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I had a chance to stop by the Red Bull 25 Hour Go-Cart race yesterday. Overall, the event was not as organized as the previous year. Some points for next year, if anyone in charge is reading: 1. Get clean gas, as teams found sand in some of the gas gallons. If sand was put […]

Too tired to post .. enjoy the pictures. Pictures:

5 for Kuwait.


Summer is here.


Yeah, the water is cold but I’ve been in Baby, lose the laundry and jump on in I mean all God’s children got skin And it’s summer again

Went jogging/walking yesterday at ‘Marina World'(No idea why its a world); started at Scientific then took a U-turn at Marina Hotel (Also part of ‘Marina World’?). Some things that I thought I would mention: 1. To all the women wearing tight jeans (three quarters), high heels, a million layers and a Hijab … Your not […]