Eid sayings and replies.


This is a repost from last year.
Chicken Nuggets rejoice .. here are some common Eid sayings and replies:


Saying: 3eedik Mubarak
Reply: Ayamik Sa3eeda

Saying: 3asak min 3awada
Reply: 3asak min il 3aydeen wl fayzeen

Saying: Kil 3am w’nta ib5air
Reply: W’nta ib su7a oo salama


Saying: 3eedich Mubarak
Reply: Ayamich Sa3eeda

Saying: 3asach min 3awada
Reply: 3asach min il 3aydeen wl fayzeen

Saying: Kil 3am w’ntay ib5air
Reply: W’ntay ib su7a oo salama

When leaving a place, you might hear this: “3asakum it3oodona hal sina oo kil sina.” If there are any I have left out, leave a comment and I will update the list.

Eidkum Mubarak.

30 Responses to “Eid sayings and replies.”

  1. I think you nailed all of them..
    Oo 3eedik imbarak!

  2. thanks i needed this!

  3. 3 Purgatory

    6 pcs with bbq sauce

  4. Thanks, I can use it when Eid rolls around. 🙂

  5. 5 k

    Thanks .. Ayamik Sa3eeda.

    Remember, if you get screwed .. just reply what they say.

    Would you like to supersize that?

    Tomorrow .. Tomorrow!

  6. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  7. handbook for the holz

  8. loved it!
    the chicken nugget population would like to express its gratitude to you..
    umm would a 20 kd mcdonalds voucher be good ;p~

  9. *taking notes*

  10. 10 k

    Shlon il 3eed 3ndikum ? 5ayat dshdasha?? 😛

    Do you the pronouncaitions for the 3 (a’a) and 5 (kha)?

    No McDonalds! I need to drop the ramadan weight, I will accept diet care deserts.

  11. Ta3awadna 3ala hel kalaaam! hehehehe! But good thing you did, not everyone knows the replies!

  12. 3eedik Imbarak!
    Much appreciation. 😀

  13. 13 F

    Very useful! Thanks KK! Espeially the 3asak 3aydeen fayzeen one, seriously! 🙂

  14. *rejoicing*

  15. 15 Purgatory

    to what, a chicken?

  16. somewhat….not all…when I came to Kuwait, I was like whot the hell these people are writing? 7,6,3 bo3ali…etc….then someone told me how it works…hehhhe!

  17. No comment…bass Eid mubarak to you and ur family!

  18. LOOL
    ya7lailik ya K…shdarak ina i would need that?!
    I will never ever learn this one:
    Saying: 3asak min al 3awada
    Reply: 3asak min il 3aydeen wl fayzeen

    madry laish?!

  19. 19 white wings

    how about simple
    كل عام وأنتم بخير؟

  20. THANK YOU!
    I need more on other topics like what to say for 3aza, sick person, etc!! PLEASE?

  21. 21 nQ

    actually.. this is how it goes:

    random person: 3eedich imbarak
    Nq. : 3alaina o 3alaik
    random person: AYAMIK SA3IDAA (usually in an angry tone)
    Nq. : winta as3ad 🙂

  22. 22 H

    ashwa ini i escaped this mess hl 3eed .. missed me ? ;p
    neways, sometimes ppl say “3eedkm imbarak oo taqaball allah 6a3atkum”

  23. 3edik mbarak. Have a great one.

  24. 24 S

    thank you! F and i had to keep a list of these written down on a post-it beside the phone, we kept forgetting what they were..

  25. I think it’s

    Saying: 3asak min 3awadah


    Saying: 3asak min al 3awada

  26. I think it’s 3asakom min 3awwadah moo min al-3awwadah =/

    ayamik sa3edah

  27. thank you Very Q8ya…

    u r right… it is 3asakom mn 3awada

    madree lesh mn al 3awada

    halaw 3enee 6a6aaw

  28. 28 Oranjina

    ayamik as3aad 😉

  29. 29 Sin

    Saying: Kil 3am w’nta ib5air
    Reply: Minni wa Minek

  30. Wow, did anyone find that useful?
    Aren’t people learning these should be too young to be online?? :p

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