    Just tell me how did you programmed your turbosim ?
    tried too many times no luck πŸ™


  72. 73 SH


    I would like to know how to configure the Edge, you mentioned that we have to go to settings > general > network > EDGE, but there’s no EDGE menu in networks !!!

  73. 74 nikita

    does it work wit wataniya???
    i put my sim in but its not workin it says it needs to b approved
    wht do i do?

  74. 75 Shuaib

    Well, if you need any assistance to work on Wataniya Sim, I will do for you free, since you are an Apple Iphone Owner, we respect πŸ˜‰

  75. 76 Abu Bakr

    Hi,m coming from london to kuwait ,i want to use my i phone in kuwait.is it possible that i can use kuwaiti sim in it

  76. 77 ami

    hey guys,
    does anyone knw when is d iphone officially gna b available in kuwait,pls let me knw..

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