Wataniya Women?


How I read the commercial:

  • Women
  • Only from Wataniya Telecom
  • Full Concierge service

Er .. so.. yeah.. ok.

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  1. Apparently I am not the only one with a 1 track mind. Thank you K!

  2. 2 k

    For the record .. I don’t mean anything towards the model in the picture. The (cute) poor girl was the victim of some poorly chosen sentence structures.

  3. Hahaha.. It can be interpreted like that too :p

  4. LOL is that a real ad even?

  5. where did you see that! man3 ekh6elat 😛

  6. cute?
    ikh, the puff..

  7. i wonder who does those kinda commercials … its stupid !! they need to THINK beofre publishing it ..

  8. 8 k

    There is another way .. ?

    blue dress:
    Yup .. right from their website.

    Tarbiya amreekiya .. 😛

    Well, I think she would look cute before the ridiculous hair/makeup/pose.

    Navy Girl:
    No idea .. Zain is looking good after this.

  9. 9 Purgatory

    That is discrimination!!! Why skinny chick, i want chubby ones!

  10. hahahaha same here, so wataniya does prostitution now?

  11. 11 moocherx

    Do we pay by the hour, or per centimetre of hair height?

  12. Purg, doesnt it strike you as ironic when people speak about discrimination in regards to ‘full meats’ when even skinny people get the same treatment? I don’t like being discrimanted against for being skinny myself so it goes both ways =)

    On the subject posted, I find the phrase “For her eyes only” to be really stupid. When will they hire proper translators that can distinguish between Arabic and English expressions? Putting that aside, it’s been 6 years now ever singe “Future Channel” came up with that stupid saying “la3yoonak” and every friggin company goes by it now. Very inventive indeed- blekh!

  13. Whoever would guess that we live in a conservative Muslim country!!! I do worry about Wataniya’s advertising.

  14. good one 🙂

    it took me a while toi understand the ad, it’s so unclear and confusing

    your interpretation is more fun though

  15. 15 k

    Chubby girls don’t exist in Advertising .. didn’t you get the memo?

    Well .. I wouldn’t call it that, just bad advertising for a bad service.

    You enter a raffle for every sms sent.

    I think the whole ad needs to be reevaluated .. And someone should make an ad poking fun at Arabic quote translations like “people people”

    Kuwait’s conservatism only exists with those pretending to follow it.

    Thanks .. you actually understood it!? I still have no idea what they are talking about…

  16. Even the colors look weird. I could of done better than that!

  17. 17 holla

    As retarded as that ad is, at least wataniya have more balls than MTZzzain.

  18. That is horrible >_____

  19. 19 k

    They made it in microsoft paint.

    They are having a shitty marketing competition.

    Sarah 7:
    And thats why Qataris shouldn’t be running things .. 😛

  20. Even though I have been told ahead of time about it, I also was kind of mislead by the ad. It’s like Miss Kuwait contest or something. Plus, the services marks it easy for calling girls. Just call this prefix and a girl will pick up!

    My advise don’t go for it.

  21. 21 KingJoe

    Hey all, I just got here from the USA 2 days ago and just bumped into this site, I still don’t understand the ad and your comments are all funny, love ya all and yeah I agree with one of the commentators that these guys should hire someone NOT to translate (ad verbum) translation, they should know the English expressions, I simply CANNOT understand what does FOR HER EYS ONLY mean!!! you know this is funny, but I was thinking the WATANIYA was offering women and someone decided to say so much for her eyes only LOL LOL LOL LOL and it STILL DID NOT MAKE ANY SENSE whatsoever!!! OH, just one more thing, doesn’t she have a too large of a head for her Body??????? OR it is just my eyes?? OH, FOR MY EYES ONLY LOL LOL LOL LOL.

    Hey, love ya all

  22. LOL she looks like one of my relatives! it’s def bad… but could be worse 😛

  23. 23 Fiaz

    ya wataniya is better than zain.so plz co-op with wataniya

  24. 24 NOOna

    Only available on women
    it doesnt even make sense!

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