Zain and the iPhone.


Good news for those who have spent long nights unlocking their iPhones (or been ripped off by some guy with a computer and credit card) only to find that they are unable to recieve calls on the MTC Zain. There were some compatibility issues between the iPhones and the celltowers (they work in certain areas). MTC Zain has acknowledged the issue and has requested a software update to fix it. Everything should be working fine within the next ten days.

Many thanks to the Technical Networks Team at Zain for looking into the issue and resolving it.. If they were in charge of Marketing we might have a decent logo.

Update: The iPhone will be working on the MTC Zain network sometime tonight/tomorrow (September 20th). I want to extend my gratitude to the MTC Zain IT Networks Team for taking the time to address and resolve this issue (especially since the iPhone is currently unsupported).

Update 2: I can confirm that the iPhone now works with Zain!

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  1. LOL! A7lah shay the last sentence

  2. hahahha.. you just couldn’t help it! You had to take a hit at that damn logo!!

    Well thats a good thing, they will fix it soon!

  3. 3 purgatory

    This post reminds me of an old saying

    Do not touch my Banana, bitch…(wise monkey)

  4. Monkey! Group hugs! Ok… Yes you are right, they were not involved of this highly paid for campaign & i am angry at them because uptill this moment I DO NOT FREAKIN KNOW HOW TO RECHARGE CREDIT! bas let them play around in the market for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ they are bound to change some stuff soon..

  5. 5 hokkianu

    what a good news from zain. When your Zain iphone can receive call, pls buzz here again ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. 6 s

    Great post .. I enjoy disturbing people while they are having fu6oor.

  7. The title of this post should have been, “The iPhone fixes Kuwait’s archaic network!”

  8. LOL @ there marketing team. We would of seen some better ads too. Ok, Ok, Ok, my darling Ok. How cheesy is that!:P

  9. Looking forward to it

  10. That is a good thing, since eventually the market will be flooded with the iPhone soon. They had to prepare one day..

  11. LOL I kinda like the logo…it reminds me of Dreamcast ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, let’s just hope that Zain won’t end up like the Dreamcast.

  12. 12 em7md

    lol .. whos the monkey?? ๐Ÿ˜›

    agool ana ga3d adawr wataniya bu 3 or more same degets

  13. 13 IphoneDude


    The IPHONE will work fully on the ZAIN newtwork by 3 pm today, Its already working at the MTC building.

  14. 14 Spikey

    Ok ..its official…Iphone is working on the Zain network…Enjoy

  15. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ Good news for all you iphone buffs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Very good news, so I don’t have to change my number and get a Wataniya sim card ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. too good to be true! Good luck everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 zeecu

    also, not IT.

  19. Going to give it a shot

  20. 20 Hamad

    guys check this out
    and plus..we should thank every one in zain not only IT.

  21. first of al, it wasnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt IT, it was networks.
    second we should thank every one in Zain.
    So after all that talking about Zain, changing the card to 128k and problems with network. All it was needed was a patch hehe we were complaining here for days and all they did is solve it less than 24 hours, cuz a guy works in Zain came here and read your comments and posted a video. wow
    The question is, would Wataniya would have done the same effort? Go to all that trouble? I leave that for you guys to answer.
    Thank you all for your great attention and enjoy your iphone with Zain, I know that I will ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. 22 k

    Zain came through on the iphone issue .. We owe a thanks to all people who pitched in, from Networks to the people who donated their phones for testing.

  23. Also, not a team. A division.

    ok I’ll stop.

  24. 24 em7md

    tmam .. 3ayal n7tach to contact zain technical team ?? or its will be automatically???

  25. 25 k

    It will automatically work ..

  26. I am Glad for you lucky Zain customers in Kuwait… Unfortunatley in Bahrain They have not implemented this patch and I am stuck with a phone that can’t recive calls ๐Ÿ™

    Can some of you amazing Techies at Zain Kuwait call your counterparts in Bahrain to fix the problem here… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  27. 27 k

    Call the Network team at the Mobile company and tell them to update the ‘Nokia-Siemens’ firmware on their towers.

  28. I called them but I was told that the iphone will only work with a hardware crack ie. the soldering method….the customer service rep even told me he has an iphone that works so there is nothing they can do for me.

  29. 29 k

    I think they misunderstood what you meant .. when you put your simcard in the iPhone; does it allow you to make calls?

