The joy of Starbucks.


I love coffee .. The false sense of energy in the morning coupled with the caffeine addiction makes the start of every day a great one. After a drowsy wakeup bashing my relentless alarm into the wall… I religiously show my affection to the gods of caffeine by starting off my day with a prayer of two canderel tablets, hot milk and Arabica. However, my devotion for noir in the mornings is only faltered by one thing… the *baristas* at Starbucks.

While other coffee shops usually abide by the simple rule of welcoming you in filipino-english as Sir/Madam and then taking your order… The atheists at Starbucks (conspiring to complicate life) always attempt to shift you another ungodly creation of crap.

Me: Hi, I would like an espresso.
Atheist: Would you like to try our Caramel Cinnamon Tea with whip cream and pine nuts?
Me: Nope… just an espresso.
Atheist: We have a special offer, Caramel Cinnamon Tea with a half eaten almond donut.
Me: Nope… just an espresso.
Atheist: It’s very tasty… We can make you a Caramel Cinnamon Tea with three pumps of vanilla ice shaken.
Me: Nope… just an espresso.
Atheist: Inside the blender we put the half eaten almond donut and mix it with the caramel, cinnamon, vanilla and whip cream.
Me: Espresso?

A simple order of an espresso in the morning is extended into a ridiculously long banter about the million different variations of beans and water that they offer. They ask you if you want to add several layers of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, coconuts and almonds. After the exhaustive repetitions of the word no, no, no… They attempt to sell you yet another drink which has absolutely no correlation to your intended order. You want an espresso? Then how about you try our frozen cinnamon mango shake with a crushed snickers bar. By the time your order is complete, your constant begging for an espresso has evolved into a seven shot caramel affogato accompanied by a chicken quiche.

While you are left clenching your numbered receipt for an unwanted order… you are surrounded by two types of people; the ditsy mithajbas wrapped in their skin tight leopard body suits looking at you as if you stole the last of the empty yogurt cups and the prepubescent teenagers, under the impression that the corner couch resides in their personal living room as they send each other IM messages. After your order number is screamed out, and you retrieve a burnt latte… It dawns upon you that sitting inside might not be the best choice… As you move outdoors to sit beside the chain-smoking students of Kuwait’s academia staring aimlessly into a translated book about The Secret .. your realize this wasn’t the experience you were looking for.

The experience of a hip coffeehouse playing Norah Jones with the upcoming writers crafting their creations is dead and gone (if it ever existed). The allure of a chic central perk faded long ago when they started using darts to target the last three buildings to place an emblazoned green twin-tailed siren. To which you are left pondering? What brings me back to this god forsaken place? it isn’t the coffee or the atmosphere … As you make your way to your car realizing that the lack of an answer won’t stop you from coming back the next day and attempting to order an espresso.

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  1. 1 Sushi

    Dearly beloved,

    We are honored with the privilege of being present here today to witness and support in faith the christening of K.TheKuwaiti; the son of BlumBlum and YumYum.
    You have been invited here as family and friends as your prayers and spiritual support in the life of this caffeine-enriched child believer of Espresso. It has been said that in a Baptism, Heaven comes down and surround the child with God’s love for which the effect is lifelong.

    We join our thoughts then and sincere goodwill, asking that Starbucks peace might finally embrace this soul and an arc of God’s light surround this child for all of his caffeine deprived mornings & days.

    By it you confess your faith in our fusion products and formally dedicate yourself to our heavenly creator (as symbolized on our paper cups- evidence shows relation to the god Poseidon yet not proven), pronounce your faith in our Lord and savior the mighty Coffee Bean, call upon the ministry of Holy Smoke and profess fellowship in the circle of believers of the —- (for confidential purposes the owner family’s name shall not be mentioned).


    *sprays Cinnamon Nut oil on K*

  2. Dear Mam-Sir,

    When you go to order Starbucks, here are the rules to follow:

    You make NO eye contact with anything BUT the person at the till.
    You will not GLANCE at the food choices.
    You will not look towards the Mango/Water/ChocoMints at the counter.

    I literally, LITERALLY stopped going to Starbucks Palms (Worst.Ever.In.The.World) becuase they don’t understand (apart from Tall Skim Latte), “just what i ordered, please”.

