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Compared to Michigan (or anywhere really); gas is very cheap(and 98 octane!): Old habits die hard, all I need now is Nadhim Ghazali, a Duw’a and my farwa: The never ending bridge(again): Wish you were here .. عودك رنان رنة عودك إلي Ùˆ عيدا كمان ضلك عيد يا علي أنتا الدقيق أنتا الزويق سمعنا

I have just gone 36 (48 now) hours without sleep (for more than 20 minutes); and at this point .. the majority of things seem much more entertaining. Why am I still awake .. why don’t I just jump in bed and wait for the sandman to come over for tea an biscuits? Ba3adl Nowmti! […]