    If you can make calls, but are unable to recieve them .. the mobile company has to update its hardware.

    If you can’t make calls (or get a incorrect sim error) your iPhone is locked to the At&T network and need to be unlocked to allow another sim card. You can do that at home .. without touching the hardware.

  30. No i’ve unlocked it fine and its the exact same issue you discussed I can make calls send smses and recieve smses but I cannot recive calls.. I recieved 1 missed call while I was in the middle of an outgoing call …

    so its the tower issue.. and I guess the customer service rep is’nt very knowledgable regarding techinical issues

    I wish I could speak directly to the Network team but I dont know if they will transfer me so Ill try tommorow morning again and request to speak to them.

    I’ve unlocked 4 iphones 3 of them were for my nephews and nieces who all have Batelco sim cards and they have not had this issue I think Batelco uses Ericsson hardware.

  31. 31 k

    Ask for the ‘Networks Division’ at the mobile company .. also, some of the MTC/Zain-Kuwait engineers have been following up on this forum; hopefully they can provide MTC.Zain-Bahrain with the required updates.

  32. Hope so too thanks for posting about this issue If it was’nt for your site I’d have given up and gone over to the dark side and got a Batelco line instead.. but If it’s fixed in Kuwait I’m sure it can be eventually fixed here too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again K

  33. Haya.
    zain bahrain will be contacted for that issue..give them 48 hours and you will find the new logo in the mobiles network.

  34. Zain4Life
    wow great news thanks so much !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 35 Uturn

    All this fuss for a glorified i-mate?

  36. All hell has now broken looooseee

  37. 37 lfc-q8

    Zain4Life wataniya didnt have the problem to fix it at the first plae… wataniya dosent have all the drop calls you have… W-net is 100 times more stable then ur E-go
    why did u have to mention wataniya?

  38. 38 Hat

    Anybody who used Iphone

    Does it send & recieve and recieve arabic SMS

    If not the how can this be slove


    to u, all iPhoners & my bro too ๐Ÿ˜€

    one thing left ,, what about EDGE ?
    do u have any idea how to activate it, how to get the vpm-username-password?

  40. 40 k

    Great .. thanks!

    An early congrats .. be sure to inform us if everything works out.

    Pretty much ..

    Before or after we went out .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    True, but this shows that Zain/MTC listens to the end consumers and resolves their problems. And we both know you can’t discuss MTC without Wataniya and vice versa..

    A group of people are working on arabic support .. the letters show up but they aren’t connected.

    Allah ybark feech .. !

    Edge works fine, you go into settings > phone > network. The access point is ‘PPS’ or ‘APN01’ (if you have a corporate account.. the rest of the fields are blank.

  41. My birthday is on the 29th.

    As for the disjointed Arabic, it’s common on Safari..I guess Apple still didn’t fix it. I posted a fix on my old blog, I think…I don’t remember. Damn I’m getting senile.

    Did I tell you my birthday is on the 29th?

  42. 42 Remaza

    I also contacted the NETWORK TEAM of ZAIN BAHRAIN I will be following them up for some answering and hopefully some positive actions from there side in this regard.

  43. 43 hokkianu

    hi all, in Malaysia telco, we are having the same call in problem. Any idea how should i complaint to the telco? any more technical term that i can inform them?


  44. 44 aizan

    Zain BH also fixed the issue.iphone is working fine here. Actually this porblem is with handset however people at Zain managed to fix it. Good for us. Thanks to all Zain team for addressing customer issues promptly.

  45. Confirmed Zain BH has resolved the problem with being unable to receive calls.

    I assure you the problem was not because of the handset as I have not changed anything in my handset and everything works fine now.

    To the network team in Zain BH thank you for your prompt response in resolving the issue!

    Thank you for contacting Bahrain ๐Ÿ™‚

    K the kuwaiti Thank you for bringing everybody’s attention to the issue.. I am sure you have made alot of iPhone owners very happy!

  46. 46 k

    Tell them to update the celltower firmware from nokia-siemens.

    Are you sure? I figured the issue was with the gprs heartbeat .. the celltower was understanding it incorrectly. Either way, a tower update will fix the issue.

    Mabrook! Glad to heat that the Zain people got it working .. they have been doing a great job recently.

  47. hmmm
    got zain ?
    check !
    got iPhone ?
    no check !

    need iPhone..
    must have iPhone..