    I’ve had HATE blast from my eyes as i shake my head at the Nepali woman working there.
    Now, if i’m ever at PQ and want coffee, i promise you she doesn’t even bother asking about anything other than how my day was after taking my order.

    It’s gotten to the point where i actually have to say “Tall. Soy. Vanilla Latte….. And nothing else”. If they keep pestering me about water, something to eat, or if i want 10 times Caramel i actually had to once ask if they were actually listening to what i was saying.

    To the point where it’s like, “I don’t understand why you’re not understanding my order. Tall. Soy. Vanilla Latte. Nothing else. That means NOTHING else. I don’t understand…”

    And that, my dear, is why i either call in to pick up, or just go to the Starbucks at Arjan Bidi3, where they not only immedietly get down to business when they see me, but quickly quiet down any noob at the till who dares to ask me any other questions.

    I’ve realized that the greatest most amazing thing as a customer that you can depend on is asking, if badgered, “i don’t understand why you didn’t understand me. did you not hear me? (all together now)… Tall. Soy. Vanilla Latte.

    And that’s my contribution.
    With nothing more than you asked for.
    And certainly with no extra caramel or whipped cream.

  3. 3 k

    I thought of starting a cult .. but there is too much paperwork involved.

    I have contemplated sending someone with a note of my exact order .. knowing starbucks they would scratch it out and put it the ‘special of the week’. He wants a Mocha? Nah .. that ain’t no good.

  4. Ps:
    “””As you make your way to your car realizing that the lack of an answer won’t stop you from coming back the next day and attempting to order an espresso.”””

    It’s becuase everything else is too complicated and i’m sorry, but Starbucks has the best tasting espresso-based drinks.

    CBTL, i’m very sad to say, tastes like rat-poison.
    And the other places are nowhere near my usual commute destinations.

    and pps:
    you know i’ve got the hook-up for your extra-hot cappucinos, right?


  5. Lol! At to that they have an attitude alll starbux branches.
    i think its their way of marketing. shaklah fi commision contest as well.

    Try caribou alot better.

  6. Well….? Did you in fact steal the last empty yogurt cups??

  7. I pretend not to know english, and just repeat “haw mash?” ,”haw mash?”, they stopped bothering me after that.

  8. 8 Purgatory

    hahahahahahahaha, I can even know the tone you kept saying that and the look 🙂

  9. 9 TAT

    try a different approach where you stare them down and say “just a fuckin espesso”

  10. My thoughts and sentiments exactly K. I’ve found out however that one way of avoiding all their ‘scripted’ banter is to visit the same branch at almost the same times, familiarize yourself with one of the baristas and he will most likely be going ‘the usual ‘ ? Or he will just be all around nicer and more in sync with whatever you’re saying/ordering (in the case of a new drink or more things).

  11. 11 Я

    3ashanek I will unearth a post I’ve written about Starbucks a few months back.

    Check out the logo, I’m sure it’ll appeal to your godly taste:


    Good seeing you man. WTF?!

  12. Your latest “small-sentenced” posts made me forget how gifted writer you are. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.

    Now, let’s get back to the topic before your head gets any bigger…

    One of my friends told me that by simply holding a Starbucks cup, we simply feel more modern, sophisticated, important, and more superior than those who get their coffee from other places or make them at home. There is something alluring from holding a cup with a twin-tailed siren logo stick to it…and yet…I cannot point my finger on it. So maybe that answers your question.

  13. skinny, I’ve been addicted to caribou coffee ever since you introduced it to my husband, it’s great

  14. ugh i’m craving that half eaten almond donut.

  15. Angelo I googled it. Aint a siren. Logo originally depicted a 15th century Norse wooden-cut Mixoparthenos or mermaid. Great, we are slaves to a coffee shop of a “consumer wh****” (not my term) named after a Moby Dick character.

    Coffee Bean’s coffee is more tolerable.

  16. the answer is Coffee Bean

  17. 17 amer

    I use the line “Pardon me boy, is that the chatanooga choochoo?”

    They quickly get my order.

  18. Right on the spot with all the points.. they just keep repeating and it drives me nuts..

    where is a mallet when you need one!

  19. 19 k

    Never! CBTL makes a bad espre- (Shut your mouth)!

    Caribou/CBTL make an exceptional coffee, but they are located in normal places like malls and business districts.

