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Movie: Sharq.


This is the new trailer for ‘Sharq’: [ev type=”youtube” data=”rnwkRIqC1Kc”][/ev] From the director: “Sharq” (”EAST”), Directed by Erik Sandoval and Produced by Abdulaziz Alsharhan, “Sharq” is one of the first independent filmes produced in KUWAIT. Stay tuned for links to the trailer and still shots of the movie due to be released in the “Hala […]

New theme 1.


This is my current theme, and i already hate it … way to dark for my tastes, need something er, cheerful. Any ideas?

Room Redo.


I haven’t changed anything in my room for the past 4 years; and even before that it was mostly the females in the house doing the interior designs (brother 1: peach walls | brother 2: yellow, with flowers). Right now my room is accumulation of random furniture that was collected over the years … from […]

Pop Art.


I have been intrigued by pop art lately, mostly Warhol prints. I decided to get a set of the Daisy prints for my living room. My next step would be making some decent Sheikh Jaber prints and blowing them up. The ones I ordered: Kuwaiti pop art:



I am somewhat of an Obsessive-Compulsive… What it has to do with this post, probably nothing. Anyway, I want this.. they are a set of frames that come with a hanging guide, and you can use multiple sets to create amazing frame layouts. It’s like Lego! with pictures! I am easily amused when it comes […]