    (p.s. the logo is staying :P)

  48. 48 hokkianu

    thanks! already informed Malaysia Maxis telco. Let’s see what they can do.
    Btw, do u think is the same issue with zain?

  49. 49 moh al

    where can i get iphone for less than 200 or just 200 ???

  50. 50 Dhari

    Any thoughts on updating the iphone to v. 1.1.1
    will it still work? (in Kuwait)

  51. 51 k

    Ma yighla 3alaich ..

    I think the problem is the same .. it fixed Bahrain too.

    moh al

    It does not work .. DO NOT UPDATE!

  52. 52 mishari26

    Ok, here’s my 2 major annoyances with my iPhone right now:

    1- You can NOT drag and drop music from your iTunes onto your iPhone. You have to sync it. And ok if your music library is bigger than 8gb you can create a playlist and drop the stuff you want onto that playlist, but you can NOT go to your work PC and drop a few more albums that you have there. You either sync it at home, or at work. ANNOYING =(

    2- It does NOT pop up as an external drive like the cute iPod does. Why “remove” an awsome feature I beg to ask? ๐Ÿ˜›

    minor annoyance:

    3- It does NOT play videos that aren’t H.264 encoded.

    Basically, what Apple is trying to do here is:
    Make iTunes store your temple, and never dare to think of going anywhere else to get your media.

    Other than the above, I love it :-/

  53. 53 k


    1. You can! Just make sure you enable ‘Manually manage music and videos’ in the first screen. You can even use other itunes to transfer music to the iphone that way; syncing wipes out the previous data.

    2. I believe there is a hack somewhere to enable this.

    3. Yeah .. no fix, f-apple. Thats also the same reason I am not getting a itv.

  54. 54 mishari26

    the only options I see on iTunes are:
    1- Automatically sync when iPhone is connected.
    2- Sync only checked songs and videos.

    the 1st isn’t relevant ofc, but the 2nd wasn’t useful either. There’s no option to “Manually manage music and videos” that I can see. The issue is mentioned in many other sites reviewing the iPhone like this one:

    So its a pretty deliberate act on apple’s behalf.

  55. 55 moh al


    no here in kuwait ????

  56. 56 TwaiF

    K , I’ve got the msg when i install the BSD Subsystem , i googled for a sultion but i coundlt find one.

    “error during install script execution”

    Can you help me Please?

  57. 57 k

    Thats weird that they left those options out .. my touch doesn’t let me use it as a flash driver either.

    moh al:
    Not officially ..

    Is the phone jailbroken? Have you run PACAY?

    If all else fails, restore and re-unlock.

  58. 58 N

    k can u plz give me the setting for the edge

  59. 59 k

    I gave it to you in the other post .. You go to settings > general > network > EDGE

    Change access point to:
    MTC: pps OR apn01

    delete the username/password sections.

  60. 60 FT

    khaloood hii this Fawaz T from the states plzz 7abebe i wana get the iphone and i want to know how to unlock it to work with t-mobile plzzz if u have the steps could u e-mail it to me

    and do u have any idea how much it costs in kuwait ???

    and does it work with MTC and WATANIYA ???

    thanx 7abebe


  61. 61 moh al


    i cant get it form apple store any more what alse can i do to get one ??

  62. 62 BaNdA

    I gave it to you in the other post .. You go to settings > general > network > EDGE

    Change access point to:
    MTC: pps OR apn01

    delete the username/password sections.

    Dear N I posted the PPS to the Access Point, and when I place the call by dialling *99# it says “error Performing request” No Error.
    Is there any other action should be taken. Please help.

  63. 63 Purgatory

    I think its time to have a K 102 blogging post

  64. Kel 3am o enta bkheir ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Gowa shbab aby a3rf, the advantages and disadvantages of unlocked iphone because i’m bying on in a couple of days so i’would like to take your advise, or should i wait tell february to get the third party applications ? as SOON as Posible Thanks ..

  66. 66 SPW

    I would like to ask if ipone version 1.1.1 work in kuwait (zain) or not ? And if not please tell me which version work


  67. 67 Saleh

    that was close, cause I didn’t buy iPhone 3G yet. After I heard about Zain will work with iPhone 3G, I will wait for it. but wait, does that mean you don’t have to hack it or anything. and my second question is, can iphone recieve arabic text. and My final question is, there will be an update the Iphone depend on the Apple website? thank you..

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