    Nope .. of the little yogurt that I do eat, mine come in small cups that would make for a bad hijab alien head.

    Don Veto:
    Me baby .. milk, water? No .. Petrol!

    Complete with hand signals.

    They would think that a ‘fuckin espresso’ is a special item. No sir .. this only last week for ‘fuckin espresso’.

    Crazed Man Tattered (too lazy to copy paste):
    The last time I familiarized my self with a coffee shop .. An effeminate Filipino waiter took my phone number from a rate survey and started to call me up and invite me to go windsurfing.

    Few months = almost three years ago! Took you long enough to come to the meeting ..

    Thanks .. but rest assured that my ego is already quite massive, If my head got any bigger I couldn’t fit through doors. I should start using the starbucks come for random things to raise their purpose .. maybe if I gargle from a starbucks cup my teeth would feel more important.

    They also deliver .. which is also quite addictive.

    Sorry sir, today finish half eaten almond donut .. you want to try Chicken Shawerma, very good.

    Exactly .. I place my order through the phone and they come rushing out when I arrive.

    If I recited that to a waiter .. they would think its a celine dion song and start singing along.

    I carry one in my car .. don’t you?

  20. 20 s

    Reminds me of this scene:

    (copy and paste this scene)

  21. I loved this…

    Starbucks makes my day…

    I’m on a first name basis with my barrista..

    today i asked him what he’s going to do the weekend, my savior that knows how to make the best skimmed decaf latte in this country hands down, turns out to be a jogger..

    he jogs on the seaside and watches KTV2..

    its nice to know the person behind the coffee xx

  22. I think they put something in their coffee….something that guarantees u come back…just like Mcdonalds do……..wallah…theres a conspiracy……i want to know why we always come back dammit !

  23. I’m glad my name finally proved to be a hassle for someone to fully type 😛 Yeah that could be a ‘side effect’ of familiarizing yourself with one of their branches lol.

  24. next time just say ur allergic to caramel

  25. 25 Oilrig

    “The experience of a hip coffeehouse playing Norah Jones with the upcoming writers crafting their creations is dead and gone”


  26. true, the atmosphere at starbucks is not what it should be, but it also depends on the time and place

  27. 27 k

    And then I would smash the cashier.

    Thanks .. I was on a first name basis with the baristas’ in Beaners (Back in Michigan) .. here not so much, as I have yet to find a coffee alchemist in Kuwait.

    Delicately Realistic:
    Now that you mentioned it .. they could be pulling a coke cola.

    Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals:
    There .. I copied it this time around.

    Then they will offer a million other flavors.

    Welcome back .. and yes, long gone.

    True.. but more times than none, you will be surrounded by others.

  28. u know there r a couple of coffee places in kuwait that offer u a mind tickling soul relaxing experience!
    there is this particular place.. its not the fancy chain name or the annoying music or the who is who and stuff.. no.. its usually quietuut not always.. walls decorated with local artists paintings.. local writers sitting in the corner thinking and diving deep into god knows where.. intellectual talks.. business, social, academic… u name it. theatre writers sitting together brainstorming for their scanrios and roles and stuff.. poets.. artists.. and the best part.. THE BEST COFFEE i`ve ever had in kuwait!

    u go there sit.. and u dont feel awkward if u started talkin to anyone there.. 😉

  29. 29 Asooma

    exactly.. why we keep going there?
    but i’m more of CBTL person.. love the caramel latte, the excellent service and the atmosphere..
    And I really hate Costa.. worst service EVER

    Ms. D
    you forgot to mention the place? name?

  30. 30 Farhad

    Starbucks is following the OrderPlusPlus school of forcing orders from their customers. Most people are easily swayed, why do you think they always offer you cokes and fires at McDonalds or Burger King. Because it works.

    More then 70% would go for that special offer.

  31. asooma…
    u gotta find ur own lil place ;p

    but this is in down town kuwait, behind a sea side hospital ;D i think there r other branches but not sure where ;p

  32. I want to send this post to Howard Schultz himself

    Starbucks is the McDonalds of coffee-house chains, but with exaggerate prices

  33. I think the best way to handle it is to act interested and let them talk talk talk… then when they are done tell them you only have money enough for an espresso!

