Weekday mixup.


Is it just me or does today feels like a Thursday?

I am contemplating missing work tomorrow in the interest of fixing my mental schedule; Either that or I need to find a constant from two days in the future.

9 Responses to “Weekday mixup.”

  1. LOOL i thought i was the only one, last night i was like “yeah let’s see what we’re gonna tomo…dayum!” 😛 r u referring to LOST?

  2. 2 Hal

    This just might be the world’s best new excuse for missing work: busy fixing my mental schedule. You’re a genius 😀

  3. 3 s

    Next thursday is a holiday fix it then…

  4. I want them to bring back the old weekends, that way I would actually have 3 days weekend rather than the lonely two :s

  5. 5 H

    my dad said the same thing earlier..

  6. If your skipping.. let me know! I want out!

  7. 7 Fawaz

    Lol! I know the feeling!

    yeah, LOST :p

  8. this is so awkward, i too on wednesday messed track of time and i skipped work just to get my self back together, i felt unfocused, and not going did help me get back on track, this is weird

  9. Yesterday was the biggest skip day. I think half of Kuwait didn’t show up to their jobs…(I wasn’t a part of that bunch, unfortunatley)…You ever feel like there is a secret phone tree that happens with the people that skip in various companies? I WANT IN ON THE TREE

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