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I love coffee .. The false sense of energy in the morning coupled with the caffeine addiction makes the start of every day a great one. After a drowsy wakeup bashing my relentless alarm into the wall… I religiously show my affection to the gods of caffeine by starting off my day with a prayer […]

Apparently we got listed in Abwab magazine because Marzouq has connections. I’d like to thank the Academy, God for giving me so much that I do not deserve. … My friends, my family. Fans, thank you. God bless you. And, of course, the person that started it all. … I would not be here if […]

I enjoy both types of a good Will Smith movie, the ones where he is either the suave womanizer/action hero or the broke/depressed guy who rises above it all. You leave the film with an aura of feel-good nature, reminded how the world is a wonderful place with Will Smith. However, the latest depressed/hero guy […]