    Or do what jerry seinfeld did to telemarketers! Ask them for their personal number and call them 😛

    Walla its annoying how they do it! I believe it should be made illegal

    Check this out:

  34. And at the end of the nagging, you don’t get what you excatly have ordered! It happens to me alot 😐

  35. 35 MYK

    You should stop blogging and start a column in a newspaper or something. These posts of yours are what get you the attention you deserve (Abwab .. etc ..). I just wish you would post more often.

    Every starbucks has a target of daily sales. The staff get paid incentives and bonuses if they achieve the daily targets. That’s why they really push the cross sell process. The baristas really break my heart when they try to sell me a sandwich, “would you like to have something to eat sir?” (with watery eyes and fingers crossed). No thanks and NO you may not have my receipt!

    “ditsy mithajbas wrapped in their skin tight leopard body suits looking at you as if you stole the last of the empty yogurt cups and the prepubescent teenagers”*

    *Still laughing at this description! LOL

  36. 36 Fiend

    Seriously.. invest in a latte/espresso machine at home.. I have lost faith in getting a ‘GOOD’ cup of coffee from any coffeeshop in kuwait. It seems they are all a fan of BURNING the beans.. Seriously how hard is it to roast and prepare coffee??
    *sigh* a good cup of coffee from starbucks is a luxury that i enjoy abroad now…

  37. 37 k

    There are a couple of (hidden) places that I visit from time to time .. some are good, some are terrible.

    In regards to the mainstream Coffee Shops, I like CBTL and Caribou (better food).

    The orderplus method should have a rule about trying to sell something related. Don’t sell me a mug if I want a bottle of water.

    Are you talking about CCL? I thought their coffee was terrible! Things might have changed since I last visited it (over a year ago) .. The location leads one to believe that the coffee takes a backseat to undisclosed meetings.

    At times I think even Howard has given up on Kuwait .. Speaking of McDonalds, they even wanted to get into the Cafe Business, god help us.

    If you let them talk .. you would be sitting there for hours! Do you know how many different types of hot water they offer!

    That link is priceless! I wish that the Barista’s here would attempt to justify their extras with the coffee I ordered.

    Ms Loala:
    And they make you pay for it! After I spent 10 minutes explaining my order, they charged me for additional flavors and refused to change it!

    (Your comments went through .. then they disappeared, not in spam or deleted. Found them in my inbox and restored em)

    The issue with publication in Kuwait is that I can’t really touch on all of the subjects (as I do on my blog). For example, this post wouldn’t be publish-able in Bazaar due to their ties with Starbucks. I prefer the ability to have full freedom in writing anything that pleases me. Also, on my blog the typical readers would take most my content with a grain of salt and laugh a little .. my form of sarcasm doesn’t bode to well with the masses.

    That said .. my last post (Living the Legend) should be in Bazaar next month. However, I don’t plan on writing a regular article or column anytime soon.

    Its the beans that we receive that are tainted .. which is quite ironic considering their origins. I am a tea person at heart .. nothing better than a cup of amber red with two mint leaves.

  38. 38 ChiefQ8

    LOOL man i really hate them when they try to convince me
    PS:and i always do what they want..

  39. 39 Fiend

    Tea person at heart??? Weren’t you fantisizing about the wonderful effects of caffiene.. See what they’ve done to you?! They’ve made you into a tea person.. You gotta admit coffee people are more fun.. They have so much in common with crackheads.. One more thing.. even the damn frappacinos here suck.. how the hell can you screw that one up?!! Its a damn mix!!!!

  40. Going to the same starbucks over and over again is fun…. all I get when I walk in… Same Drink Mam…. YES SIR!!!
    But going to another starbucks… that is the disaster…

    In the states and canada… its like: what’s your order… okay… now get out of they way so we can help other people… move move move 🙂

  41. 41 GSUS

    I get the same problem…..Some days it really pisses me off. QUIT trying to sell me that damn hazelnut coffee, I said no the first 50 times!

  42. Hamitaf… no, not anymore… click on the link I provided above,

    “In order to make up for money lost during the free coupon crisis of 2006, Seattle area Starbucks have a new upsell campaign. Now when you order your coffee, a barista will inform you of what high caloric food product it “pairs with.”

