Parliament fails us once again.


There are two things I tend to keep a distance from, drugs and politics…

However, the latter tends to encompass our lives and requires us to intervene every few months when our local peacemakers are too busy fighting between themselves to run our country.

Based on the recent ramblings in the Diwaniya’s of Kuwait… The current issue in the ‘Umma’ is the grilling of Nouriya Al-Sebih by Tribal MPs. Apparently; the MPs feel that she isn’t doing a bang up job with our immaculate educational system. And this is supported by evidence that students (gasp!) are intermingling in private schools, in turn are causing all sorts of havoc on our society.

So, you ask, how do they plan on showing that the educational system (in the couple months she has run it) has faltered in the past few months?

In between hours of unnecessary speeches they are going to show private videos and pictures of (College/High School) students participating (again, gasp!) in afterschool events.

Now, there are a few things (off the top of my head) that I find disconcerting (for lack of a better word).

    1. They are not presenting any real solutions to our educational system.
    2. The videos have absolutely nothing to do with our ‘pristine’ educational system or how it’s being run.
    3. Private videos are private… They should not be used in any public form (and especially not in Parliament for personal gains).
    4. If the parents do not want their children to participate in such events, either forbid them from going or put them in other schools.

      They are not going to discuss any real matters like educational goals, lack of capable teachers, low high school graduates, or availability of higher level facilities (as she has only been in charge for a few months).

      I might be going off on a tangent here, but I think the real reasons behind the grilling could be the firing of useless staff members and her being the only non-covered women in Parliament. And coming from the same group of people who didn’t want women in Parliament to begin with… It’s to be expected.

      I actually find it quite appalling and ironic that when we get someone with the capability to fix our educational mess (or realistically any mess); they are being harassed by people who don’t bring any real value to the government (or common good). A message to members of Parliament… You have been chosen to lead our country; leave your internal arguments, bickering and personal vendettas at home … keep the grillings for the crooks and liars.

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      1. there is a thin line that separates politics from personal bickering.

      2. 🙂

      3. 3 Purgatory

        I like Wimpy

      4. Yeah well goodluck sending them that message. Naturally its about time she gets her share of hassling after shooting off her other fellow in sex. As for the videos, I’m not sure exactly how they’re going to display it but that’s just stooping too low in my opinion, unless it’s done within the domains of the educational institution itself.

      5. These tribal idiots are pissing me off! When their guys get fired they get pissed, she is cleaning out the dead-weight in the government to start the process of rebuilding and reshaping!

      6. elsharha moo 3alaihum, elsharha 3ala ra2ees the parliament and ppl higher up on the ladder that allow these kinds of stupid unnecessary things to go on.
        its like watching 12 year old girls fighting in junior high!

        showing videos of lil high school kids dancing in an after school activity
        wintaw shako
        this is tyranny i swear, they wana turn us into the next iran/saudi

      7. 7 Soul

        There is always resistance to change and against change.

        And a change which is unconventional, will be the central theme of all those who are routine, conventional thinkers (probably i must not use ‘thinkers’)

        The responsibility of cleaning up the mess, planning for the future and implementing the plans and then successful progress of the educational system, cannot come in 6 months. Period.

        Now all those lame arse lagoons, who think waving a wand and think that magic will happen, should be left to their own miseries.

        People talk and they talk.

        Pareto’s 80-20 Rule: 80% are bullshitters and 20% count.
        Lets talk about those 20%, who would make some sense and drive the society forward.

        K – I think you should form a society, who would count in those 20%

        I better use 10% of my time which will contribute 90% of value of my day, ergo, this post.

        ~ Peace

        ~ Soul

      8. THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! *takes a deep breath*

        oo bs…

      9. 9 TAT

        they should just let her do her job if after a 2 years they see no improvement then say something bout it. starting their bickering after a couple of months, not like things will change in a day

      10. You saied that u keep politics in distance so why now u started to think about it. don’t give your self a headache with all the argument going on in the parliament just relax and live your life coz no mater what u say they’ll never gona solve the problems..

      11. Thats so pessimistic q820days.

        The world is not for those who sit and relax.
        Its for those who take the initiative and see it through.

        Its better to air your voice than to sit and watch the show, just because no one is gonna hear you.
        I say its LAME.

        Hang on K.. you are doing a great job mate !

        ~ Soul

      12. 12 white wings

        videos were not shown and no one listens to good advice
        we’ll just have to kick these mps out of our parliament and get ourselves new good ones 🙂

      13. Theres a saying..

        “Oh! frog, look out of your well, theres a world to be discovered”

        In Kuwait there are a lot of frogs who pull the frog which tries to jump out of the well.

        “We dont develop anyway, how the fc*k can anyone else think otherwise than OUR way”
        Thats sickening.

        Where are the torch bearers ?

        ~ Soul

      14. it’s all about deals deals deals,, you give me this I give you that, negotiations, deals, money, power, standing on the shoulders of giants

      15. it’s always easier to point fingers than to offer a hand, this is the result of so much corruption going on …

      16. 16 z.

        Critizizing is what we do best in q8. We are givein the freedom of speech, but when it come’s to implementing wat has been said it becomes a violation and hence a restriction. whats the point of talk, in the end its just talk.

      17. if you have such strong opinions ya nas 3eyal DO something about it! because right now it seems like the only people who are doing anything are the Backwards Bearded People!!

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