Have a Great Shani Day!



Have you gotten your loved one a Shani today?

18 Responses to “Have a Great Shani Day!”

  1. Happy Shani Day! hahaha

  2. Hey! Shani is also banned from sale in KSA until after Valentine’s Day, right? because… the ban was for “all” red items ?…

    Either way, Happy Shani day! :D.. My favorite soft drink, after Mountain Dew

  3. haha cute! happy shani day to u too 🙂

  4. Happy Shani Day hehe 😉

  5. Ban Shani, it is Pagan.

    Happy Valentine / Shani Day.

  6. Happy Shani Day to youuu!! (and tomatoes are red too!)

  7. Those two large strawberries look like breasts. And the smaller ones look like private parts.

    Strawberries are a romantic fruit, and are usually chocolatey and go with champagne. This is unnaceptable.

    You are banned from my household. You and the damn Shami.

  8. happy shanny
    happy heart
    happy love
    happy red

    may all ur days be filled with happiness and love

  9. and does it give excitement to the other??…:P

  10. 10 Said Salaf

    All medical operation is banned in Saudi Arabia in Valentine Day.
    Blood is Red , Red is Banned.!

  11. This post is soooooo Mark…and I think it actually is.

    Oh well, hope you had a nice Shani Day 🙂

  12. ams zaQaitley shani, yesarsssi7!

  13. yummmmy i want one 🙁

  14. i only tried it once like 5 yrs ago :/

  15. gonna go get me one right now 😛

  16. it does not taste as good as it used to

  17. Same to u;P sha5bari shaniii..I saw ur post and it inspired me to get one. deeelish;p

  18. hahahahahahaha i remember going to the baqala when we were kids just to buy Shani Sun Top.. remember???


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