    K, hmmm I can only imagine…
    hot mineral water
    hot bottled water
    Hot fizzy water
    ice cold heated water
    room temp heated water
    boiling hot water
    Highland hot water
    tab hot water……. am I starting to annoy you now 😛

  43. OK I just re-read my comment! CRAP not crab (still having crappy day(s))

    TAP not tab! LOL

    I was at starbucks earlier today and remembered your post! I wanted turkey panini and she offered me many many things so I asked her firmly JUST TURKEY PANINI! she understood… moment of silence, she speaks up

    Barista: you like panini right?

    Me: Yes!!! (ya3ni why I am ordering it all the time balla!)

    Barista: Whats the difference between Ciabatta and Panini?

    Me: well they are different kinds of bread! panini is a panini bread, ciabatta is a ciabatta bread!!!

    Barista: ahhhhhhhh ok! Thats why you like Panini

    Me: Yes!

  44. yes thats the place.. they have nice coffees.. the owner brews the beans himself.. and its always fresh. my sister and i call it “shubha” or “hoochy hoochy” but once u go there regularly u find out its a lonely quite place that sometimes gets crowded and sometimes u find urself to b their only customer.. bad people are everywhere so the situation is not exclusive to CCL.

    i`ve been goin there since 2005 i guess.. their cold non-coffee beverages and their hot coffee drinks are splendid.. better than starbucks in terms of freshness.. but my new fave is carubu coffee.. but still CCL taste good.. what have u tried there?

    but i dont recommend anyone to go there anymore.. prices have been raised enormously as one of the owners acquaintances has told me and “hailag” have found it and abused it for there shady lil meetings and randevus.

  45. 45 moocherx

    Caribou on the 40 5km from Arifjan is great for coffee. They obviously get a lot of customers “in a hurry” because you always get what you want – quickly – no questions asked. I’ve given up on Starbucks for the interrogation you get when you just want “a coffe please”.

  46. am i the only 1 whos curious about the “half eaten almond donut”!!!!!

  47. 47 moocherx

    blasha, it’s their new “healthy eating” option 😉

  48. i only get hot chocolate from those bastards once a year… 7aramiya and every1 buys from them is helpin them to sucl more money

  49. It has also been my experience, my other annoyances with Starbucks:

    1. Get comfortable chairs damn it. Fix the ones that rock. Steal the couches from Barnie’s Coffee in the FTZ or hell, from the Caribou place in Al Bahar Center. My ass is already flat, I don’t need you to compress it even more.

    2. Learn how to take an order. “Grande Americano” doesn’t mean “triple caramel macchiato with a side of salad and a grenadine freeze”. FFS. How hard is it to listen.

    I have to say one thing though, if you keep going to a particular branch, and the barrista gets to know you, you’ll have a much better time. At my favorite Starbucks location, I hardly have to order. Just walk up. “Hello sir, how are you today. The usual?” — and they even know when to bring me some ice for my drink. Haven’t had your problem yet — maybe I’m lucky? 🙂

    Caribou coffee — love the place for its total “effect”, like their napkins, their mugs, etc. Coffee is okay — I’m not picky about coffee, as long as I get a buzz, I’m good. Their food selection sucks though; thankfully a Subway is next door. GREAT chairs and couches. The ordering process is straightforward — no pushy sales. You order one thing, you get that thing only; nothing more, nothing less. However, this one barrista — he’s annoying as hell. When I have my headphones on and I’m busy working away at my laptop and my cup is full — don’t come up to me and say “Hello Sir! How are you doing?! Can I get you anything else? Do let me know if you need anything else! Do you need anything else.” “Go … away … now … before I stab you with my keys.”

    Keep it up K.

  50. 50 oy-ve

    If a quite place to have your coffee is what your looking for, try the november boutique at karizma,there will be a few people that pass through to get to the little shops, but the mo-town music, desserts, and grease soundtracks along with straight to the point nespresso coffee is fantastic, kind of a romantic place, but still guy friendly.

    the owner is friend of mine and she’s trying to get the coffee shop liscence approved, but untill then, she gives away free coffee when you order from the bakery items.

    karizma is located near the amiri hospital – its not a exhibition house anymore, along with the November Boutique, is Au nom de la rose, B Boutique, Pieces, Hamad al saab and ali sultan galleries and coming soon Oleana.

  51. 51 Muneera

    the only way i get away with them not asking me for their stupid drinks i am rude ;p .. and if you are rude and they asked u if u want to taste ur drink then u say “did i say i want that drink ? no! so get me what i asked for and i dont care about your new drinks, when i ask you that then you tell me. we good?” it works all the time 😉

  52. 52 k

    B/L opened a coffee shop? Thanks for the heads up .. I will definitely stop by and check it out.

  53. 53 the11thmuse

    i wasn’t going to say anything but since many people have complaints i decided to let you in on my secret. I get my coffee from starbucks in hadi hospital every morning. thanks k for mentioning the burnt lattes, cause at hadi they don’t. you simply call, place your order and in two minutes they’ll bring it outside with change just in case you don’t have the right amount with you. Not only that, i went a few times without my cell phone. they saw my car outside and got me my coffee. THEY ACTUALLY REMEMBERED my drink. ya7lailhom eh?

  54. 54 s

    I would love to have coffee .. too bad I am too busy working for the elections that will just happen again net year.

  55. 55 Vixen

    Stupid starbux at every corner!! Try catching a plane to that coffee shop you need – don’t think you’ll find it within a 1000 mile radius.

  56. 56 oy-ve

    yes, you should and is you have kids/ or still hold on to your toys and books from your childhood you should think about going to the toy drive the nov boutique is sponsoring this friday, books and toys in good condition will be given to hospitals and familys in need. a free dessert will be givien upon donation.

  57. 57 Noneya

    starbucks have this (8amanda) which i just realized..they like, steal your money without knowing it till you check the reciept!
    their techniques are: talking fast (in their phlipino-english of course) & offering extras to ur drink..!!!!
    infact, the poor english kuwaitis are the “PERFECT VICTIMs”
    I noticed that once when a boy next to me ordered a frappiccino and the atheist started asking these questions (extra caramel down & top?….wepped cream?….3 times caramel..bla..bla..bla) and he was answering with a troubled face: yes..yes….mmm..yes?!! >>>>the total price of his frap was like 3 frappaccinos in one!!!!!!
    and he was wondering how did that come! LOOOOL XD

  58. 58 cajie

    I usually order a caffee latte.

    I hand over my KD 1.5 and religiously shake my head from left to right to all the questions that they ask.

    It also acts as a good neck exercise.

  59. 59 joud

    try ordering a frozen cinnamon mango shake with a crushed snickers bar

    maybe they’ll ask u if u want an espresso ?

  60. 60 ka3kee

    What’s the fucking point? “Ooooh look at me I’m a caffeine addict”. That was fucking pointless.

  61. 61 F.

    I hate it when they do that! Why dont they just get you what you want right away so that maybe you might come back again tomorrow…

    oh. It’s because you DO go back tomorrow anyway!


    You have a great style of writing.

  62. 62 3baid

    You’re tagged 😛

  63. 63 myk

    You have been tagged! 🙂

  64. 64 myk


    K. can we both tag you? Now you have to mention 12 quirks 😛

  65. 65 K

    I hate tags ( .. that said, 3baid just said he tagged me .. I wasn’t listed on his tagged list.

  66. 66 Flana

    Interesting read, true, and very amusing!

  67. 67 XxQ8YxX

    why is the blog stopped posting

  68. When I am in a good mood, I leave them tell me all about everything with all the extras and then order a tall latte :-))
    You could invest in a good coffee machine and enjoy your own perfectly brewed coffee.

  69. it makes me crazy doing orders on the phone from kfc or hardee’s

  70. 70 Kuwaity

    is this blog dead?

  71. 71 k

    Nope .. Just haven’t got anything to write about.

  72. LOL
    wallah 7annah ;p

  73. 73 Kuwaity

    well you better be its been like 10 weeks since last post

  74. Because, no matter where you are, it is the most easily accesable coffee house in Kuwait. And after years of it being a daily (and formerly exiting) habit, you seem to still go back there every day. Its like when you keep going back to a now-dead website that was once the talk of the town.. Hoping a sudden miraculous rebirth took place ;P

  75. 75 k

    Abi Omi Abi Oboy:
    Not dead, just ran out of things to talk about for the time being .. you are more than welcome to send me topics through the contact page.

    In the meantime, check out by old(er) posts in the archives .. I was much less cynical in the past.

  76. 76 Byte-Stryke

    I work Nights… always.
    So my Conversations with Barristas are a bit Different…

    Me: Hi, I would like an Venti Coffee Americano.
    Atheist: Would you like to try our Caramel Cinnamon Tea with whip cream and pine nuts?
    Me: Nope… would you like a punch in the throat?
    Atheist: We have a special offer, Caramel Cinnamon Tea with a half eaten almond donut.
    Me: Can I get your skull mounted on a Pike with that?
    Atheist: It’s very tasty… We can make you a Caramel Cinnamon Tea with three pumps of vanilla ice shaken.
    Me: If I Dont have Coffee in 60 seconds you will never have children.

    Typically it takes very few conversations like this before they getr the hint that I am there for coffee and not their banter.

  77. 77 myk

    Post something already!

  78. 78 Kuwaity

    its been like a month since my first comment where I said this blog was dead well guess what its still dead!

  79. they deliver too, that’s great

  80. 80 Byte-Stryke

    Me: Nurse, call the time….
    Nurse: The time is 0039, Doctor
    Me: Time of death is officially 0039… poor Blog, showed so much promise…
    *Fade to black*

  81. K! I was like let me drop by your blog and check whats new! Its been four months since your last post! yalla new post 😛 its too dusty in hear….

  82. hear = here

  83. 83 Sara

    meta taktib ba3ad 7abaitik walaa i9eer tdizli email malait wana adish tara blogik mashala 3ajeeb shlon asawee nafs ildesyn ili int 7a6a shisma. shoof bloogy oo 3a6ny rayik!

  84. 84 OK

    The blog is not dead because she has nothing to talk about, she’s just busy doing Mark and Nat’s blog, and Moderating their forums.

  85. Sounds about right; and I doubt Starbucks will ever been a laidback atmosphere in Kuwait. All we’ll know for certain is that the Philipinos will keep screwing up the orders and that the yogurt girls will keep competing against clowns with regards to the amount of make up applied in order to contribute to society in all the wrong ways.

    I’m always tempted to challenge their, “If it’s not right, let us know policy,” but part of me knows that wouldn’t end well.

  86. 86 mustafa

    philipinos arent atheist

  87. 87 Byte-Stryke

    Left click Bookmarks, right click delete

  88. K!!!! Come back already! The country’s in economical and political turmoil. Ma 9edig you don’t have anything to write about.

    ..Awaiting your killer comeback.

  89. 89 Nawara

    have u watched you’ve got mail?

  90. kick kick ….

    [eyeball rolls out of it’s socket]

    yup ….. still dead …… oh look you can see mould all over it …..

  91. inta it7ir.

  92. 92 Dreamer


    Your style of writing really is something else.

  93. Happy one year anniversary of your last post, K! I didn’t really start reading your blog until after you stopped blogging (3ax ilnas) and I think the fact that I actually still come back here once in a while to check for a new post is a sign that you should start up again. Just think about it (but please ignore the faulty logic).

  94. 94 Senorita

    how come you dont post anymore! sar lik sina!!

  95. i used to drink espresso macchiato, now i have to explain my drink to the point of severe annoyance (no matter which place i go).

    any barista should be able recognize the markings of a true caffiene addict and not one of those blimpie sugar addicts and make the correct assumption…

  96. 96 Me

    We switched STARBUCK`S long time ago to drink coffee in COLUMBUS CAFE it`s the tastiest coffee ever, trust me and try it, and you`ll never go back to STARBUCK`S.

  97. 97 H.

    Its strange that I just wrote a Starbucks post myself.

    Dude, starbucks coffee does not compete with taste and authenticity as much as caffeine cosmetics.

    I drink my Americano at Costa, Coffee Bean and the Coffee Republic.

  98. hey, not sure who you are or whether you will read this message, i came across your blog through his & hers and read some of your posts, they are awesome!

    it’s a bit what we’re talking about in some of our posts, i wish you come back!

    that’s it, won’t take much of your time and i hope you reconsider, the blog scene is pathetic.

    • 99 k

      Thanks for the comments .. Blogging has shifted from the traditional sense to mediums such as twitter/instagram) .. I might start writing here for topics which are 140 characters or more. I haven’t had much to write about in the past few years though, lets see how that works out.

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